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Sunday, January 19, 2014

DRAFT MORE TO COME You've got a mouth bacteria that can cause blindness please don't talk to me anymore 01 19 2014

You've got a mouth bacteria that can cause blindness please don't talk to me anymore 01 19 2014

Present in patients with Chronic Gastritis and Gastric Ulcers.
Discovered in 1982.  But was previously named Campylobacter Pylori.  Is it liked to stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.  Per Wikipedia.

But per Michael Douglas him performing Cunnilingus was the cause of his throat cancer and not alcohol or cigarettes.  He said that is the bacteria that causes throat cancer.
Per my research it has also been linked to Glaucoma!  80 percent of those who have it have it have no symptoms!  50 percent of the world population are said to have it.
Research note; where is it in highest concentrations.
It is thought to have evolved to penetrate the mucoid lining of the stomach.  To me this reads like a kuru type virus from someone eating carrion meat or indeed someone digging up a dead person and eating them!  Why because it would have been created from the natural decay of a dying body!  That is how you would get a bacteria that can penetrate the mucoid lining of the stomach!  The stomach is one of the most acidic environments there is!  That stomach acid and corrode metal it is that powerful.  The only way you get a bacteria that strong is if it was developed from a stomach that is weakened- ie a dead person!  Will that bacteria distribution of pylori also correlate with where cannibalism is present and in races where it was part of their tradition?  Where certain humans imprisoned and fed on carrion meat of other dead humans at some point in history.  My question is answered as I read on, infection is more prevalent in developing countries and decreasing in western countries!
From the picture on Wikipedia we learn this is really a parasite!  Which leads to another very interesting concept of medical fraud, not labeling things as they truly are!  We get that from the English.
Here is the next clue that is very relevant to my understanding of it, “it can form biofilms.”
  Now I will get into that on the diatribe from my personal recorder in just a moment.  But first I will lend a basis of understanding from what I am currently reading from the Wikipedia encyclopedic entry.
It produces oxidase, catalase and urease.  Alright I am kicking myself when I inform you of this next part but usually when I kick myself it really ends up not being a kick at all but very revelational.  It has been stated per my research decades ago that people with schizophrenia have something present in their breath, and I believe per my memory it was urease?  And without looking up urease I am going to speculate it is related to uric acid or urine.
It has various flagella meaning minute tentacles’ that have different functions.  For example the likely function is that the flagella attach and then the fat or sugar molecules fuel the human cell into uptake.  Because it is oxygen dependent it means that it is then competing with cellular oxygen in your blood and body!
Some of the pylori parasite have over 1,550 genes!!!!
At this point does anyone remember being labeled a germ freak at some point in their life?  You should have told them to go to h311!  But hard to do when they are your chain smoking 7th Grade Catholic School Teacher!  In which case you keep your intelligence to yourself and not interfere with or make the children who will be pursuing an athletic career self conscious for fear of reprisal!
No here again I am reading mishmash science; it is stated to have virulence proteins!  When I grew up learning it was either a bacteria or a virus.  To contain virulence proteins means that it is also a virus! Have you ever gone to a doctor and failed to get an antibiotic because they tell you it is a virus?  They aren’t being truthful with us or they are ignorant of medical science.  And both cases are a horror!
Now here it gets even better!  This bacteria contains what is called an island genome!  And that island genome was AQUIRED FROM ANOTHER BACTERIA!  This parasite/bacteria weaponized itself to a greater degree by acquiring an island genome!
It avoids stomach acid by borrowing itself into the layering of the stomach tissue!  So what is it feeding on?  One of the strongest tissues in the human body that has the ability to secret and protect itself from stomach acid!  It has a gourmet diet!
Now this brings up another very interesting point regarding tripe!  Some people eat the stomach lining of animals or is it fish?  Could it have happened that those human races that ate tripe; Norwegians for example have a higher incidence of pylori because it first was able to attack the stomach lining of lesser animals?  It brings up a point about Hitler seeking the Teutonic race; which I believe were satanic minded too, but that is off topic.
It gets even more interesting!!! This virus has the ability to neutralize stomach acid!  It does this by producing urease which breaks down the urea present in the human stomach to form carbon dioxide and ammonia.  And it is the ammonia that neutralizes the stomach acid.  Amonia is also the chemical that can give you brain fog.  You should read what Hulda Clark has to say about it too!
Because it is adept at killing a human through their stomach parasite is designed to kill a human being and eat the corpse!  This is a death parasite!  This is a vondoon parasite!
There are different strains of this parasite depending on regions.  It has followed the human race for 60,000 years.  And indeed what might be a clue here is that what is termed the Western Strain is more dangerous.  Now that might be a generalization because I know from prior research that some Irish do better on what is called a type A diet??
