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Friday, January 24, 2014

Update #3 You can't be disabled or have a disability if you were never able in the first place 01 24 2014

You can't be disabled or have a disability if you were never able in the first place 01 24 2014

I think of this as I think of how Russia hand picked athletes for the Olympics and I wonder what Vladamir Putin thinks of the Special Olympics.

You can only be born with a defect and not a disability, because per the connotative meaning of the word in order to be disabled you first had to have had to have ability.  So I really think two different classifications have been indeed needed all this time.  It would have clarified an issue that is proving to be a drain on our economy and freedom.  And this is something that cannot be accurately codified into law because today there is the means to disable people at a young age before their potential has been allowed to happen.  Contrast that to someone who was born with a defect.

And perhaps the subtle difference in the meaning of language has been intentionally blurred to suit a specific purpose?

For example society needs to guard itself against those who were born with a mental defect that would then cause disability in those who were not at some point during their lives!  That is the greatest threat humanity has ever faced!

Therefore there is a great difference between people born with defects and those with disability!  And I am getting to the root of the problem!

One might say that a child who bully's others does not fit into our society because they have a mental defect?  And yet children like that are viewed as being more social when they form a gang of people underneath them?  And is that indeed what Corporate America amounts to? It has been proven that Corporate executives are indeed antisocial or indeed psychotic as in the case of the school bully!  Does not that bully have a break with reality at a young age?  And there is bullying where children are actually harmed and then their is just run and chase on the playground as some games are played.  The line is crossed when a child is sexually molested where injury occurs from it such as lifetime pain or sterility.  And that is indeed what most children fear from the bully!

And to round out the article I would state that the nature of the bully is one that should not compete in neither standard sports nor what might accurately be re-termed with connotation "The Olympics of the Disabled."  The Olympics of the Defective being separate and different that the "The Olympics of the Disabled"  Now do you see where I am going with this?  Once you make that distinction clear you lessen the incidence of the "The Olympics of the Disabled" naturally over time; as the incidence of the "Olympics of the Defective" lessens at a much faster rate.  And there is also implied reallocation of athletes from what is termed Professional Sports to the Olympics of the Defective "league?"

Now could I write laws better than Scott Walker?  You betcha!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 24 2014 at:
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For those of  you who might be reading this in time capsule you dug up on a dead planet, Scott Walker is the leader of the Wisconsin region of a country called The United States of America.

And when the Pharisees boldy told Jesus Christ that they killed all the Prophets before him you did not hear Jesus Christ ask the question, "Why did you do that?" But it is ~2,000 years later so maybe we should pose that question to the Orthodox Jews who are said to be the descendents of the pharisees?  Jesus knew right away when they said it to him it meant they hated him and were going to kill him to.  And have you not found out from life experience that if you are a good man you never get a valid answer when you ask someone why they don't like you!  What would the Pharisees have answered?  "We killed them because we were highly envious of their intelligence?  We killed them because we didn't like them suggested what we can or can't do in our wealth tribe?  We killed them because we were tired of listening to them think?  We killed them because we were jealous?"  So why did you do that?  The only reasons listed in text are, "He gave me a terrible dream," and "He knows what we do."  So then the question becomes what was that terrible dream and what did he know that you did that you wanted to keep secret?"  So you have had 2000 years to answer those questions; its about time we get an answer!

Brings up a new concept or field of linguistic!

"Blurred Distinction"  A abuse created or fostered with the English Language! But I doubt we will ever get to that level of understanding in our society because the very instance of "Blurred Distinction" prevents us from recognizing the instances of blurred distinction!  Somebody was awful pissed when they burnt those Irish books!

And she is somehow talking to me already saying, "I am naturally disabled."

And here is why they indeed killed the prophets.  For in order to be a prophet you could not make a prediction that did not come true!  So therefore every single thing those prophets foretold in the Bible came true!  Which makes one want to read them over to see just what they prophesied.  But to make a prediction like those were and have them come true is indeed the power of a God!  So the prophets were indeed Gods!  But maybe not.  If you were to drive a person from their mind when their mind came back to them the first thing that they might do is curse you for doing that, and because you drove them from their mind what they curse really might be a construct of a future memory of theirs reinterpreted from the one who drove them from their mind!  So they weren't really Gods!  It is like Elijah getting so pissed at I believe the woman that killed the seven brothers that he PREDICTED she would be eaten by wild dogs some day and she was!    It is really loading someone up with false guilt!  And the person whose interpretation that was coming from would be as if it really was the prophets fault.  The reality being if you leave people alone and respect their rights you will not learn of your own dark future from your own negative interpretation and blame of others.  And the other reality being that maybe it is a force in the Universe that you have a dark fate when you do that to someone.  And the third idea being that anyone who would do such a thing would have a very low level of intelligence in the first place and would believe anything; and hence fall into their own fate as foretold to them;  It is like someone could say anything to you and you would believe it and it would therefore happen because you belief system was not really based on your own self esteem or rather self; you would fulfill that curse somehow because you could not veer from a path in life no matter what you did because you were dependent minded?  A don;t bother the man peacefully eating a bowl of rice construct?  You bother the man eating a bowl of rice and he curses you and you believe it?  Aha!  The reason you believe those things is because you did not have a system of beliefs from your father isn't it!  Hence to you the man with the bowl of rice is your father and what he say's becomes your fate; now that really is sad, so I will say a prayer that everyone will always have a good father in the future!  Can't beat a prayer like that can you!

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