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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rh Negative Blood Type Part 3 01 22 2014

Rh Negative Blood Type Part 3   01 22 2014
Rh Negative part 2 has yet to be published because I like part three better in terms of my time for typing hierarchy.
Where could it have come from?  It is rare and scientific analysis of it is a mystery!  It lacks the human DNA strand or encoding  that comes from Rhesus monkey’s
The Africans are known to have kept…I believe it had to have been chimpanzees “prisoners.”  They would dehydrate the chimp for 3 days and then let it go!

Then they would follow it to see where it found water to drink!  Now I also get the same gestalt from the story of the Essene Jews who were also known to keep “Exiled priests” –prisoners!  They would raise their children by juxtaposing them between the exiled priest while the children were in the control of an Evil Master.  And I would bet that many children who were sexually molested by Catholic Priests (I.e. evil master) found themselves playing the role of the exiled priest themselves; in terms of facing taunts and bullying from the children who the evil master favored?
We also know that a female Rhesus monkey will breed with an outcast tribe member in secret rendezvous meeting places.  It was stated to be a matter of survival of the species.  And it might be said that that is the exact nature of the human race as having empathy or love!  So we do indeed see that in the female Rhesus type monkey!!!!!!  So that right there is the monkey that is the origin of the human race.  And for all we know they were much larger back then!  But that is the RH Positive blood type.  And this article is trying to determine what is the cause of the Rh Negative blood type!  So the point of this paragraph relating to that is interbreeding of primate ape type and human beings after the existence of human beings!  So how could this have happened?  When an undesirable female human being was outcast or evicted from a Garden of Eden and mated with that which somehow cancelled out the Rh Positive human DNA!  And it would be the belief that that which is evicted might be a lot closer to the primate than the human and therefore that is how that Rh Negative DNA surfaced.  The Rhesus gene was discarded in the recombinant conception factor!  But wait! It is stated that the RH Negatives can’t be cloned.  This means that the ova had to have been from the female that did not have the Rhesus positive marker!  So a wild man copulated with a female monkey not of Rhesus humanity?
Now one of the following or its vice versa could be true.
The first Jews took off running North out of Africa and were white like the skin under the fur of a Rhesus monkey versus an Orangutan or Gorilla?  And they were the first humans!  If so the white race owes everything to them!
Now the Rh Negative is said not to appear until 10,000 years ago and somewhere in Europe.  Which means that somehow a Rhesus Human and an ape Orangutan Hybrid first occurred there- the Rh negative.  And I made this point in Article number 2 which I have not published.  It is stated that we had to all have come from Africa and therefore our ancestors all would have to be black?  That cannot be true!  Because the Rhesus monkey whom our blood is from has white skin underneath its fur!  Which means that the normal skin color 60,000 years ago had to have been transitional!  White in winter and tan in the summer.  The extremes both black and pale white that doesn’t tan are outliers or anomalies!  There is a little bit of false conclusion with regard to science that has been fed to us!!!!
So how could a Human being with Rh Positive blood be made to have what I believe is to be a Rhesus Human and ape/orangutan hybrid?  Through experimentation on prisoners with some form of ape/orangutan hybrid!  And I also believe that experimentation involved the administration of alcohol!
And per my off the cuff research where is the most Rh Negative blood type prevalent?  In FRANCE!  And what did they do in France?  Well we know from history they liked to keep prisoners in Dungeons!  That is why Joan of Arc got pissed.  Where they likely also eating them?  If so then antibodies and antigens come into play in a greater way in the formation of the Rh Negative blood type. (Cannibalism is more likely to occur in lesser developed countries and there is also a strong correlation between that and the H.Pylori infection!)
Somehow the Rh Positive gene was bred out of it by a large primate orangutan, gorilla or even chimpanzee, that had an antigen to the Rh positive human because it occasionally hunted and ate them RAW in the world!  Antigens occurring from eating the raw meat or being scratched by one and then getting sick from that but then recovering from the sickness!!!!!!
Anyhow, have you ever seen how mad and uptight Chief Inspector named (Morse?) got at Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther movies?  He just loathed him!  Clouseau looked more like a Rhesus whereas Morse had more Gorilla like facial features.  Clouseau being the BLESSED human and the more English Morse having the temper of Adolf Hitler!  (But wait a minute what does the Bible really mean when it saw the Pharaohs saw that God was with Joseph?  That God is the human spirit of the female Rhesus monkey from above isn’t it!) ……………………………………….Perhaps over time the Rh Negative didn’t look to different from us but had the ability to see what a man does through a third eye psychic function!  And that is indeed what the Rh negatives are stated to be!  And that is what makes Morse angry!  He is a schadenfreude police officer that sets up Clouseau for failure and it doesn’t matter because Clouseau is blessed with civilized human nature!
The Druids based in England are said to worship the monkey!  But monkeys are known to easily rape human beings because they are 3 times stronger!  The bad element of the English throughout world history has to be the Rh Negative!  And they are bastard creating prone and therefore anti society!
So a question is whether a schizophrenic is more likely to be RH Positive or RH negative?  No the question should really be what is the nature of that which causes someone who has schizophrenia to hear voices in their head, in order to see what he/she the human being does!  And that has to be Rh-Negative!
And the Rh Negative is concentrated heavily in France and also a band that extends North to South on that continent between Germany and Russia including parts of Russia!  Has profound implications in terms of WWII and also President of the United states at the time who was of French English nationality-FDR!
What else do we know about the Rh Negative?  They are more likely to be homosexual than the RH Positive!!!!  So homosexuality is not normal just as the Rh negative blood type is not normal!  Homosexuality can be traced to the Rh Negative blood type!  What else does that mean?  It means that the Rh Negative blood type has a completely separate and distinct psychology than the Greater majority Rh positive blood type!- Rh Positives could be anywhere from 95 to 85 percent of the worlds population, Whereas Rh Negative is between 5-15% of the worlds blood type.  But what is disturbing is that the Rh negative statistics are said to be rising!!!  Bad trend!
Now part of my family lineage and some relatives are Roths.  Roth means red.  Red headed German Roths.  And Red Headed are known to be Rh Negatives!  Some Celtic Irish also have the red hair gene.  As it had to have started in France and spread outward from there.  And red headed women are indeed different too!  They can tolerate more pain than the rest of us!  Has to be because of the Rh Positive gene.  And when you can tolerate more pain are you less likely to know when you have caused it in other people?  Yes.  Indeed an experiment in psychology proved that!  And we know that humanity was not started by the Rh positives.  And good God please don’t bully the red headed Irish kids or any other kids!  Why not?  Because that is an inhumane quality to do so!  But one more point, my experience has been that the red headed Irish faces are more gauntly looking like the French face is than other Irish faces.  My Grandmother was a Roth and she was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I would swear that she was more normal than all the others on that German side of the Family!!!!!!  And hence that is why her soul was ransacked!
And perhaps that pain characteristic has something to do with the nature of pleasure in concurrent Rh negative homosexuals and lesbians?  And just off the top of my head famous lesbians do indeed have French, English and Irish surnames.  And what happens with misogyny and the Rh negative?  There has to be the recombinant factor there too!  It is like giving a person a cardboard box with the pieces of two different jigsaw puzzles tossed in it; it would make for more difficult formation of a human embryo and therefore some crucial parts missing; particularly with regard to cognitive development and personal identity!
Only six and a half more hand written pages of this to type.
Off topic.  Guitar Idea. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a folding guitar?  Such guitar could indeed be made so that the neck of it is made from strips of hinged aluminum about 1” by 1/8” in 12 inch long sections.  Whereby they are placed consecutively next to one another and hinge pinned on the ends.  So that two to three sections of a neck could fold out and lock in place with the same string tension.  But in terms of string tension a new concept would be needed a spooled or bobbin guitar string.

