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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

You think Downs Syndrome Children arent dangerous 01 29 2014 Punctuation ommitted for title acceptance in this box

You think Down's Syndrome Children aren't dangerous 01 29 2014

Just have your normal child joke with one as a child is likely to do by natural comparison and call it funny face and watch how quickly your child gets beat up by it!
Those shorter limbs also mean it is stronger than a human being just like a monkey is!  So your normal child is not going to win that one and may end up sterile from it, just like in the natural world how only some males are females are made not to be able to mate by biting and clawing of the genitalia!  Last night we learned that this is really what the Republican Party believes in!

And I don't know what the figures are with regard to abortion in Africa and Asia of Downs Syndrome (??)

But if it does not have a normal human chromosome count isn't it really a completely different species!  Are we going to see the Republican Party try and more broadly define human rights to species other than human?

And these children who are mentally retarded are indeed the children of the Elite.  So that means that the Elite are not really Elite at all; just somehow gained a lot of money through a violent advantage taken at some point?

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