Tyrosine phosphorylation might indeed be the key to destroying this parasite!  Too much tyrosine produces too much dopamine and a person who might very well indeed have either, an overactive mind, imagination that could run wild, or rather per my personal understanding have those who are already oxidative brain cell death seek them out!  Again the construct of best to keep low on the totem pole comes into play.  But tyrosine does indeed help the kidneys and thyroid function a lot better!  This is all part of the Cag Island paragraph in which I will have to do more research so that I understand each term better and can give you a better analysis.  But there is something important about it there!
I have read enough information to tell you already that the future of the human race is dependent upon completely eradicating this parasite!
I can tell you already that this is an airborne parasite transferable by breath! 
The article goes onto say that colonization of H pylori is not a disease in and of itself.  That is of complete misinformation and of great disservice.  Why?  Because we already know that of the 80 percent of us that might have it we are likely to have different types of it.  For example one who has been exposed to one type all their life might not be able to fight off a different version of it.  This is indeed part of the science of antigens to a disease.  Antigens are your human immunity passed down to you from your parents are part of your body upon birth.  Aides patients have no human immunity!  Not only that but it has been proven that aides comes back in people who have been completely free of it!  What does this mean?  It means that aides patients should never either have children or sex.  And I am going to make this point later on but I will make it now too.  Because it causes cancer and is transmitted by oral sex it completely destroys the foundation for gay marriage!  As indeed oral sex is the primary form of pleasure of gay people.  So therefore gays and lesbians are not normal!  But that point will be made more clearly when I transcribe the voice recording I was referring to.  And I am not one to say, okay just let them go ahead and do that because they are likely to kill each other.
Vaccines have been created for it which indicates that human antigens that can kill it have been discovered!  This is likely the reason that some people have some forms of it while others do not.  And here we are talking about a gradient concept.  But there is quite a bit to learn from the nature of such vaccines!  And that would be a topic for scientific research!  How those vaccinations were discovered.  And what I am reading now is that it was indeed of paramount importance to the land of tripe to discover them!  As people in the Netherlands were vaccinated.  But again the nature of the vaccine is important.  Will one vaccine work on all form so it?  Answers to those questions can be very revelational.  And indeed keeping such knowledge a secret until one can develop something we have to pay money for should be considered a crime!  How much scientific knowledge concerning human disease has been kept secret in favor of profit?  I am going to make the bold statement that all of it!  And because of medical secrets and related fraud we are lucky to be alive today!
The way that it is treated is by the use of two antibiotics and a stomach acid inhibitor!  Have you or a family member gone to the doctor with an ulcer and only been given the one antibiotic?  Who are they saving the other antibiotic for?
Now here is something very interesting, in the elderly as the stomach mucosa becomes atrophied (Dead) the stomach becomes inhospitable to colonization.  Now this is very key too.  And this could indeed provide the cure to it also.  You see it really isn’t a good sign that your stomach is producing less acid or that the mucosa is breaking down.  But the key here would be the stomach mucus is protecting the parasite.  Might a cure be as simple as using a proton pump inhibitor and then feasting on pineapple and kiefer?
Or how about this for breakfast?  You cut up chunks of pineapple put them in a bowl and then cover them with kiefer?  And that is indeed your breakfast cereal!
It starves your body of oxygen!  And it is this response that mutates your own DNA in a lethal way!  So in order to counteract that process one would use compounds that oxygenate the blood such as iron, and also b6, b3 or nadh, or nicotine.  This oxygen deprivation is also the cause of memory and learning impairment!  Anyone who is telling you this is beneficial to your body is actively creating a medical fraud!  All that stuff about beneficial bacteria needed to digest food is complete bunk!  All you really need are your own healthy internal organs; like your liver and pancreas.  And parasites that starve your body of oxygen are of absolutely of no benefit to the cellular regeneration of those organs!  Again cellular regeneration does not happen in an oxygen deprived environment as this parasite creates, quite to the contrary that is how cancer is created!  What does a point of view to the contrary really tell you?  That someone has found an easy way to make a lot of money from your compromised health!  It is the oh let that turtle that isn’t a turtle live attached to your back because it is good for you philosophy!
Here is another ugly side to this bacteria as well as gonorrhea and strep.  It learns how to better attack your body when it deprives your cells of oxygen!  While it is depriving your cells of oxygen it is figuring out how to make a stronger infestation from observation of your DNA recombining in that environment!  It learns by starving your body of oxygen!  Sounds a lot like someone that isn’t doing well in school handing you a drink?
Drink O2 based water!!!  Thereby your body or DNA will not be mutated via the oxygen deprivation factor!
