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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

FDR and Russia were allies 01 14 2014

FDR and Russia were allies 01 14 2014

That is something very interesting to consider with regard to the nature of Communism; as being the motivation to repeal Prohibition!  The drive to repeal Prohibition was a Communist effort!  Why because alcohol creates the Dependent minded!

Vladamir Putin put forth anti-homosexual propaganda laws today but at the same time the principle of Communism is one that promotes the concept of homosexuality!  

And one more thing, anytime Russia makes a bold move I have to consider the reasoning behind it!  I might be on to something here!  Is there something Russia knows about how Homosexuals are created through soul theft and trauma at a young age?  Are homosexuals really childhood schizophrenics?  Was homosexuality created and fostered in Russia by the communist principle of trying to determine who should do what and who should be what?  For example if they could sacrifice peoples lives through trauma in order to get a star Olympic athlete would they do so.  A similar concept to the Roman {Catholic?} Emperor Caligula got a testosterone boost by chewing off live men's testicles?  Now I have published some things that might be considered anti-homosexual, but it would be important to note I believe their are two distinct types of them.  And indeed what if they were created by having their natural human souls displaced by  a Lilith Beast from the Bible type literature or indeed Russian psycho energetic technology!  Whereby after a human being was drained in psycho energetics their sexual identity became that of a controlling type force?  Are they really pets to the minds of the beast but are not aware of it?  A person who has had their mind split might be thought of by the satanic as being their pet, when they are really their king?

Russia has had a bad hand in shaping our American Politics.  Have they tried to wipe out the minds of Americans?  Yes in the early 70's they beamed microwave weapons at our CIA headquarters!

What am I getting at?  Any place in the world where their is an individual who has had their mind split and is labeled schizophrenia that is really Communism!  And I have not worked out the principle logic yet but I believe that Communism is the Jewish Religion!

This also means that gay people are evidence of communism!  As well as the Jewish Religion!  Now Barrack came out in favor of Gay Marriage and then Israel rapidly followed!  I am not aware of the Bible that the Jews believe in being a proponent of gay people!  And yet good old LEVI, I am wearing jeans with his trademark tab today, Stated in Levi-ticus that they should all be killed.  Levi aslo stated that those who engaged in bestiality should be killed!  What if good ole LEVI came to power today in the world?  He would know who you were and where to find you because you took such delight in having sex with beasts that you made movies of it that are traceable!  Oh I can hear the thing with the messing hair climbing out of they hay pile already, "What's wrong with that?"  It leads to deadly viruses and plagues like the aides virus!  There is a concept of polarity whereby when one photon of light changes polarity a photon of light that was split from that photon no matter how far away in the Universe also changes polarity.  Could that indeed lead to the death of the majority of the worlds population some day?  The photon being translated to mean the human life energy force connection some share with others?  In effect, without that polarity guidance thought of as part of a life force many on earth would die of disease of their own making?  Now what if a photon of human energy life was indeed compromised by bestiality?  What if homosexuals had compromised life force; many already do they have lost their human immunity!  A lot of you are living on borrowed time?  Isn't that a very irresponsible way to Govern a worlds population; create one that lives on borrowed time?

Ein, Ein, Ein that was a Nazi Germany principle.  It means oneness.  That is also a communist principle, one giant Commune.  Contrast that to the United States principle of the land of the free and you see that there are many who do not belong here today and do indeed pose the greatest threat to humanity that there has ever been!

All of the United States problems today are caused by that Grand Alliance!

The dumbing down of our population was caused by that Grand Alliance!

FDR, Russia and Great Britain were all allies in the Grand Alliance.  Prior to that time Great Britain was our enemy in conflict!

The United States no longer goes to war in the name of freedom because its own people are not free but mentally enslaved!  So therefore our military needs to be completely disbanded.  Why?  We no longer represent freedom and cannot therefore fight for it!

Thomas Paul Murphy

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