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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On Grimm threatening to kill a reporter twice last night 01 29 2014 update #2

Grimm should be Euthanized just like the others that we only learn yesterday are the heart of the Republican Agenda; Mongoloids- modernly known and given the politically correct term by people like Grimm as Down’s Syndrome.  97% of them are aborted in Europe!  But only 1/3 of them in the United States!  As the Down’s Syndrome patient ages they often die of complications from Alzheimer's.
  And the first stage of Alzheimer’s is violence; as was threatened by Grimm!  What this also tells us is that the other part of the Republican agenda is that when a woman is raped and has a Down’s Syndrome child she must keep it!  It is the Republicans who also propagated the instance of those with Down ’s syndrome through the Pro-Life movement!  Now to understand what this really is you have to do some research.  Both Down’s Syndrome and Fetal Alcohol syndrome are stated to be the leading cause of mental retardation in the western hemisphere!  And the faces of both look exactly the same.  Down’s Syndrome either have an extra 21st chromosome or a missing one.  The only way that happens is through mutations caused by oxygen deprivation to the cells.  Now that explains how alcohol would cause the cleaving of the one chromosome but it doesn’t explain how one gets that extra chromosome and the only way that extra one that is a mutation can occur is if after the first chromosome is cleaved by alcohol a new genetic strain replaces it.  And that genetic strain likely comes from the H.Pylori bacteria!  And the infection rate of the H.Pylori bacteria tracks hand in hand with the incidence of a woman likely giving birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome in her life.  As she gets older the odds go up astronomically.  Here is the correlation; the H.Pylori bacteria is very rare in children in developed western countries but over 50 percent of adults get it as some point in their lives as they age!  Because it is rare in developed countries it also alludes to the absence of it being the source of higher development in nations!!!!  Now where does that H. Pylori come from?  To understand this you have to understand that it is resistant to stomach acid.  The only reason a bacteria like that could develop would be through cannibalism of dead human beings whereby the bacteria took hold in their stomach as a natural part of the breakdown process of dust to dust! And that H.Pylori bacteria does indeed have Viral alleles? or tentacles!
Now Republicans claim to be fiscally Conservative but because we learned last night the true nature of their agenda it really means they are the source of the $17 trillion national debt.  People with Down’s Syndrome cannot take care of themselves.  More on this later in my blog “The Milwaukee and Wisconsin News” and maybe on You Tube.
To threaten to kill a reporter like that in two different ways is indeed a crime.  But we only learn last night that it was instigated by someone who supports the right to life of the mentally retarded.  And ask yourself how a mentally retarded person would act if they gained political power?  Just like Grimm they would attack the normal process of Democracy and also our rights to free speech.  They do indeed pose a threat to humanity!
And if you want to know who is bullying your children and selling them drugs it is also likely to be those with Down’s Syndrome that do not have the facial features.  Because it is the same as fetal alcohol syndrome it also means it is part of a spectrum of mental defects!  Do I dare say that they are the cause of the voices that people hear in their heads the world over that cause mental illness and also one of the greatest expenses to our health care system!  Our best form of Health Insurance would be the “doing away with” those who try and sell it to us in a protection racket?

Because the incidence of Downs Syndrome can be correlated with the H.Pylori bacteria children that have it should not be in the same classroom as those that do not!  Because their is an increased risk of infection!  They should indeed be quarantined in their homes!  Less our more developed Western Nations finds themselves to be lesser developed!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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And this also brings up a very interesting point.  That H.Pylori bacteria is said to be transmitted through oral sex; so, how many boys were indeed mentally normal before they became panty wasters?  They would use the term there mom gave them gifts; it really means they were forced to perform cunnilingus as boys!

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