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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Very Soon the technology will become available whereby the common citizen will be able to make their own

Very Soon the technology will become available whereby the common citizen will be able to make their own electricity producing solar cell.

I believe the initial process will involve leveling a sheet of glass and a deposition evaporation technique involving a metal and a binder.  The binder may indeed work the same way that amalgam fillings are produced; and these are indeed extremely thin layers of material!

So indeed you fought to prevent that technology from becoming a reality.  When you should have been rolling them out of your industrial machines for more profit at lower and lower cost.  But you didn't!

What is going to happen is that your entire industries are going to go bankrupt for violations of the law whereas new industries based on men will arise that are powered by free energy from devices they made rather inexpensively for themselves! The status quo that you fought so dearly to protect will be gone!  The nature of your idiot race that you hid by repealing Prohibition will no longer be amount those sought in natural selection; only to end up in high divorce rates upon revelation.

And those who cannot abide by human rights and live peacefully among us no longer will.

You had the opportunity to build an empire of freedom out of the sand from the dessert that you roamed in; in search of a place to drink, pass VD and act like you were leadership (from Bible what those who are freed revert to.)  But you did not take that opportunity because it would have meant competition based on maintaining a standard of equality that you did not meet!  The days of watching those that never grew up and play games for a living as those of adult age are going to be coming to an end!   Instead you will be wondering what are real men doing today and how can I be like them too!  It will become like a mystery to you!  In this new world what you never wanted to become because you did not have the potential is indeed what you will never be!  Why because those with true potential will no longer be living among those that violated the rights to create those with potential!

Your greatest fear will become that which is the same home as you!And that is a very interesting concept that has never really been properly elucidated!!!  How many people feel that living in their own homes is like living in a prison with prisoners!  You had plenty enough time to have the courage to address that issue but you didn't!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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