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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Leading Causes of Death in Women are 01 25 2014

 The Leading Causes of Death in Women are  01 25 2014

Cancer and heart disease.  Now those numbers have to bear a lot of correlation to the H.Pylori bacteria.  And indeed if one has hemorrhoids might that be a reason why the are constricted and do not go to the bathroom enough and therefore gain weight.  I would outlaw Pizza.  And we know that both alcohol and tobacco cause cancer in women.  The H. Pylori competes for the oxygen in your blood and that oxygen deprivation is what causes mutation and cancer!

And in young girls that are entering puberty Suicide is second or third for them.  I believe they have to have a good mother and not be influenced by the bad women in communities and our culture in order to prevent this.  And there was a Puritan who oversaw the prosecution of witches who believed that young women were being influenced negatively by a few older women in the community; the cure being to identify those older women and witch trials.  And I also heard on the radio that those females who are taught to talk to the spirits or rather taunt or rather demonize the souls of men do eventually kill themselves.  And that is indeed something a bad mother would teach them how to do.

And when you look at the statistics in India, suicide is the leading cause of death of women there between the ages of 15- 49.  Now I have found India women to be intelligent and pretty!  So what is this really?  We know that when the British came to India they saw how much wealth they had there and in order to concur them they had to make them believe that the English were superior.  In fact they tried to create a pretentiousness in order to concur them.  But we are seeing a lot of U.S. having its manufacturing of goods done in India today to so that has to contribute to the trend in some way.  And also I believe the notion of the dowry needs to be abolished in favor of natural selection.  The Dowry system must be ended!  What woman wants to be an element of exchange or money; that is prostitution plain and simple.  And they have created a gun for women to have to protect themselves from being raped in India, I think I read it costs $2000.00.  That is far too much!  If you really want to address the problem then the Government sponsors the production and distribution of that same Quality gun for 1/20 the price or rather Free!  If you have ever taken scrap steel to a be recycled you realized that you could have a 50 pound bucket full of it and just get a few dollars for that much if that at all!  So the metal really doesn't cost that much!  And perhaps India will be the first country to use what I conceptualized as the Solar Electricity powered Electric arc furnace!  And really shouldn't we be making products that last forever so what is really needed are solar electric arc furnaces that different manufactures could share time on or time share manufacturing at such solar electric arc furnaces.

And why don't we be honest about it, when a woman is attacked by a gang of 20 a revolver with 5 or 6 bullets in it is not going to do it; she needs a mini machine gun spitting out 30 with a spare clip!

With that many women being raped and gangs that large one wonders if some bad element is not paying those men to rape those women?  When you have that many men screwed up in the head perhaps India needs to go alcohol free!  I would highly recommend it, and you are going to end up killing those who use it and try and rape you anyway, you could indeed make it a law that those selling alcohol can be killed!  Now that would clean it up quickly!  And I do believe the desire for alcohol separates the men from the boys in our world; real men won't drink it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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