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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sentencing for Medical Fraud 01 12 2014

Sentencing for Medical Fraud 01 12 2014

All United States Citizens who knew of, willfully participated in and conspired to prevent the public from knowing the truth with regard to the nature of schizophrenia as a medical fraud will have all of their personal assets confiscated and be relocated to community or communist work camps!  Their families will indeed go with them and they will be prevented from having further children.
Those who willingly participated in the activity are not like the rest of us because it is representative of someone that has neither human reason nor human conscience!
FDR’s family money came from the opiate trade with China.  Heroin an Opiate is at epidemic levels in the United States.  It creates a race or generation that has the facial features of fetal alcohol syndrome and are therefore easily enslaved!  If we do not act today that is what will happen to the entirety of the United States!  We have seen how those who deal in the substance have risen to high standing political power like FDR did.  Now a lot of FDR’s conceptualize policies were wonderful but they were not implemented.  So we have to view this like we do the home contractor that gives you an estimate of $1,000 everything included only to make a great mess of your house and give you a $10,000 bill! So indeed it served as positive propaganda for FDR’s election even though he always knew they would never be implemented; that is a term of constructive fraud dependent upon detraction?  What does FDR have to do with it?  He repealed Prohibition and alcohol is indeed the cause of the dependent minded who demonize a human soul in the medical fraud of schizophrenia.
So in effect we have the opportunity to accomplish the goal or two objectives at once; and we must do so in order to maintain compliance with our Constitution!
What can you do at that work camp?
1.       Sew new clothes.
2.       Work on a solar electric car manufacturing line or other mfg line deemed beneficial.
3.       Work to produce organic fruits and vegetables.
4.       Work on scrap/materials reclamation efforts.
We will no longer have a national debt because United States citizens will be living within their true means and therefore productive.
All high school dropouts or those that are not eligible for college will serve a mandatory 5 year term on such labor camps.  (You will no longer be free to wreak havoc on our society.)
All current professional athletes too will be sentenced to lifetime service in such camps.
All drug users and pushers will be sentenced to mandatory duty to a camp.
All involved in organized crime, prostitution and gambling will be sentenced to a camp.
All who are members of pharmaceutical companies whereby human death was caused as a result of their product or those who are in their supply or distribution chains will be mandatory sent to a work camp.
All drugs and alcohol will be banned from the earth and those who are using them will be considered to have an immediate nonconsequential bounty on them!
The elderly will be excluded!
There will no longer be any pharmaceuticals available for purchase!  Accept certain antibiotics and antifungals.  Therefore if you are in pain the cause of your pain must be addressed or you must live with it!
After 5 years of serving in such a camp you will be interviewed by a competent individual with their own human reason and conscious for determination if you have indeed have a rehabilitated belief system with regard to humanity.
The review process will indeed be managed by a board of Pro-Literate; who up until a certain age in their life were completely healthy and highly intelligent before they were overcome by the voices of those that have neither their own human reason nor their own human conscience.
One cannot be a citizen of a Democracy and also the citizen of a human beings soul!  Hence the best thing that we can do for those who do not meet the prerequisite of having a human conscience or human reason is to allow them to experience the joy of creating rather than destroying with their hands.  And if they are not up to the task we will not view their self induced absence from us as a weakness.  You will not be subject to conditions where you are exposed to hazardous materials in the work process and you must indeed have every item of safety equipment needed.  Nor will you be subject to repetitive stress type injuries where your hands and limbs are worked until they are bone on bone. In other words you will be treated humanely.
I have read enough horrific news stories by those who should not be living with and amongst us.  Now it indeed takes a very knowledgeable class of person to create the medical fraud of schizophrenia so you will see corporate executives working happily right alongside illiterate High School drop outs.
And none of this is contrary to our Constitution because our Constitution only apply to those that do not have their own human conscience or human reason.  And the goal of course is to ferret out those who have stolen the human conscience and human reason from human beings to masquerade in our society as if they were something they were not.  Empirical evidence shows their presence here en mass; and they never belonged here!
And if you can provide constructive evidence that you knew schizophrenia was medical fraud and that you acted against it you will be exempt from the labor camps.  Constructive evidence would include written statements that you have published on the internet or elsewhere that state that in no uncertain terms!
Ask me what I believe?  That is what I believe!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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