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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How do define that which is NOT a SON OF MAN 01 14 2014

How do define that which is NOT a SON OF MAN 01 14 2014

A Son of Mans greatest fear is his responsible man father whereas a son of not man's greatest fear is his mother who believes she is really a man?  The son not of man can only have a son that is also not of man!

And he fears his mother because she is wicked beyond reproach! This was a nation created by Men for men and their wives and families and not that of the wicked.

We have a lot of the wicked minded today parading on our media as if they are men; they aren't!

And furthermore if you teach a boy how to become a thief he will revert or degrade to the concept of becoming a pimp.  And this can be thought to happen because his mother really resented the other little girls who were good and nice!!!!!  So that is the ultimate undoing of your religion and humanity!  The easiest way to be a thief is to sell your own wife and daughter; your own family!  And that is what the wine drinkers "figured" out?

And do we really want to be living with those whose greatest fears comes from within their own homes???  There ought to be a way we could designate these people; this person believes that ones greatest fear should come from within its own home?  And then they create that fear through physical and psychological trauma?  And then these people are let lose in our society under the guise of limited liability structure and creating employment?  They don't create the employed; they create the disabled and those who have no employable skills!  That is not what we believe in the United States and something more should be done to protect people like this from their own evil; or you take the contrary approach let it be only they who succumb to the fate of their own evil!  As in, "Here son I keep the gun right next to the bottle of whiskey."

"And son when you are old enough we'll grab the both of them and I'll take you up to the cabin and you can learn how to use the gun and go deer hunting with me and the buddies too.  And only at that time will you be allowed to have your first drink too!"

"Oh and there will be some of that activity like when you and your brother shared the same bed."
"I mean, like when your uncle came to visit for a week and stayed in your room with you."
"You knew what happened?"
"Of course, you have nothing to be ashamed about, we are all that way."

Thomas Paul Murphy
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