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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Woodworking Television Shows 01 21 2014

Woodworking Television Shows 01 21 2014

They are shows that either:

1. Require a table saw that weighs more than 3 men can lift and won't it in your home.  Those skills cannot be transferred to an $90 table saw that a son without a father would buy.  And the way they are using those table saws would be extremely dangerous for someone to try on a $100 table saw!


2.  They are labor intensive, time consuming programs that would require an apprentice.

Not only that these shows exclusively feature the use of new expensive hard wood and that logging of the rainforest's is indeed altering our global climate.

So where is the show of the non drinking father who is a school teacher, has very little time or money?

And when I get to that point I always want to say to myself it is up to the viewer to find that Eureka moment between the two extreme shows.  But that isn't true either because the $100 table saw requires a completely differently skill set than either of the two above shows.

And what did I read in the Newspaper today?  That they are finding that new houses built north of Milwaukee are of such poor workmanship and materials that they are in constant need of repair.  So it appears that the gap in skills that I am referring to is very well present.

But you know what?  None he of the above three shows could address that quality of workmanship issue because those houses are indeed being built by those who are Canaanites!  A Canaanite being one who would knock his successful brother over the head and kill him out of jealousy so that he can presume to have his skill sets.  At which time he goes on his feeble way to build a house that falls in on himself and kills him; as is the story of the Bible.  To cane someone over the head in the night?  Reads a lot like what they did to Charles Sumner who made the comment that the words from the mouths of the southern slave owners were coming from the minds of their slaves.  Yes we have a Canaanite America today!  What is evidence of this?  Any time there is even one single independent thinking person who is diagnosed as having a split mind!

And that person earning money from a woodworking show that can't wait to spend it on alcohol whether is be expensive scotch or craft brews or drugs; it shows right through into a badly imprinted population of sons! 

Thomas Paul Murphy
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