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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two Inventions Needed 01 18 2014

Two Inventions Needed 01 18 2014

1.  A basting brush that has a stainless spring wires as the brush part.  The wires would be a little less that 7/64 of an inch in diameter and would be made of spring steel.  They would also have rounded tips!  This brush could be used to coat a griddle pan with oil before broiling.  Also every single brush for cooking we have had has melted under use!  This brush would not melt.

2.  Also the standard convection oven does not have enough insulation inside of it!  It takes forever to heat up to 450 degrees!  A good 7 minutes or more!  That is a waste of electricity!  An oven should be built with refractory layers behind the sheet metal!  This would mean the oven heated up a lot faster!  Also microwave ovens need better shielding than they have today.  A refractory shield as described below but modified with a metal content would provide that!

So to make an oven more efficient it need that layer of refractory material inside of it!  But that would make the oven too heavy for the guys on the truck to transport without personal injury or dent damaging the oven.  The solution is that the refractory layers are inserted into perimeter channels of the oven after it is installed.  These would be long sheets of the material- likely clay or ceramic.  For example, one for the bottom, two for the sides, one for the top and one for the back!  And also the door would need one but the door would just be built with it in it. 

And I believe that the technology is so useful that there might even be companies to come about to retrofit such materials Inside the cavity of standard ovens sold today!

This would save electricity!  And it really needs to be done!

So why don't we have stuff like this today?  Because after a hard days work the monkey believes in Prostrating itself in front of another monkey of the same sex as a form of relief from stress?  Honest to God I read such a passage like that in the Bible concerning a man who was chained to a cemetery named Legion!  Real odd passage in the Bible!  The implication is that Jesus himself might have engaged in Pederasty?  If not there was some occult there!  But it gets better Jesus himself was a healer!  And what does he say of Doctors like himself?  A Doctor does not heal those that know them!  It implies medical fraud!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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