Data analysis:  It is stated to be 25% prevalent in the Western World meaning Western Europe, North America and Australasia.   In order to balance the 50% worldwide statistic out it means that other parts of the world have a much higher rate than the 50%!!!  Which can indeed be translated to mean that in order to create a civilized society or rather civilized society was created by those who have a lesser percent rate of it!  Do you see the correlation?  Think of this the next time you kiss a whore who has been in foreign countries, while you are out drinking in college!
And as I read further the statistics support my hypothesis!  It is not common to find infections in children in developed nations!!!!!!!!  But the percentage infected increases with age!
Now I absolutely hate this next part!  Only 10% are said to be infected between 18-30 years of age.  I got mine when I was in High School and the Trigonometry professor gave me back a pen that I had lost for 3 days!  He made me nervous and I chewed the pen out of nervousness.  Don’t chew the pens!  And don’t chew one that has been on the floor.  Now when you are that age and get nervous that is hard not to do!  Have a little pack of toothpicks with you!  And no teacher should be allowed to object to that. You aren’t making noise like gum chewing.  Nor are you sneaking out to have smoke of some bad sort or other drug.  In fact they should make something an adult can chew on when they get nervous that wont grind the teeth away and will still look normal and not cause a distraction.  Like a little rubber cigar about an inch long or so that won’t exude biphenols into you.  Maybe a piece of cork.  Something like that!  It helps me think to have that toothpick or pen.  Ever watch a detective sleuth series?  They did that too.  And there is a scientific basis to it!  It has to do with locking up the autonomous nerves involved in human speech.  It is stated that those nerves fire long before you actually thought of what you are going to say!!!!!!!!!!!!
There are seven different basic prototypes of the bacteria.
Now here is some damning evidence!  The Germans found it in 1875, the Italians found it in 1893, and a Polish man found it in 1893.  But here it is around that period right after WWII!!!  In 1954 an American study did not find it in 1180 stomach biopsies! My gut reaction was that our Government was guilty of medical fraud!!!  But wait a minute!  It is less of an instance in developed countries!  And the United States was by and large the greatest developed country at that time.  What can we say about Germany and Italy, nothing good as we fought them in WWII and this parasite in them and not us might have been the reason.  And what about the conflict with Poland and Germany and Italy; same concept is true; they all had it whereas we did not in the United States!  And one more thing!  Prior to recent history we had very little instance of schizophrenia in the United States!!!!!  Get it?  Now some of the United States History is based on the good coming here because they could not stand the evil of their own countries.  Is it fair to say that is early American history?  And some of our history is due to people being evicted from foreign countries.  Which really means that one or the other or both were bad?
But imagine what the effect would be if oxygen deprived individuals found themselves among the sons of the intelligent?  Would they not reintroduce alcohol so no one would easily be able to tell the difference?  I am not a racist in any way other than to boldly state that schizophrenia is a medical fraud and there is a great implication that lesser races are involved.
There is also some association, however weak it might be between Ulcers and blood type O.  Blood type O is prevalent in…..inconclusive need to know type of o + or – to make an analysis.
Forensic analysis of all Criminals and the instance of H. Pylori would likely reveal very important knowledge regarding the criminal mind!  Remember it has a less prevalence in civilized societies!  Hence eradication of it might prevent crime!!!!!!!!!
Now this is from another internet printout.
Another stat that I am reading states that 2/3 or 66% of the world’s population is infected with it!  That means the numbers skew to more to the extremes in terms of human relevance!  Meaning lesser developed nations have far more of it than developed!
Those who drink alcohol smoke or have cardiovascular disease have a higher rate of A Pylori!  Again I hearken back to the horrors of FDR.  And also the fact that bar glasses are just rinsed in salt water as that white gook n1993r can’t wait to serve another one!
It is also a factor in triggering ischemic stroke.
It also increases the bad cholesterol and decreases the good.  Remember this parasite has a gourmet appetite!
H. Pylori is also implicated in the following diseases:
1. Diabetes!
2. Autoimmune diseases!  That means Aides!  Remember it is a viral parasite!
3. Heart disease.
4. Skin Disorders including rosacea and hives.  And the Rosacea is indeed what the Englishman President of First Analysis in Chicago, Oliver Nicklin had on his face.  And hives are what the English woman down the block always complained to us of as she told us how she was related to the queen and other delusions.  Delusions being consistent with an oxygen deprived mind!!!!!
(I can remember hearing the founder of Roex Vitamins stating that Choline Bitrate is good for ulcers.  Now per reading the science of H. pylori it would appear that the stomach acid like substance or precursor might actually kill the virus by overloading it with stomach acid?  That would be the theory based on his recommendation.)
And again as I read on in this latest article it states that decreasing stomach acid to cure an ulcer might be a bad thing to do!  The proton pump inhibitors don’t cure the disease!  Instead they dissapate the stomach acid which is indeed a natural barrier to other germs.  And also once use is discontinued the ulcer rapidly reoccurs!!!!  In Wall Street Equity Research terms that means someone has a razor blade business model?  Which means they have a profitable revenue stream that you have to keep on buying!  That is medical and pharmaceutical, doctor, health insurance, hospital, FRAUD!!!!

