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Monday, January 27, 2014

Lawyers teaching criminals how to speak post trial 01 27 2014

Lawyers teaching criminals how to speak post trial  01 27 2014

They do it when the client has a lot of money and they have the client on retainer?  Should a client ever be allowed to be put on retainer?  What if you could never keep the same lawyer?  Then the crime world would be more networked and broader?

But to be honest with you wouldn't a defense lawyer make more money if after a trial he told his plaintiff "Feel free to say whatever you want; I and the courts have found you completely innocent."

Part 2

I don't do drugs but this next one is interesting!

What if you made a lot of money in business and where at a High Society Party.   And you knew that a lot of people wanted to impress you.  If you were on the side of the room talking buddy buddy and asked a District Attorney or Mayor who might be there, "Say do you know who has some (whatever drug it is.)"  Would they know and tell you right away as if there was nothing wrong with it at all?I am betting they know!!!!  They would have to wouldn't they?  To be in a position of power like that you know how you got there, you know how people talk to you through inference, they would know.  So what are they doing in office?

You know we should be allowed to wear a concealed camera on the button of our suits!

And what is wrong with just rounding up all the criminals at once and putting them in the best form of jail you can find!

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