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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Black America Number Two

Black America Number Two
How many professional black women that you see as celebrities on television actually seem qualified to teach a grade school class?  Do you not notice the sense of immaturity in their voices, the baby talk placation's, the glossing over important concepts during discussion, the resentment of being contradicted with knowledge?  That rule that is requiring all Milwaukee teachers to live in Milwaukee is a very good one!  But the white teachers are leaving.  So it is indeed the opportunity for you to hire black women as teachers.  But who have they had as role models on television?
So the minister Farrakhan wants black people to have their own land and country?
All well and good but who are the first people that would be waiting for you over there when you got off the boat?  It would be black people wielding bicycle chains and machine guns that would immediately beat and enslave you!  So you will have to be prepared for that.  There can be none of this concept of we can’t keep a gun in the house because George Junior will shoot his friend or brother with it!  So you have to be able to teach your children responsibility regarding dangerous things before you get an upgrade of land!  And it would be an upgrade!

The Irish Loathe pirates!
And what is the type of house a black man over there in Africa builds today?  It is either a mud hut or a cardboard shelter!  So you are going to need to learn how to build a house.  If you would like a basement you have to dig a hole deep enough for your head so that it doesn’t hit the ceiling.  After you do that you have to square it off and level the base.  Then I would lay in a drain pipe.  Then I would build up the walls with cinder black and mortar.  Then I would put a collection point on the drain pipe end in the floor and pour the concrete.  After that you are going to need to secure the base studs that the uprights will connect to with threaded rods pieces of about ½ inch diameter set in concrete of the tops of the cinder block.  The tops of all the cinder blocks should be sealed off in my opinion; but I have not researched any of this!  Now the studs of the house are put together in wall sections raised up and connected at the corners.  Once you have your skeleton structure of two by fours then you lay in electrical and plumbing in those gaps before you screw on the drywall.  Then if there is to be a second floor you are going to need structural support beams as uprights to support that upper floor structure.  Our house has a steel I beam running across the basement ceiling to support the floor.  Now you want your roof to be uniform and symmetrical!  So take great care to measure that out and get the angles appropriate.  You also do not want your roof or sides of the house to leak so take great care in siding or however you plan to clad your home.  For the floors you can reclaim some of that expensive rainforest hardwood that was cut and sold into Europe!
And if you are near the dessert you might want to lack boulders or rocks in front of your home to prevent erosion by blowing sands.  In fact you might want to put up a series of boulder laid break-walls around an intended village sight.
Now every mud hut village also has a place for the whacked out drug user called a shaman.  He is also responsible for getting the women who are married to the men that he made sterile pregnant. So we need to have compassion for the drug using and dealing African American. So you are going to have to make him feel special and dig a foundation for him and then when he stands in it you cover it up rather quickly along with the three men that came from the jeep to greet you as the welcome wagon!
And that medicine man and others like him were likely born that way from their parents using alcohol and drugs so you are going to have to depopulate your entire new tribe of those factors right away because they will represent a direct threat to normal children!  As a matter of fact you should bill your America Number Two as the place to drink and take drugs and when all those lowlifes come to join you then you add them to the same pirate hole.  And when you level the top of that off you can put a statue there to remind you of it!  And I don’t know what it would be off.  Best not of a man or woman but of a symbol everyone will look at throughout 10,000 years and know what it means!  Maybe something like an Irish Cross with two men standing under it with their hands over their groins!
Now you will also need fresh water.  There will be no tying up a monkey to see where it runs to after you dehydrate it to get a drink of water.  Why can’t you do that?  Because that monkey is likely to be one to then watch your village and look for an opportunity to rape you and that starts the whole liberal argument again with regard to the potential offspring.  So you are going to need to have wells drilled and also water filters or purification systems!
And on your rooftop you are going to want to have solar cells to produce your own electricity, so you can have some nice modern things; like books to read before you go to bed by the light.
You are also going to have to devise a way to transport or pump water so that your crops will grow.
You are also going to need a form of government so we will give you copies of the United States Constitution.  And in order that you follow it to the tee of its meaning with regard to protecting human rights we are also going to put the burden on you of justice for white collar American Corporate criminals.  Did I ever mention to you that the Irish loathe Skull and Bones Pirates! We loathe them!
You are also going to need a public school system.  And at the first sign of a child engaging in bullying other children and sexually abusing them you are going to want to do away with that kid so that he does not end up taking over your entire community and turning it into a gorilla like culture that rewards those capable of great violence while also creating as many bastard sons as they can and getting as many healthy human being children as they can screwed up and hooked on drugs!
Your goal as a culture should be self sufficiency and independence.
I would also suggest that you try and live on shorelines and fish should indeed be a part of your daily diet.
If you build products for sale you are going to want them to be designed so that they last forever and you are therefore not inundated with waste as your environment!  You are also going to have to be very conscious of what is going in your natural water supply!  You should not tolerate brown rivers from business farmers and their runoff!
And after you do all of that you would be a much better place to live than the United States of America.  So then you are going to need to protect yourself from invaders!  And to do that you are going to need anti airship and anti battle cruiser guns mounted along your shoreline.  You will also each need a gun in your house just in case such an invasion force were to come house to house like they did in Nazi Germany; don’t let them take you alive.  That doesn’t mean kill yourself it means die fighting!
That or you can stay here and we can deal with the people that we both don’t like; and the majority of them are white!  But not all white people are the same!  You really haven’t been exposed to good white people like you have bad!  What you have been exposed to is controlled employment and the marketing of drugs by white people!  And these white people are no better than the lowest criminal of the black person!  And a problem that black people have is that they are dependent upon just those bad white people in the United States!  They do not earn their own money in Corporate America just as the plantation owner who whipped his slaves did not earn his!  And now I am getting into the mind of the satanic again, so I will leave it at that.  To understand what that means you could do a bible search on “What the bible told us about satan” or use the search term satan in a bible search page.  I recommend that you use more than one Bible search engine because they are far different from one another!  Needless to say the Satanic have been your role model of success and they have taught you things like, Homosexuality is normal; when nothing could be further from the truth!  They have taught that you should have to have health insurance to see a doctor when the reality is that a middle man likely a former English hobo made a business out of your human health!  And nor will they ever tell you the truth as to the real causes of mental illness; themselves!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Can it be said that world trade has indeed compromised the Independence of the United States?  Without a doubt!  We have been infiltrated with foreign mindsets that understand nothing about human rights or respect of them!

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