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Friday, January 24, 2014

H Pylori and Hemorrhoids 01 24 2014

H Pylori and Hemorrhoid's 01 24 2014

How many of us have had both hemorrhoids and ulcers and know they are about the exact same amount of pain?  And we know that the ulcer is caused by the H. Pylori bacteria!  We also know that it is very hard to treat.

But what are we learning in terms of a corollary to medical fraud?  It has been found that tens of thousands of forensic reports have been falsified!  It takes away from the credence of popular crime related shows on television doesn't it?  Or rather they lent legitimacy to an industry that never deserved it!!! But the point is that if there is fraud related to the diagnosis with regard to forensic analysis of crime scenes then I have to question the competence of medical diagnosis or rather the lack of knowing the real causes of pain in a persons body!

You can't tell me that the hemorrhoid is not caused by the exact same virus!

Qui Tam fraud!  Everyone who has had hemorrhoids, lower back pain, hip pain, groin pain might indeed be suffering from an H. Pylori bacteria infection!

And perhaps we should not be sitting in the same seats were someone that does not have the same hygiene as the rest of us did!  Have you ever gone to a steam room and sat on the cedar bench that looks like a rhinoceros pack had been rubbing there butts there?  I have joined health clubs just because they have them but I won't go in one again; because of the germ transmission!

So are there more effective methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids than currently available?  There has to be!  And I bet that Germany could come along with some over the counter product like the have for gallstones called Rowachol that works very effectively for me.

But an effective treatment would involve application of a medicine to the direct area.  It might be like a long silicone cotton swab.  Let me tell you it works.  And not only that it takes away pain in the back and groin too, put some caprylic acid (Comes from a coconut) on a standard suppository and you will wonder why you ever needed that spinal shot or any of those other procedures from the 6 trips to the doctor for pain in the area that did not cure the pain.  Now you would think that they would make something like that, but instead we hear a new opiate is produced that gives the same high as heroin when you crush it and drink it with who knows what.  We have to have issues of medical controversy like that rather than sound medicine!  It is ridiculous!

Now that H.Pylori has found a way to burrow under the mucus lining of the stomach, your lower colon has mucus too and that is what helps you go to the bathroom rather than being dry and constipated from hemorrhoids.  I also believe that strep bacteria is responsible for hemorrhoids and I do not remember what they actually say the cause it.  But if an ulcer can be cured with antibiotics than a hemorrhoid should be able to be cured that way too.

So if it is indeed caused by bacteria what sense does it ever make to have surgery?  That bacteria should be able to be cured with an antibiotic.  Now I am not gay.  But I will say they ought to be selling an antibiotic suppository that goes in opposite where the food goes in!!!  (to try to be tactful!)

That H.Pylori bacteria is more common in lesser developed areas of the world.  In fact it is very rare in children in the western world.  But at some point over 50 percent of western world adults are said to get it, (Check stats)  So what does it indeed come from?  It has to come from sex transmission with those who take those 911 jets to foreign countries doesn't it!  Does it also come from new immigrants to the United States?  Might it be the cause of the dumbing down of America; as if fetal alcohol spectrum disorders that are undiagnosed won't do that in and of themselves!  Alcohol is the reason that one in 5 Americans can't read!  But we don't dare say that because it offends the primates that can't read!  That is one of the things that makes them angrier and angrier!

You should not be allowed to come into the United States if you have it!  Now that would have been responsible Government!  But instead we got Alzheimer's Reagan and Clinton and the intern and Bush War mongering to Iraq and Nixon and wiretapping, etc, etc etc. Enough! And ask too many questions in life and you end up on medication because you have agitated the primates! I want to say Rh Negatives but I can tell that one is rubbing the wrong way!

It is the same opportunistic borrowing into the mucus lining of both your stomach and colon.  And it is the same amount of annoying pain.  Now if left untreated in the stomach it causes cancer.  What about the colon?  They don't even know how to properly analyze it or treat it do they!

And have you ever noticed that when you go to a Doctor you aren't allowed to ask to many questions?  It is exactly like trying to get a home contractor to fix a mistake they made without charging you more or taking your car back to a garage for the same problem where all they do is smoke to dry out the alcohol in their lungs and talk about what they cal their old ladies.

Is there a subset of our population that has more of an infection with H.Pylori than others?  We will never know because Doctors shred all the Important information that could be analyzed en mass to help prevent plague! And when does plague happen?  When diseases are left untreated.  All well and good you say, you are making over 100 k a year and don't really care.  But what happens when you catch something that cannot be cured because you never properly treated those who had it?

Health Insurance it is like forcing me to buy tickets to a game that I have no interest in  going to.  And how will you feel when you son who studies hard is bumped from college because the NCAA will pay a dumb jock to go to college?  Do you know what the gestalt of that really reminds me of?  And I am thinking of it a different way.  "Will you go do college if you pay you?"  Now if that right there is not a condemnation of the separation of athletic careers versus academic careers.  But the fact is that athletes should never be paid to play games.  That is not what games are for!  And what parent believes their child should grow up to earn a living playing games?  I'll give you a hint it is that nutcase who becomes violent on the sideline when a referee makes a call he doesn't like!  This is an element we need to deport.  But if we deport it it will only come back to haunt us.  So instead we have to use the corporate technique of attrition and make them want to leave this country so bad because they can't stand it here!  And perhaps I am very good at that?

I believe I got my first hemorrhoids when I was a boy and sat on a dirty boat cushion that came with the rental cabin up north my father took us to some summers, but not every summer, for a week.  I looked forward to that for 12 months out of the year like nothing else in my life!

Now if they told you that you could get hemorrhoids from sitting on dirty seats no one would take public transportation, no one would come and pay to listen to a former politician give a tongue in cheek account of his controversy while in public office.  Enough!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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