And per my memory it was not made public knowledge until 1989 or later!!! Whereas I knew without a doubt that it was true in 1984; that ulcers were caused by bacteria and therefore treatable by antibiotic!  Why?  Because of the dog gone pen that fell on the floor!!!   But there as you are reading you realize there is a lot more to H. Pylori than that!


Now this part wanders into blood types.

And where is another black connection in this?  The Egyptians are said to have been black. So those Jews that Jesus a Jew was at odds with might have been bread by the Egyptians!  And there is indeed the connection of King David with African Bathsheba!!!

You see there are transitional skin white people and then there are bleach skinned white people.  That bleach skinned is the half breed half black half white?  But the transitional skin person would be the normal colored skin person!  The other two are anomalous!  And maybe to make that pale white skinned person they somehow bread with a dead person?
If Jesus had Rh negative AB blood type from the shroud of turin it means that he was neither saint nor God!  He was a Voyeur or souless satanic person himself!!!  You don't get the understanding of that until you read the Gospel of Mark.  It points out that he healed people of demonic possession.  It also points out that he knew who the demonic possessors were.  Now he came from the line of David I have no doubt in my mind about that.  The Rh negative do not have the rhesus monkey gene which means they have to be based on another monkey/ape type!  And that would be a black skinned gorilla or orangutan!  There is only one place that German Roth race gets its red hair from in nature and that is the orangutan!  The Rh positive humans were the earliest humans!  Then for some reason we have the Rf negative.  The only place that comes from is the gorilla or orangutan.  It cancels out the Rf human gene!  And also the Rh negative cannot be cloned!  Do you know why?  It does not have the ability to pass down human antigens!  It is like the aides virus also takes away human immunity!  How do we know Jesus was Satan?  Because it is alluded to.  One spirit is driven out and 7 come and join it!  The inability to be cloned also is likely to have the inability to pass down the human soul; meaning human conscience human reason and the ability to think and learn based on owns own hippo campus.  When one drinks alcohol one creates the exact same thing as the satanic because it causes mental retardation based on oxygen deprived hippo campus. 

Was there a race that crossed the black person with a white person?  The Egyptians were said to be black and the pictures of the Jews from the hieroglyphics looked like chimpanzees walking on two feet!  In the Bible Egypt and Israel are stated to be one.  But it gets worse.  Where does one breed a half breed from?  The Essene Jews likely sent out 10 priests to look for an Rh positive person in order to keep them as an exiled priest!  Jesus was a "watcher" just like the others

The Rh negative species of tree climbers had an occasional meat appetite for small monkeys! That might be why you do not see the first human Rh factor in those races of people, there was an after the fact cancellation out of the human factor!  The human factor being the ability to pass down social and parenting skills.  The gorillas in turn all being raised in groups by a single female and one breeding tribe leader or male gorilla.  And anytime you here the word we want our polygamy back you know who you are dealing with.  Now the Rh negative blood type is increasing in the world, and there is only one way that can happen- bastard children are sired.  And this plays right in line with the Catholic belief system of pro life!

