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Thomas Paul Murphy

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Citizens United 01 21 2014

Citizens United 01 21 2014

What Supreme Court Judge could ever legitimately rule for Citizens United in the United States?  Anyone who did should be removed from the bench and disbarred.  Our Constitution is written for the people!!!  That is the exact opposite of Citizens United!  It's unbelievable!!!

A little word of guidance to Supreme Court judges, you initial thoughts concerning a matter to adjudicate on should not come from multi-linked premise legal precedent!  It should come from having a sound understanding of the meaning of the Constitution, the intent with which it was written and the spirit of the law represented by those who wrote it!  It isn't written for you to creatively interpret.  A creative interpretation Supreme Court Judge is one that should be out of business.  Our Constitution was not meant to be finagled!

Any United States President that has taken an oath to Protect the Constitution when they are initiated into office, who then by whatever means or reason sways a country or a stacked Supreme Court to circumvent it should be impeached!  That is an impeachable offense.

And the reason why they wrote it?  They wrote it because human rights were being neglected and abused in Great Britain.  They were not good people.  To give you an idea of what we didn't like about them it is the same reasons the Puritans hung witches and warlocks!  They were making people sick.  Today pharmaceuticals kill tens of thousands of people.  There were also Pastors that were hung for reasons much like the abuse in the Catholic Church, The Boy Scouts and the United States Military!

We are about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and not a legal entity some Wiccan was able to fool the population into believing was a person and also had to be the source of all labor in the United States!  Both of those ideas are complete fabricated fraud.

Who is it that would seek to limit the rights of human beings?  Very simply it is that which knows it cannot compete fairly with them!

To turn back the constitution is the equivalent of de-evolving humanity!  It you can't abide by our Constitution "For the people" then you do not belong in the United States!  Please start thinking of where you would live if you were evicted and it would be better off if you went there sooner rather than later!

And there is only one way this is going if it does not change; they are going to try to bankrupt the country and reissue a new Currency!  And in doing so they will use what they will espouse as empirical evidence to rewrite the Constitution!  If Bernie Madoff had been effective that might have already happened!  And you know how they like to right laws don't you?  Paragraph 18b line two grants them a new house.  Paragraph 15c allows them to have household servants they don't have to pay.  Paragraph 32 line 85 states something no one knows what it means but years later we find out it meant they could do something nasty and be protected from justice from it.

Okay this morning I wrote a handwritten text about what the real cause of Alzheimer's is and why it can never be cured!  Never!  I also have more on the Blood Type Rh Negative that needs to be transcribed.  Plus stacks of papers to type.  But I really don't care and don't have the time to do it all.  And not only that I am not being paid to do it!  Which makes one wonder why we are paying our politicians?  Why do we pay them anything?  We certainly are not paying for results!  If you didn't vote for results what did you vote for?  Here is what you voted for!  People that are not in love with themselves but instead are in love with the fact that they can find comradeship out of making fun of normal people!  In effect it is an admittance that it is futile to try to be an American that believes in freedom and the rights of others?  And I could indeed do a lot better job articulating that point if an odd always different nasally voice of a beast did not appear when I tried to remember my better vocabulary words!  I do indeed have a much better vocabulary than you see here. Ask yourself who does not have the power of the vocabulary they speak with?  The answer to that is those who cannot deliver results and solutions!  Schizophrenia is medical fraud.  The symptoms are indeed real and horrific however it is medical fraud!  Could be caused by the brain defective, could be the Rh Negatives that are missing part of the human genome.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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And the question the criminal minded never seek to ask themselves is, "If people of the entire earth knew what you did do you actually believe a foreign country would accept you?"

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