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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Charities 01 14 2014

Charities 01 14 2014

We already know what causes certain diseases!  Like Lung Cancer!  So to give a charity money does not really support the charities goals because we already know the cause!  If it doesn't support the goals then it is just a sinkhole for money and therefore is part of the Cause which is the Charities defined cause.

One of them called me and asked for money today, and I told them just like I do everyone of those that calls,

"We already know the cause!"

Doesn't it amount to a bunch of weak minded villagers who stand around doing nothing in a Western while the Mexican bandits come in shooting and take their harvest?  The Villagers call us for money acting like they don't know what causes the problem their charity is fighting?  That is called a mixed metaphor!  The English would have liked to burn the idea out of the future of humanities bookshelves.

"We already know the cause!"

"What right do you have asking me for money when we already know the cause.  That money isn't going to address the cause, because we already know the cause!"

The point is that when men learn what the cause of something deadly is they put an end to it!  They don't call out of town and ask for money from those who are not affected by the problem that they know the cause of.

Giving you money does not address the cause because we already know the cause!

You say there is more than one cause that we know of?  Then men seek to eliminate everyone of those causes and to eliminate those causes you must eliminate the root of them!  A man seeks to eliminate root causes.  Whereas a Government of woman would seek to deny their is a cause so that they can ask you for money to address a cause?  Okay read this again and ask yourself where our $17 trillion in national debt came from!

And one could make the point that a Symantec legalese mal definition of what LIBERTY means in the Constitution is also the cause of a lot of these issues related to disease!  You are at LIBERTY TO POISON YOUR OWN BODY AND MIND BUT NOT MINE?  Well no they don't even define it to be that good.  They define it to mean they are at LIBERTY to poison you to!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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