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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

AK-47 Improvements 01 15 2014

AK-47 Improvements 01 15 2014

This gun could be mass produced a lot faster if the dust cover also became the upper rail bolt guide!
It would be pinned in place with three removable pins.  Also the interlocking mechanism could be like the overlapped somewhat like a castle top or dovetail!  This section from the bottom receiver could then be used to mount a scope on top from the dovetail peeks of the lower rail.  In effect.  The pins could travel through the peeks in the extended lower rail to connect the upper rail/dust cover.  They would travel through "blocks that would form the basis of the scope mount.

Also scopes should no longer all be that 1" inside middle part.  There is no reason that a scope can not have larger diameters as being standard!  This allows for quicker eye placement and target acquisition; even at long distances!  And indeed all military scopes should be night vision latest generation with the flip of a switch.

These changes in addition to those mentioned in yesterdays article.

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And per my back of the envelop calculation the AK-47 bullet has a surface area inside its circumference that is 80% larger than the American .223.

It makes me wonder if that .223 caliber was chosen because it is less than the distance between rib bones and therefore not likely to break them and cause greater injury?  It might be a great sniper type bullet but the AR-15 is not a sniper rifle; the barrel is not long enough to even be a rifle in my pov.

Also the gun could be made more accurate at longer distances if one lever accomplished two things at the same time, 1. Ported the exhaust out the side while 2. Locking the bolt forward!

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