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Monday, January 27, 2014

Legitimate Questions 01 27 2014

Legitimate Questions 01 27 2014

1. "Should someone that doesn't like children be allowed to have great wealth?"

 For if you do not like children
doesn't it really mean you have a bitter concept with regard to all of humanity?  Doesn't it mean that you do not have the patience to be a man.  And this question was prompted after glimpsing a television program where Jay Leno told about his life.  He had large museum like structures full of his life-size and working cars! It mentioned that when his wife and him got married they mutually agreed that they never wanted to have children.  (Should people that do not want to have children be allowed to marry?  That could be another class structure on the Gov form coming in April.  Married but do not want children or can't have them!)  I don't want to mention about how a celebrity vowed for another one, a self disfigured one,  that was accused of having children sleep in his bed.  This really refers to people like Jimmy Savile (famous BBC actor) (sexually molested a 1000 girls and no one knew about it in England)and Catholic Priests who retire to live in cabins in the north woods.

2. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  The question is, "Shouldn't a man know how to fish before he is a man?"

Isn't that a right of passage in some cultures?  You have to have a successful hunt?  If we had that right of passage in the United States we would have neither dirty water or dirty air.  Something about Druid monkey worshipers from England in Corporate U.S. management not liking water because monkeys don't?

You should have known how to fish before you became a man.  So the next question is, "Why didn't you learn how to fish before you became a man?"  Eventually those that don't like fishing lead our economy to the state where we cannot grow anything because they have tampered with genes, and therefore the resort to cannibalism!   And I only mention that because we have a lot of European immigrants in the United States today and that has been a consistent trend in Europe over the past 2 millennium?  So the child in Catholic School would ask, "Didn't Jesus Christ die for their sins?"

That might have been a boy without a father that grew up and didn't know how to fish?  Or more likely one of those pro life children that was adopted?

And had you had learned how to fish we would have had more fish because the water would be clean because you respected your own living environment.  But your liquid of choice is one that actually kills your brain cells!

I am not even sure that a man can be taught how to fish so that he repeats the activity out of enjoyment.  Not only that we are getting the conditions precedent that no one can be taught how to fish because the fish are poisoned by the dirty water?  How long do you actually believe the reproductive cycle of a fish species is going to continue in the presence of high levels of mercury in our water?  Do you actually think you can convince men of your beliefs?  Really you develop your ability to convince falsely because if you didn't no one would marry you!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Wow revert back to the end of question #1 in regard to the Queen of England not knowing what was going on.  I was watching a nature documentary on Africa a few weeks ago.  And it had underground video footage of the life of mole rats!  There was only one female Queen capable of reproducing!  What do you think  she used her sharp teeth to do?  And in our real life example those sharp teeth were the hands of Jimmy Savile in relation to the mouth of the Queen and the Sexuality of the young (1000 girls he sexually molested)  Does anyone spot the evil nature?  Am I right about my Rh Negative blood typing analysis after all?  Anyone see the same gestalt here that I do?

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