And if indeed the Rh Negative first occurred 10,000 years ago maybe it was done because there were WATCHER MONKEYS! And these Watcher Monkeys were dragging away human beings from villages and eating them or imprisoning them to learn from them; and breed with them.
Therefore the best way that they had to combat the Watcher Monkeys was to breed some humans with it so they knew when they were coming!
Is this indeed part of the Kabbalah?  The secret Jewish Occult so horrific that it was kept secret for 2,500 years!  And primates are known to have sex with all members of the tribe in those trees including the young!  Is that why some of our society practice Pederasty?  They are of the Rh Negative blood type?
And today we knew that is deadly to themselves as well as oral sex is deadly!  ~Because sodomy is the source of aides and the H.Pylori virus/bacteria from oral genital/fecal transmission causing cancer.  It appears that H.Pylori INFECTION has different strains per geographic populations just like the base blood type categorization does per geographic region.
And most men know out of respect for human beings not to engage in oral sex or sodomy.  As the bible say’s, “The Lord is with us.”
Capitalism is unfair because we have that watcher race with us.  In some cultures the first thing they ask is a person’s blood type.  I believe in the orient, Japan part of the former intended Nazi empire this is the standard breaking the ice question.  But also more to the point in China Sex with a son of a wealthy business man is a must to seal a deal?  And what does that do?  It keeps the money with the Rh Negative doesn’t it!  A woman has that child she is not likely to rat out the race!  And indeed Rh Negative was rare in China.  But what we do know is that it is in the power centers of the English Monarchy as well as U.S. Presidents for awhile now; which means it is likely at the top of every government worldwide!  ~That rare Rh Negative blood type!
Do they know that if they breed with an Rh Negative their children will be psychic?  Do they also know those children will be irresponsible leadership and the nuclear plant leaks radiation into the water and the parking structures that they create fall in on people and kill them?
And when it comes to doing the bullying in the United States don’t you want to know what the blood type of those bad kids is?  I am betting it is Rh Negative!
A mind clone cannot reproduce a human child because it cannot raise that child itself!  It is always in the watcher state!  And it is stated that Rh Negatives cannot be cloned!  The only reason they could not be cloned is again- there is an incompatibility with the human race!  In other words you can’t spike a female ova cell with Rh Negative DNA to clone the Rh Negative!  Nor can an Rh Negative ova be spiked with DNA from Rh Negative blooded person????  (That might be a clue to some evil scientist figuring out a way around it.  But I will leave it that way.)  But you can’t clone a Rh Negative because;
1.       There is no humanity Rh Positive in their DNA!
2.       The recombinant process would not work because the ova rejects that DNA!  Which would mean that the only reason the Rh Negatives could have come about in the first place would be if they had a sperm carrier, as is normal, that fooled they egg in some way- even though it had to come from a different species!  And there is where the bacteria I speculated in a prior article or unpublished article that comes from cannibalism of dead people H.Pylori might have played a role.

