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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Death Penalty Implementation 01 19 2014

Death Penalty Implementation 01 19 2014

So it took that man almost a half hour to die!  The family said it was cruel and unusual punishment.

The quickest and painless method was the old reliable guillotine!

However some would argue is cruel to take a mans head off.  I would argue that was the source of the problems.

With aids rampant in this day and age the guillotine would present a problem of blood splatter.

So what would be better than that today would be a hydraulic based guillotine that does not server the head off, but in less than 3 seconds crushes the neck bone and neck to the width of about 1/4 inch while at the same time placing a "close pin" or mini clamp on the neck made out of metal.  It would basically be two long pieces of metal with a profile dimension of 1/2 by 1/2 inch and a length of about a foot.  They would be hinge pinned on one side and locking pin on the other end.  Much like how the upper receiver on a AR-15 pivots up when the back bolt pin is removed.

This "Close pin would fit in a channel of the electric hydraulic press, and the process would be automated.

The press would include a biocide reservoir that would spray clean and sterilize it much like a Car Wash has a hidden 10 gallon bucket of car wash soap that feeds into it.

And you can make the liberal based argument that any form of killing a person is cruel and unusual in order to subvert the Constitution.  The Constitution is meant to protect the rights of good and normal human beings with a human conscience and human reason.

The hands would be tied behind the back so there would be no instance of removing the neck pin.

Once the person has been killed the neck pin could indeed be left on indefinitely.  In fact once you bury someone like that you ought to put a piece of laminated paper in the coffin with them telling just what they did!  So that in the future people don't use an inhumane argument against us.

And if all of this is just too expensive then you build a guillotine that does not have a blade but a heavy weight that crushes the neck to 1/8 inch.  As the weight comes down it ratchets into place and does not rise after breaking the neck.  And it would have to be heavy.

Cruel and unusual punishment would be requiring the criminal to use the wheel to turn the weight up to the top themselves?

What is really cruel and unusual punishment is for the rest of us having to live in fear of people like that for the rest of our lives!  What is cruel and unusual punishment is for the victims of such horrific people to not experience justice!  When they don't experience a sense of justice being served they often become just like the criminals in our society that abused them.

Does anyone have a problem that drugs are synthesized by chemists for 1. Narcotics that screw people up like heroin, meth etc.  2.  Drugs used to kill people under the death penalty?   When we step back analyze that where does the path lead?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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