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Thursday, January 23, 2014

H. Pylori and Mental Illness 01 23 2014 updated

H. Pylori and Mental Illness 01 23 2014

Now here is a clue to its causative factor in mental illness!  Very few people are infected with it in developed countries when they are children.  But over their lifetimes I believe I read that half of adults will get the H.Pylori infection.  It borrows into the stomach below the mucus and causes ulcer.  It also can be transmitted through oral sex and cause cancer as was the case with Michael Douglas the famous actor.  And it is also implicated in many other diseases such as glaucoma.  I won't get into a historical article on right not but will just stick to the facts.

The Correlation is that we were not born with mental illness!  It can't happen!  You can be born with a mental defect but not a mental illness!  In order to get a mental illness you first have to have been normal!  So mental illness can indeed be said to follow the same time frame in ones life as infection with H.Pylori.  And when does mental illness occur?  Often in young adulthood.  When one is exposed to sexual activity and also bar glasses that are rinsed in salt water instead of being heat sterilized like a dishwasher does.

The bacteria produces Carbon Dioxide as a byproduct.  Now I know what you are saying, "It isn't carbon dioxide that is dangerous is it Carbon Monoxide."  The exact opposite of your assertion is true when carbon dioxide is produced in your body.  Why?  Because instead of just one molecule of oxygen being deprived from your oxygenated blood stream TWO are in the formation of the Carbon DI (two) Oxide.  It should be considered twice as dangerous as Carbon Monoxide in the instance that it is produced in your body!  And what does lack of oxygen to the brain contribute to?  A defective hippo campus.  And with a defective hippo campus you are less likely to be able to parse out fantasy from reality; and that is mental illness.  And granted when one person with mental illness is confronted with another person or group with that same illness it leads to trouble.  So it is not always and individual issue as the medical community suggests.  What are the other symptoms of mental defect; like it or not they are meanness!  And I also believe envy of those that do not have mental defects is a great part of our Corporate world today!  I also believe that the incidence of Rh Negative blood type might be a sign of a hidden form of mental defect.

The H. Pylori bacteria also produces other waste byproducts that are harmful to the process of clear thinking; but I have not researched those as well.  But one of them is indeed Ammonia!  But my research on those other chemical byproducts or metabolic excretions of the H. Pylori bacteria would be that I would want to know what affect they have on human beings, how are they toxic in high doses, what are the first symptoms of toxicity, do they also lead to oxygen deprivation.

And the point being is that societies became developed civilizations because they did not have the H. Pylori bacteria!  Which means we need to take measures to diagnose and treat it!  In fact it should be one of the prime targets to look for when someone is thought to be mentally ill, the others are other parasitic infections, recent drinking of alcohol, Candida infection, heavy metal poisoning, liver malfunction, causes of under active thyroid.  And I know what the Republicans are protesting already, it would be too costly to test for those things.  To answer that I would state that a man would never think of health care as a business.  A man seeks to address the root cause of problems because that is how men think; if I take care of this problem responsibly it will not interfere with my life anymore!  Contrast that to someone that wants to be able to sell you a pill for the rest of your life so that they have an annuity source of income they do not have to worry about.

Now what if I were to tell you that indeed there are those that were never born with their own human soul and have been fooling the rest of us all this time.  Would not the suppression of knowledge of the causes of mental illness as listed above be a prime objective for them?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Now the Rh Negative blood type appears to be highly concentrated in France.  Rh Negative was said to have originated in Europe (France) 10,000 years ago.  But there are cave findings in France that go back 100,000 years that relate Cannabalism to the neanderthal! Those cave findings show that the neanderthal broke the bones of other neanderthals in a certain ways so they could eat the brains and the bone marrow!
I believe that the H Pylori bacteria had to have come from eating of a dead body whereby earth bacteria had started to eat away at the stomach lining!  A dead body not producing stomach acid anymore to protect itself from bacteria!  And then what happened is a cannibal came along and ate the stomach of that dead body and was infected himself. ( I am getting the gestalt here of one deer hunter claiming he shot a deer laying one the ground that a different hunter actually shot; in support of what could be the source of behavior?  He was a better hunter than me and ate my game kill so I ate it out of his stomach?  That might indeed be a likely initial confrontation between  a neanderthal  a smarter human being race.

Now the Neanderthal is far different than the human being that came out of Africa to Europe about 60,000 years ago.  And according to that Smithsonian article Europe often has bouts of cannibalism in its history!  I would argue that it is caused by those with the Rh Negative blood type!  That Rh negative blood type has its own completely different psychology or consciousness.  And this can be proven because they are more likely to be homosexuals and lesbians.  And one has to wonder if during the French Revolution or when Joan of Arc stormed the prisons and set people free; if they were indeed being housed like cattle to be eaten!  And I do not like to stereotype but I am going to say that the French face looks more gauntly to me.  As if it was oxygen deprived during conception or development.  Just like how it is known that the face of a woman who smokes will dry out and age quicker because the tobacco restricts the circulation to her face.  As well as those from the Slavic region between Russia(including western) and Germany where Rh Negative is also at a higher prevalence than other countries.

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