Aha!  Now we understand what the good ole Prophet Jew Levi from the Bible meant when he declared all those who engage in either beastiality (INTENSIVE case of misspelling; new concept for you English majors!!!!) or homosexuality are to be killed!  And what do we know about Rh Negatives?  They have a far greater likelihood of being gays or lesbians!  Again incompatible with human female ova (illegible word here) origin of female!

Since I am getting into cloning.  What is the prevalence of blood type of identical twins;…deductive logic to source of (Illegible word) ..They have to be Rh Positive.  Right because Rh Negatives cannot be cloned and identical twins are clones of one another?

And how many of those with autism have the Rh Negative blood type?  What about those in crime families or criminals?  What about the controllers of Wall Street, Banks, Ivy League Schools?  Now here I am getting into a concept that might have changed the course of WWII.  Once the Supreme Court ruled that you can’t execute blue collar criminals without also executing white collar criminals the U.S. entered that Eugenics based WWII, didn’t they!!!  In poker we call that a tell and go all in!  And I am d@mn good at Poker!

If a human female Ova rejects the DNA when cloning is attempted it also means it is not normal and healthy human DNA that is attempted to be cloned!  And here we get into another issue the mysterious death of many of the world’s TOP virologists after the 911 plane bombing of the world trade center!  If I can figure it out they had it pat down didn’t they!  And where those virologists who were in communication with each other who were also being monitored by the National Security Agency NSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And because this watcher race cannot raise its own children that means in its entirety it is an extinction race of both meaning all human blood types Rh positive and Rh negative.  You are either one or the other!  You either have that Rh, meaning Rhesus antigen or you do not!

A race whereby if it grew and overpopulated the earth so there was no Rh Positives we would all become extinct; including the Rh Negatives!

So the purpose of the Rh Negatives might have indeed been to guard us against other Rh Negatives victimizing Rh Positives or Human Beings as per my paragraph somewhere above!  Oh things like Rh Negatives who might sexually molest children, kidnap them, engage in prostitution, human trafficking and slavery.  Dope them up with drugs and ruin their lives, things like that!
Rh Negative that is your Call To Duty!  That is your clean up patrol!  That would be your bounty hunting objective!  But never, and I mean never to you harm an Rh Positive!  The good Rh negatives if there are any, must protect us in all manner from the bad Rh negatives!  Otherwise you have no salvation and are all L.T.H.

