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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bar Fights Kill 01 28 2014 Updated #2

Bar Fights Kill 01 28 2014

Most men who go to bars and drink and then get violent have no idea that might be their last day alive on earth!

It is a big surprise to them!

Two males fighting can indeed lead to the death of one, and not only that one has the right to protect themselves with like deadly force; do they not?  So they never expect it when things start to escalate in defense of ones life!

 One very precise placed punch is all it takes to kill a person!  Do not be fooled by watching boxing either, those gloves protect both the hands of the person throwing the punch and the one being hit in the head.  With that much force coming from a punch without a glove on it is lethal!

So why do they do it?  Why even take that chance?  Maybe they have never known what life would be like for them if they couldn't drink!  And they don't like their lives anyway or they would not drink in the first place!  So you can't stop because you don't like life and then you get killed as a direct result of that activity of escapism.

Therefore we need to accurately address the issues that lead men to drinking when they are young!  And justice needs to be brought to those who ruin children's lives!

And my point is that I have never been happier than when I stopped drinking!  I enjoy attempting making all kinds of things even though I am not the best at them!  I just love creating with my hands!

Is alcohol a factor that causes mental illness?  Of course it is!  Just like it causes mental retardation.  And often mental illness can be thought of as a person having a defective hippo campus that prevents them from remembering their own skills and prior learning!  In fact alcohol psychosis is caused by alcohol.  Alzheimer's has to be caused by alcohol too!  What are sometimes the first symptoms; violence!  And that means a break with reality or ones hippocampus function and that is mental illness!

It is a lot more horrible than you could ever imagine!

One in 5 Americans has dyslexia and cannot read.  What do you think they believe in?  Pagan monotheism and the demonization of a healthy human beings mind?

And what does that statistic really mean when 20 percent of us can't read?  It means that we have a national break from reality with regard to the cause of it don't we!

But these are things I am not supposed to mention because they break the false reality of the Pagan Ogre class!  But what is that mindset?  It is one that could be rapidly mobilized to create great horrors isn't it?  You have men that can't read and what appeals to them the most?  A blunt talking political leader who serves to be the strong image of a father figure to them!  That blunt talker is someone they trust!  Someone that doesn't challenge their niche business with ideas of progress!  Could be a college dropout or someone that didn't meet the credentials to enter college.  And here we are getting into a, "I will prove you wrong issue?" but such a person getting into office and taking the country in a backwards direction that limits your rights?

Okay back to Bar Fights.  Should by the time you are a man your behavior be more mature and that of an adult than bar fights?  And perhaps they really do know that they could be killed and somewhere in the back of their mind they find that the easy way out if it happens?

But we see this mentality of adult males who are not men all throughout our culture and country today!  So we are to think of it as being normal?

No it isn't normal.  One was born different than the other!  Two men could sit by one another and each be reading a different book and have no problem with one another.  But you take one of these people from above and you sit him next to a person who has a healthy hippo-campus and was raised by parents that loved them and you will see noticeable behavioral disorders by that one that was born different! If he can read a book at all!

And that is why men have no problem working with one another because they respect each other because they don't have that defect or dependency.  Can you think of how much nervousness and angst a man that had a defective hippocampus would have?  He would hate all the works of men and seek to destroy and defy them!  He would seek to create a world where people like him and not men get ahead; and that would mean networking and controlling the work force.  Now that is likely 1 in 5 of us today!

And what would happen if you tried to take a babies bottle away?  He would try and kill you wouldn't he?  And it was that same criminal mind at every level of our country that defeated prohibition.

And I don't dare say what the cause of your problem is because you don't want to believe you have a problem!!!  Isn't that ALSO the nature of ever single alcoholic!

And that castle doctrine means that you can stand your ground and that you can protect your rights in a situation like that; as should be the case.  So expect more of it and don't be too alarmed; we already know the cause.

You might ask yourself this air really isn't that bad to breath or maybe by comparison I will never be as good as the mind of a son of man; but I don't have to be it is just good to be alive and of healthy body and mind.  Maybe you should just be content to be alive and living within your means and true skill set!  And if you don't have the ability to learn why prevent others from using their ability to learn to advance themselves.  Why would you grant yourself that right?

Men like to address the root of problems and that is what I try to do in my blogs!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 28 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Now bars are dangerous places and unnecessary violence is often initiated by those selling the addictive brain poison to their customers!  So I don't believe that any place that sells this stuff has the right to prevent you from entering if you are carrying a gun!  In fact maybe it should be a fine punishable by immediate death to prevent you from entering a tavern where they serve alcohol and therefore their is a greater chance of violence, to prevent anyone who has a gun from entering; why, there might be people inside there that need protection from the bars own owners and staff!

Now in my younger days I could have sat at a bar with a six gun side arm and never pulled it.  But what happens when you see someone killing another person in a bar with their bare hands?  Are you not obligated to pull your six gun and kill the one person killing the other person, because you don't know what the cause is you kill the killer right?  Now what if you are there with a friend and things happen so fast that you do not know if your friend started it or not; do you pull your six gun and shoot the enemy; its not like you are going to shoot your own friend.

But again it is like drunk drivers killing people isn't it?  None among us gets up there on the podium and states as if they are the most intelligent person in the world, "It wasn't me that killed that person it was the car I was driving after I had been drinking!

Now you all support alcohol.  So don't be surprised and crying when a family member you loved is killed in relation to it!  You were not there to teach them any better!  You went right along with the crowd your entire life no matter where it lead you!

You see the bars believe that they get around the issue of violence in bars by hiring the biggest dumbest and meanest person they can find to serve as a bouncer.  The smaller person has the right to protect themselves from attacks from such people and that includes a continuing threat doesn't it?  I could barely get in my car for safety and that beast was beating on the window.  or after I fled to my car from being beat upon I reached for the gun and fired shots killing the assailant the worked at that tavern in my defense.  Why?  Because he looked like the type of person that would follow me and try to further victimize me and I felt a continuing threat to my safety from this individual who serves an addictive neural toxin for money.  And does it really take skill to be a bartender?  NO!  It just takes what is called a thick mick.  Not the type of person you would want to ask advice from, raise your children or even living in your neighborhood or in proximity to you.

Or here is another one, "He charged at me once, and I wasn't sure that he was not coming at me again so I killed him in self defense!"

And honest to God you go to school and you watch television and you never really learn what dumb thugs are really like in this world do you, until someone like me who has been around a little explains it to you!

So indeed what do we do with them?  They could work on farms and live in the barns.

And you know what?  It makes some of you cry doesn't it!  Why?  Because no one ever had the courage to talk to you that way and you very well indeed know it is true!

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