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Friday, January 10, 2014

Good Sons and Guns 01 10 2014

Good Sons and Guns 01 10 2014

What is a great shame is today often the first time a good son gets to fire a gun is if he joins the military!  And to be fair that is not the best place to learn to fire a gun!  A son should have learned that from his father!  And indeed he should have been able to compete on High School Rifle teams like there were when I was in High School.  Why is the military not the best place to learn how to fire a gun?

1. Because often the young man is accompanied in the military by those character is not up to par!

2. Not only that  he is first learning how to use a gun with the intention of killing people with it- military!

I believe that our right to bear arms needs to be expanded.  That right was put in place to protect us from an invasion of our homeland!  Our homeland was indeed attacked in 911 by SUICIDE BOMBERS!  And we were indeed defenseless!  In order to bring that right to keep and bear arms up to what it currently should be, everyone should also be allowed to have rocket propelled grenade launchers capable of taking out a Communist Russian Hinde Helicopter with a Scalar Wave weapon mounted in the nose!

A lot of whining liberals argue that we only have the right to bear single fire muskets!!!  No no, the intent of that law is so that we as individuals can keep pace with whatever "Arm" is current!  And that includes the automatic machine gun!  It should also include destructive devices!  Our boys were helpless in the middle east because they had no knowledge of the Improvised Explosive Device!

One third of the gun violence today is from suicide!  All well and good!  Better you kill yourself than come after me with it!  You were raised to be an irresponsible son and that is indeed the course of action the psychology of that construct faces you with as you become an adult!  Don't raise them that way!

Also we see gun violence as an extension of the drug trade!  Just like we saw it occur when they defeated Prohibition!  Drugs and alcohol both create irresponsible sons!  And may God have pity on the son who knows he is not A Son of Man.  The reason we have gun violence today is because it is an extension of drug related violence; and alcohol is indeed the lead drug!  They are addictive.

You are guarantied the right to LIBERTY in the United States Constitution.  When someone sells or gives you an addictive substance your right to LIBERTY has been violated, Because it is addictive you are not at LIBERTY stop using it!  Hence your right to LIBERTY has indeed been infringed!  And what is the first thing to happen next?  Those who are mentally defective because they were allowed to use an addictive substance or were born to drug users seek untold vengeance against those who are by all accounts normal; sons of men!  And when that happens we hear everyone crying foul; that guns are the problem.  Guns are not the problem those who are not the sons of men are the problem!  They should have kept their mouths shut and not challenged the Constitution when we had Prohibition!  The reason that they did was that they were very unhappy without alcohol; and these were not the son's of men.  Not only does the overprotective mother not want her son to know how to use a gun but she also does not want him to do anything dangerous at all!  Why?  Because he is not a son of man his behavior is, "Monkey see, monkey do!"  Raise a son on the principle of "Monkey see, monkey do!" and don't be surprised when he has an accident or wants to blind other men and children?  That kid will be trouble for society in untold ways all his natural life!  And the problem is not the gun the problem is the nature of the male who is not a "Son of Man."  The United States and our Constitution was created for Men and Sons of Men; and that is why it is indeed being put to the test today!  And you might even have a male father all your life and still not be a Son of Man.

I want to make the point that EVERY single WISCONSIN GOVERNOR BACK TO AND INCLUDING TOMMY THOMPSON HAS FAILED TO PROVIDE A MANDATORY REPORT ON THE DEA's efforts in that year with regard to DRUG ENFORCEMENT!  That act of negligence is so great that any Government retirement benefits or money that they earned as Governor should be willingly forfeited back to the State of Wisconsin.  They actually believed that by the time we had the problem we would be so confused that we could not trace the cause of it back to the Governors?  That by the time we had the problem our State and Nation would be in such horrific shape that they could stand back and state that the Constitution of the United States was the greatest failure in world history!  That wasn't the failure and some of us know it!

And one more point those that have never taken a Gun Safety course tend to make up their own boob head gun rules like they also comment about Professional Sports games!  It doesn't work that way!  Reality does not follow the boob head principle of subjective boob head opinion.  A father cannot say to his son that it is okay if a gun is pointing as someone when they are showing it to one another!  That violates firearm safety!  And perhaps it is the best example of how gun deaths are caused!  Boob head!  We all hear him speak after he gets a few drinks in him?  He becomes the greatest literary bard the world has even known! 

And what is the first thing the boob wants to do?  Be the one to point and say who can't have guns!  What really need to do is have the ability to diagnose males as really being boob heads!  Now that would be effective!  Why can't he have one?  Because he was diagnosed as being  a BOOB HEAD.  And to be serious that would be the most effective label!  Because he likes to laugh at his own stupidity he would likely agree to that medical label of BOOB HEAD.  We really don't need to get any more technical with our terminology than that!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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PS.  Did anyone notice how the BOOB HEAD changed the rules of Sports you played as a child to whereby as Professional Sports they are not played in a PROFESSIONAL MANNER  and not even consistent with how they were played with sportsmanlike conduct and respect when you were a child.  The nature of the game was meant to be respect; and that is what makes games fun to play!

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