A crime against humanity is one so bat it defies what we consider to be a human being!  It is punishable by the death penalty anywhere in the world accept the United States and a few others???  If I were President I would give the Rh Negatives the authority to execute other Rh Negatives guilty of crimes against humanity in the United States!  And the Puritans who were at odds with the English defined that crime more broadly then we do today to include those selling things that make people sick!

And your Drivers License is indeed a possible Donor (blood) card so it should have your blood type printed on it with verifiable evidence.  And the same is true with your State I.D. or your Social Security card too!

And because Rh Negatives pose a risk to humanity maybe they should be required to wear a bracelet or something on the head or necklace when they go out in public!  Wouldn’t you want to know that?  And I do indeed believe there is a very strong basis for my belief system!

Wait a minute!  I read over 50% of schizophrenics have Rh- blood.  So that negates this entire analysis!  You can’t split a mind if it doesn’t have one as I believed to be true of the Rh-.
But wait!!!  What is our diagnosis and categorization method in determining that medical diagnosis of what is in some cases medical fraud!!!!  That system of diagnosis has to be very inconsistent, inaccurate and of great disservice!   Then my complete analysis still bears truth!

And a word of caution when you feel the hair on the back of your neck start to go straight up that means there is an Rh- present and they are in complete watcher/predator mode!  And like a cat species stays low to the ground; they are very good at springing that on you!

And it is like being in a woods that has a bear in it, there will be signs before you sense it!  And when you see the signs you should become immediately aware of what you are sensing!

I would also add many forms of medical fraud or the victimization of human health for profit to the list of crimes against humanity!

And if we find out that certain industries have only hired a majority of Rh- then that is evidence of Discrimination based on blood type!  And I have already proved that this blood type has its own psychology!

And we know that the Rh- negative is a different species from the rest of us because of the genetics lacking in their blood and also the fact they are more likely to engage in homosexuality and therefore pederasty.  Both of those behaviors are consistent with having a higher percent of reptilian DNA in their blood!  And some reptiles do indeed reproduce asexually as gays and lesbians attempt!  So I do believe them when they say it is “Normal for them!”

Same goes for the Investment industry!  I am not going to let a Condratiaf (sp?) 70 year wave cycle roll through this world as long as I am alive!  And I am going to do everything in my power to keep the U.S. Currency from becoming worthless!  That is the direction they are trying to take us with the debt and also our Constitution!  So that they can them claim by subjective and fraudulent empirical evidence that the Constitution was rubbish!

Demonic possession might only be able to be incited by an Rh Negative!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay there it is jumbled grammar and scatological!  But it needed to be said!

And if I was hiring an adult to oversee children I might want to know their blood type more than anything else!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on: 01 22 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

Odds and ends that fit in the above puzzle of words somewhere:
And indeed the H-pylori bacteria might have played a concurrent role in the formation of Rh Negative blood!  How?  It has an oxygen deprivation effect which plays into the natural DNA mutation process such as cancer does too!  Oxygen deprivation in the presence of DNA foreign to human beings.  Don’t get drunk and sleep in the presence of apes?
Evil women know things they won’t tell?  The source of the female of the species being more dangerous than the male?
Anyhow the trend has been that those who are the watchers in our world society think of themselves as the ruling class or the Gods.  That has to change whereby the watchers are to live in shame for that ability!  And it can indeed be done!  And once they are living in shame; natural selection, strict punishment for crimes against humanity committed by them (as should have always been the case) will see their numbers naturally lessen until they are no more!

British woman having lesbian sex has quadrupled in 20 years! <-source


  1. Hi, wow. I am an rh- woman. I have children of my own, and I work with special needs children. I come from a huge family, and those that are rh- like myself have what they deem as "psychic visions". They are also diagnosed with schizophrenia (linked? Perhaps.) It is true, I have a high propensity for work involving hard labor, though I am not built large, and I have a high pain tolerance. I also see things in people that I think are obvious that others do not. I can tell when someone is in pain, or upset, or just needing a friend which makes me great at my job, and I do a lot of good with my gifts. I believe everyone has very particular gifts given to them to make the world better than when they entered it.

