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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Insomnia and Congestive Heart Failure Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees 01 18 2014

Insomnia and Congestive Heart Failure Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees 01 18 2014

What does "Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees" have to do with it?  Quite a bit!

The collection of the bread.  The Catholic Church has always portrayed the story of the Loaves and the Fishes as a Miracle when it wasn't!!!!!  Here is what was really going on! Those who came to watch the healings Jesus was said to create (That was fraud too) brought their own bread with them!  That is why Jesus Aspostles were able to go around and pick up that bread after the ceremony was over!  They filled basket after basket with that bread!  And it was indeed Leavened bread!  Leavened meaning yeast!  Now that is indeed why the Jews are said to favor unleavened bread at times!  But I will make that point more clearly in a little while.  After Jesus collected those bread scraps he and his disciples must have ate the leavened bread!  What we see right after that in the Bible is Jesus Christ admonishing his disciples because they were stupid and could not remember anything that he told them or the commandments!  We also see in the Gospel of Mark the instance of children that had mental afflictions that could not be healed.  And there is veiled language in their that states they had to be sacrificed at Gehenna, even by Jesus Christ himself!  So that must have indeed been part of a Rabbis duty at that time!!!!

But when you look at the Jews in the Bible there were indeed two kinds!  The Pharisees and those of Jesus Christ.  The Pharisees believed themselves to be a step above everyone else!  They thought they were better.  They are stated to be our modern Orthodox Jews today.  Ortho meaning truth and Doxy meaning prostitute.  I read that it was an insult given them by other Jews.  I also read that they are the ones who practice the Kabbalah (Cabala) which is really witchcraft and the occult!  Two other things are important, they make up 70% of English Jewery and they were also the majority of Jews who were killed in the holocaust between 50-70% were Orthodox.  Hitler too was into the occult and I read that English based Royal Dutch Petroleum might have aided him in WWII???

Anyhow just what the relationship between King Herod and John the Baptist is I can not say for sure right now.  But after Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist he lost his mind and is said to have wandered through the dessert for 40 days and 40 nights while being tempted by the Devil!  And tempted meant something different back then!  Now when a person was baptized in those days they were indeed held under and had to fight to get to the surface!  Hence some might have had hypoxia.  By the way it is a great form of exorcism!  But what if one comes to the surface with hypoxia and also the influence of a mouth or groin yeast from another person present in their metabolism?  That is the precursor to mental illness!  Why because the yeast fight for oxygen along with the body’s own blood cells!  Not only that they colonate the entire body including the stomach!  And byproducts of yeast metabolites are indeed toxic substances.  A yeast metabolite being a waste product exuded by the yeast life process!

But anyhow that child afflicted with the disease in the book of Mark is the first that Jesus Christ could not heal!!!!!  I believe it was because he ate the scraps from the Pharisees discarded bread that was collected in baskets.  He likely came down with a fungal infection of the brain, as well as Jesus Disciples who could then not learn or remember the commandments!

And what happened next?  We see Jesus Christ mad as Hades when he makes the comment directly to the Pharisees, “Beware the leaven (yeast) of the Pharisees!”  Have you ever had your father express disappointment with you?  Disappointment is indeed the best form of discipline a father can give to his son!  Jesus was fuming when he said that to them!
Now there are many forms of yeast that attack the body.  Some are indeed Vanginal and anus too!  They don’t tell you about the Anus one though, because it would create a public scare about not wanting to sit on restaurant seats.  And it is said that if a woman has a yeast infection it is likely to reoccur! 
But here we are getting into the diagram above.  When a person has a normal metabolism and they go to bed after a big meal their body is able to convert those calories into energy needed to rebuild the body during sleep!  That is what sleep is for!  I have gone to bed at night weighing 215 pounds and woke up the next morning weighing 211 pounds; while at the same time feeling very well rested like I have had the best sleep in my life!  Vibrant and full of energy!
However what is the metabolism of a person who does not lose their belly during their sleep?  It means that the normal process of sleep healing has been compromised because there is something obstructing their metabolism in that regard!  And that something is likely a yeast infection in the belly, or even excess belly blocking the arteries to its own energy store that is used to replenish the body during sleep.  And fat cells are indeed where the body stores its toxins.  So trying to lose that belly fat is one of the hardest things a person will ever have to do in their life!  When they experience that die off of yeast they will have a flood of emotions that are often unbearable!  The way to counteract those negative emotions is to realize you are killing the beast!  The beast is dying, and it wants you to stop what you are doing; your detox program!
So what happens in the diagram above is that that barrel belly puts pressure on the lungs and heart and stops a person from breathing during the night!  And then they are required to use a ventilator mask!


Now what happens next in the progression of the disease is that the joints wear down to the point where you experience more pain than you could ever imagine because they were not designed for that weight!  And then the next thing that happens is the body can not regulate its salt metabolism and it collects in the ankles as part of the symptoms of congestive heart failure!  You also have heavy metal deposits in the shins and ankles.  They way to defeat that is to exercise with your legs and then put your feet up on one of those big new beach exercise balls in order to free up those toxins and allow them to make their way to be excreted.  Move your calves around on the ball.  It also treats shin splints!!!! And planters fasciitis!
Candida Cleanse from Planetary Formulas
Caprylic Acid tablets (Comes from a coconut)
Heavy Metal Chelate
Vitamin B12
NADH a niacin or nicotine like product
Removal of all pets, their saliva is laden with germs, some of which cause Glaucoma! (H. Pylori) And the yeast blind whore connection is a lot more valid than what they will ever tell you!  (Theme in the grapes of wrath.  Orthodoxy meaning a True Prostitute!)
Antiallergan protocol
Rigorous exercise
Plenty of pure water
Abstinence from all forms of alcohol because they are all fermented with leaven (yeast).  That yeast opportunizes and colonizes your body in every place it can!

Rum is the worst because it contains the yeast that best fermented sugar directly and hence was used to make the black slaves stupid and docile.

That covers about all the ideas I had for this.  And after you complete that program and feel healthy the next thing to do is lay back in bed and say, “If God wanted me to die I will die!”  That is indeed how I beat Insomnia!!! No Lie!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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