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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One Cannot 01 15 2014

One Cannot 01 15 2014

One cannot form a Limited Liability Corporation and commit murder or negligent death under the guise of the Corporation.  Why not?  Because if violates the primary rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness guarantied by our Constitution!  They don't have the right to murder a U.S. citizen and take away those rights!

In Europe and the United States those that made substances and sold poisons that made people sick were tried and hung and executed as witches! Think of that and compare it to companies selling pharmaceuticals that are known by fact kill tens of thousands of people every year!

There were also Pastors who were executed for performing witchcraft!   Compare that to priests sexually molesting boys the world over!

There were also many women who were executed for controlling young girls and bewitching them!

And indeed the whole practice of psychiatry is treating those who are demonically possessed by witches!  As was the Vondoon religion, of poisoning a man with puffer fish, burying him and then digging him back up after he had oxygen deprivation brain cell death and resultant mental retardation.  The reason they did it was because they needed to use his mind without him being able to use it!

I think times need to change to reflect that the above activities were once thought of as such a horrific crime that people were executed for them!  Now what I described above from world history when the Witch did it was when those horrors were just in their infancy!

And our judicial system has failed to protect our basic rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in with regard to modern instances of this in great numbers in paragraphs 2,3,4 and 5 above!  It is an act of Treason implemented by our own Justice System!

Basically everything that a person who has been diagnosed with a split soul states that is used to find them mentally ill by the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual created by the drug companies is really evidence that they have been demonically possessed through witchcraft.

Now earlier generations that were afflicted by it sought to codify how to accurately define a witch.  And I have indeed done considerable work on that in my blogs and writings!

It is also very interesting because many of the uncommon surnames of people who were executed in the witch trials are the surnames of successful people in the United States today!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Also the dealing of drugs and Prostitution need to be addressed in this manner; that it is inherent in the criminal person and they cannot be reformed!

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