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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Holocaust 01 29 2014

The Holocaust 01 29 2014

The Holocaust was about building a master race!  And their is a Jewish Fertility Occult that is about the exact same thing!

Did two fertility occults come at odds with one another or was it really just the action of one fertility occult?

I think of this when I here Cathy Rodgers mention the Downs Syndrome child and making the claim for the entirety of the Republican Party that that is what she is fighting for.

So if you wanted your child to be like someone rather than be someone how would you go about doing that?  Would it involve imprinting them from the demonized or displaced soul of a human being?   And how would that work?  It would work because that mental voice would indeed contain energy of the person whom you were demonizing!  Now what happens when those children who were not imprinted by their father get older?  Well that evil woman has to poison the mind of the one whom they were imprinted from doesn't she!  And in order to do that she drives it crazy with her mental voice?  So really her children are not imprinted by men at all but by the energy pattern of her mind!  And that is why they become gay?

That isn't what having a child is about!  And the above violates every human right there is!  So did the Jews know the Nazi's were doing that and were speaking up and the Nazi's silenced them?  A lot of Germans look like overgrown Downs Syndrome children!  Or were the Jews doing that and the Nazi's heaved them.  And it would not have to have been the Jews entirely it could just be some evil gypsy like women of their own fertility occult up to something bad.  I can tell you that when I was a boy a lot of Jewish men had a nervous hatred of me!  But my best friend was Jewish too!

I have heard holocaust victims speak and blame it on alcohol.  So a child of a wealthy family is born mentally defective as where members of Hitlers family- his sisters.  And what do they try and do about it?  Displace the mind of a competent and able human being to imprint that mentally defective child's mind with?  Now there you are going to have a great conflict aren't you!  Do some asking around and see if I am right, and you will find that I am!

The bottom line is no responsible parent would drink alcohol while having a child. 

And Rodgers is indeed a surname from American Eugenics history!

I don't really give a crap what children you have, where I come into this is when I hear voices and scalar waves directed at me from active denial systems that prevent me from using my own mind through distraction or earning a living based on my own knowledge!  Now that is a great source of conflict and unfairness, and you don't really believe that anyone will have the credibility to peacefully defeat it do you!

What the Republican Party is fighting for violates every single fiber of the United States Constitution! 

Now both John Boehner and Barrack Obama are Tavern League Children.  And Barrack is because his mother was in burlesque!  I can't imagine who visited the house at night! 

I read that Downs Syndrome is the leading cause of mental retardation in the Western Hemisphere and so it Fetal Aclohol syndrome.  So they are indeed one in the same and there is where Cathy enters the Arena!

Now here is where it all ties together with Cathy Rodgers McMorris!  She wants to do everything in her power to end health care for all!  While at the same time advocating the rights of Downs Syndrome children!  What a horrible person that is!  You see that pre existing condition clause defeated by Obama care ruins the ability of a woman who has stolen a soul for her child that can't form its own to keep that soul!  She better back down lest we really get strict like the Puritans were with such people!

And I can bet that the Republican Party will try and put Cathy and Mr. Grimm on the same psychotic ticket!

Now Cathy be honest with America.  If you saw your son on the dance floor and he wasn't your son and you were both in college would you say that is the man I want to marry; knowing he had Downs Syndrome?  And if you don't want to marry someone like him who do you expect should?  Just be honest!  That is how you searched for a husband isn't it?  You looked for a man that had Downs Syndrome?  And she said that she is fighting so that a boy with Downs Syndrome can find coverage for himself?  What boy with Downs Syndrome can find coverage for himself?

And it is stated that Downs Syndrome males don't have children because they often don't marry.  And here is where more of the Republican Agenda comes into play, They want a woman who is raped by someone who has downs Syndrome to be forced to have to keep that child; that is their pro life movement!

And granted her son looks cute as a button, almost makes me want to cry!  But that isn't the point!

The point is that I don't need to hear all that and those who would make others hear all that, and disable them by making them hear all that,  do not belong in the United States!

And does my fertility occult stuff sound like it is a flight of fantasy?  Just read the Parable of the Talents in the Bible!  We don't need any of these parable of the talents people in the United States mocking our thoughts and telling us, "I can give your skills to whoever I want!"  And that is exactly what schizophrenia is and it is not my fault if your child was not born normal and I was born normal!!!!  It is your fault!  Get that straight!  The answer isn't external to you it is your fault!  Now that means you take personal responsibility for the health of your own fetus.

And it has to stretch the patience of any sane adult to teach a child like that but again you think someone else should do that for you too!  And it is quite costly and we have a lot more important problems facing we the people than your very special ABNORMAL babies needs!

But do you know who looks and acts like they have fetal alcohol syndrome?  Both Lindsey Graham and Joe Lieberman of Homeland Security!  Somebody had to tell you!  Don't believe me on Joe ask him questions about his cognition!  Or better yet ask Mr. Grimm anything and see if he doesn't want to break you in half or throw you off a balcony to your death!  What am I getting at?  There is something wrong with each one of those people and they are hiding it!  Now that is the source of your Holocaust!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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