    It saddens me that this would be your opinion on people solely based on their blood type. This must mean that you've suffered greatly at the hands of someone's cruelty who happened to have rh- blood types. I'm sorry to hear that, but deciding someone is bad based on a blood type is much akin to, well, any other kind of bias.

    Furthermore, I have always felt different as I was raised in a traditional family, and was a "Tom-boy". Something not accepted in my community. I do not however entertain any notion that I am any different than anyone else in that respect. Finding ourselves, battling the feeling of alienation, and finally accepting our own selves is a part of the human condition that everyone must go through (especially in adolescence). The main factor is having a loving and understanding guide through these times.

    I don't necessarily agree with your point of view, but am glad that I read your opinion.

  2. I could very well indeed be 180 degrees wrong on the issue! I am glad that you commented on this! Feel free to peruse any of the other articles that you see on my online newspaper and comment on them too! I am trying to "flush out" something so that it can be studied. My latest knowledge of the issue I am having stems from my reading of an article in the February 2015 Scientific American. It explains that those of non African descent have 1 to 2% DNA from Neanderthals. And that we are able to reconstruct the Neanderthal DNA to about 35 to 70% because not all of us have that 1 to 2% in the same place. So the issue may indeed be some of us causing others to hear voices might have that 1 to 2% neanderthal or Denisovian DNA in brain structures regulating cognition. Some of my writing is indeed negatively influenced via "interjection."


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am rH negative priestly caste. I will spill the beans and you can have the task of gleaning which kernels resonate with your percepts thus far. I will speak straight to the heart in you beyond all security classifications. Gaia's fiddler's won't exit the roof of their world thinking it unnatural to tread to Shangri-La below. You now live barely 1/10th the lifespan you can just 300 miles below your feet. I have a very real human heart .. indeed I am a protector of aspiring sentient life in all it's shapes forms and guises. My bloodline hails from one of two worlds orbiting Alderbaran 65 light years away. A crisis to viable gene pools presented itself due to foreseeable solar activity and colonists were sent to various worlds. One was located here in Ur. The last gene pool on Gaia to be tuned was The Basque Clan which ran to the mountains of Spain to maintain it's purity. They speak perfect Sumerian until this very day. On my home world the priestly line is chosen by the blood itself.. much like Spock falling into a swoon until his Vulcan rite of passage is complete. Maria Orsic knew we were ill equipped and went home for info riding on the Vril 7.. doubt it not. The problem I'm seeing here is that Sameyasa and his 99 comrades ( The Watchers ) are being mistaken for we the Annunaki hybrid children. That's in need of clarification. A being named Osiris wants to institute another 'Golden Age' on Gaia where the gates of death are closed. That means Gaia can't berth souls into the emancipated heavens for the EVER PRESENT ALL PERSON..,The Source of All Life. Or for expediency of understanding "Worlds are Schools". Valiant Thor knew this when here from Venus. Osiris calls his plan "The Great Work" with many 'worshipful masters'. The risen gods themselves have approached him in the most intimate of confidence and Osiris is convinced to re-engraft spirits of the dead into flesh and blood bodies again and keep them here on Gaia for a long season to carry out his experiment. There is to be a mass NON-GOVERNMENTAL PLANETARY EVACUATION ON GAIA SOON. Do not lose faith in aspiring to the Father. The powers that be will foolishly entrench themselves not knowing it is futile and that the tech from worlds without end renders them utterly impotent. The watchers taught humans vice.., we just wanted to survive.., not fall from heaven and take on wives in succor of home. Many races were placed here.. you are all from different worlds.!!! Surprised?. I haven't even touched upon the fact that Dante wasn't speaking figuratively when he wrote Inferno..,lol. Believe you me.., conquer your addictions while in the body. Love to All.

  5. P.S. The Watchers were two full space fleet crews which alternated from Gaia to maintenance of their ships. That was until the Malchezadek you know to be Michael took their ships and trapped them on Gaia for sentencing.

  6. P.S.S. A village in Siberia at the turn of the last century caught a female Neanderthal. They kept her in a hole for three years until her cries let them know she was broken. Whereupon she became a surrogate concubine to the men of the village. She bore eight children. The first four died because she would rush to the river to wash them in the freezing water. The village women quickly removed the next four which survived and the children were hardy if ugly.Asha they named her. True Story, Look it up. This throws quite a wrench in a few deductions.., does it not..?