And the Rh negative is highest in France.  I call them the was dripping faces. Where they kept people in dungeons until Joan of Arc got pissed.  This is also were Napoleon came from.

I am willing to bet the predominance of lesbians are Rh negative!  The same might be true of homosexuals.

And indeed it is true as the link states!!! Homosexuals and Lesbians do indeed have a higher Rf negative factor!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rf negative is not a master race as Hitler may or may not have believed!  In contrast it is quite the opposite!  Hitler was type A Rf Negative.

It means that Gays and Lesbians are missing an IDENTITY factor related to humanity that evolved from the Rh Positive factor!!!

Also interesting but not yet related to my conclusion from the above link, Gay men and lesbians have a relatively low incidence of type A Blood type whereas heterosexuals have a high incidence of type A!

And perhaps my story about Sampson at the Milwaukee County Zoo illustrates it best!!!!

By the way my blood type is A Rh Positive!!!

From this link here:

"Obama's memoir, Dreams from My Father, Frank Marshall Davis is identified as Obama's "mentor". 
Who is Frank Davis? Frank Davis was an amateur photographer, a radical black power activist, a Communist Party member and an advocate of legalized pederasty (anal sex between an older man and young boy).

Frank Davis moved to Honolulu, Hawaii from Chicago in 1948 with his second wife Helen Canfield Davis, a WHITE Chicago socialite and fellow Communist. Frank Davis had five children and divorced his communist white wife in 1970."

All of the Rh Negatives at the following link ring a bell as being satanic to me.

These too. 

Every United States President since Eisenhower has been RH negative!  There it is! 

One link below suggests that rh negative blood has more reptilian factor that mammalian! That would indeed be the link between being a proponent of the delusion of A sexual behavior as a species, meaning lesbian and homosexuality; some reptiles reproduce a-sexually!  (We have a problem on our hands!)

It also states that African Americans have 90-95 % Rf positive.  I am betting that the ones with Rf Negative are the ones that become professional athletes! 

And this website is consistent with my belief that there is a connection between Rf negative and autoimmune disease (aides is one.)

(The only way a person could be Rf negative and be a universal donor is if their blood had no antigens? Meaning inherited resistance to disease.

And the sight below states that Rh negative was an unknown mutation that happened in Europe about 25,000 years ago and then spread to Spain England and Ireland. The only way that could happen would be if it started in France?  And France per the distribution graph in an above link has about the highest percent of Rh negatives.

But what would the human history even be back then?  My imagination often speculates that our oil deposits are not really the remains of Rf negatives that were forced underground into mines?  That much unknown history.  The French were indeed Voyeurs,watchers, satanic?  There is no other reason that you keep people locked up in Bastilles like that?  And that might have been Essene religion country?  Hard to say, we didn't really have history books covering that!  So it is pure speculation.

Basque or French are stated to be the most Rh Negative.  FDR who brought back alcohol to the United states was of half French nationality and his family money came from the opiate trade with china.

And now I am getting into the meaning of Rf positive as it correlates to the Landsteiner-Wiener antigens LW.  And this has something to do with erythrocytes (red blood cells).  It appears to mean a healthy instance of the ability to form red blood cells and bone regeneration. 

But what is very interesting is that the Rf negatives have a higher instance of alkolysing spongilitis spelling wrong, but it means swelling of the joints; and this could indeed be what they have figured out in terms of the ability to transfer that pain to human beings via nonlethal weaponry?  Which really means after they destroy all the Rf Positives they cannot continue as a race! Which means they are not the eugenics superior but a race that is bound to extinction.

And at this time I am getting conflicting data as to the Presidents blood types.  So I will need an accurate site.

And here someone states that Rh negative does not use oxygen the same as normal does.

Theoretically if someone had more reptile dna they would not need as much oxygen.  Hence they could drink you under the table with little Ill effects to them!  Might that very well be the nature of the Rh negatives? I am betting because of the french nationality it was Rh negative.  And what of the French paradox and wine?  Absolute baloney!!! They are mostly Rh negatives!  And a little more connections and I am getting back to the start of the article.  Polio is what FDR had.  It first infected the throat and then the intestines and then cause spinal cord inflammation and paralysis.  And that indeed reads a lot like the Michael Douglas getting throat cancer from A. Pylori from him performing cunnilingus.  Now the polio virus is fecal oral in route!  And that vagina is very close to the anus!  Not a very smart thing to do is it!

Okay now for the DIATRIBE from the recording!!!


Full story to come

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