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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Fully Charged Car Battery 01 21 2014

A Fully Charged Car Battery 01 21 2014

Today's modern cars have a lot of accessories that they did not have in the past such as GPS, backup monitoring systems, high intensity lights, etc.

Everyone that owns a car should buy a corded battery charger that has at least three settings, Jump Start, 10amp and 2 amp trickle charge.  It is important to read and follow the instructions that came with it to the tee.  But I list the basics of it below.

And every winter after two weeks into the winter they should disconnect both battery cables, negative first and then positive, and then hook up the battery charging cables positive first and then negative.  The battery charging cables have what are called alligator clamps on the end.  They are spring loaded and look like an alligators mouth.  Put the charger on the 2amp charging setting and let it trickle charge until the green light on the charger comes on.  To remove the charger, quickly unplug the charger and then remove the negative clamp and then the positive.

And tightening the battery cables from the car back to the battery is a very tricky thing to do!  As they are made out of lead and can strip or indeed the lead can deform so that you cannot tighten them anymore when they still need to be tightened.  Go slowly and use the iterative process of tightening the clamp with a wrench and then trying to turn the battery cable adapter left or right with hand pressure to see if it moves; if it moves it is not tight enough!

If while putting the wrench to a battery cable you touch it from one terminal to the other you risk the battery exploding.  This could happen after the wrench WELDS ITSELF in place between the two terminals.  You also risk electric shock, burns, blindness, etc.

Also one should clean the top of the battery with damp shop towel.

And the clamp that holds the entire battery into the battery tray also needs to be tight so that the battery does not wobble.  If the battery can wobble then it will lose its charge and you risk being stranded from a dead battery!!!

Okay and what will happen when you charge your battery even though it was not scheduled to be?  You will notice that you get a lot better combustion in the engine!  Why?  Because you have a stronger power source igniting the spark plugs!  You will indeed notice an increase in horsepower when you put that pedal down!  And that also means that your engine is running a lot more efficient.  And it really doesn't matter what style driver you are in terms of whether you should do this or not. And the whole point of this whole article is that means you are saving gas and getting better miles per gallon.

I actually believe that a car battery needs to be a lot higher than 12 volts for that modern car engine to be efficient!!!!  Every car produced would get a lot better mileage per gallon if that car battery were 16 to 18 volts! The 12 volt battery of a car may indeed be the weak point today!

And here is where I start the diatribe.

And if there were to be a change to higher voltage batteries it should not be one of those times when they have to raise the price of every single thing that runs on that higher voltage!  It shouldn't cost that much more!  I would think if a 12 volt battery light bulb for your car cost 10 dollars then an 18 volt bulb should cost no more than $10.50.  A five percent increase.  And you know here is the way that is supposed to be handled in a competitive and fair marketplace.  The company say's I will be taking bids on who can produce that same bulb in 18 volts with the same materials however scaled up to account for any increase in heavy duty.  And I will pay $10.50.  As a supplier are you interested in business on that contract?  Or can you indeed give me the 18 volt bulb at the 12 volt price?

Now for some reason it doesn't work that way does it!!!  For some reason our Corporate business environment is not as competitive as it is stated to be!  We do not receive the competitive benefit that is supposed to be one of the benefits of Corporate America.  It has to do with a reluctance to take new initiative?  And that is not supposed to be a factor in the competitive environment of Corporate America either is it!  So what does it really mean?  Entrenched monopoly on employment and business that drains the United States of everything!

And I have a big issue with apprenticeships and a mentor not wanting to share their knowledge so that the apprentice could actually go out on his own as being as competent and compete with the mentor.  This leads to lost skills, higher prices for everything, and indeed shotty workmanship!  The main expense we face today is fixing the roads?

And do you ever see a 3 story building go up in your neighborhood.  And it is very modern and after a few years you also notice that the occupancy rate might not be as high as it should?  And what do you say to yourself?  What a waste!  And do you drive through downtown and see the occupancy rate of office towers and building there is not what it should be and think, what a waste!

And I do believe that Unions play a part in this gargoyle function of limiting a qualified workforce.  And we all know the nature of those that can only learn about one thing in life; is it not spite and envy, and a few other good terms.  And how far does it really extend?  Are there those in our communities that would like to see the boys of men get hooked on drugs and traumatized?  I know that is true too.  And it has to do with the nature of God really being like a father to these people?  A father to do their thinking for them?  Might not this be the Rh Negative blood type among us?   And I don't really care whether I can make you believe or not or whether it is beyond your comprehension; I know it is true!  The archetype of the person that does not have its own mind that from the Bible that Jesus and the prophets told us about is indeed true!  And the secret may be a matter of survival to those who have minds like that but it completely violates the rights of those who do have their own mind!  And should it not be that those who have their own minds should indeed be higher in our social order because of it?  So it is not a matter of survival- it is a matter of spite, isn't it!  The United States was designed so that we would never have to put up with that!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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 Could I run Corporate America better than Corporate America Can?  Don't a lot of you look at our country and think the same things concerning it?  You think, It should really be being done this way!!!

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