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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ortho means True Doxy means Prostitute 01 14 2014

Ortho means True!
Doxy means Prostitute!
You put the two words together and you get the combined word Orthodox.  Meaning True Prostitute!
Doesn’t that explain a lot?
So a member of an Orthodox Religion believes in True Prostitute?  Religion being the belief system or place of the belief system where people are married.  So if one is married in a Orthodox religion it really means that you view marriage as really a form of True Prostitution!  I never found the saying Prostitution is the oldest form of…..very amusing!

Now are the ancient Jews known to have sold their wives to other men to have sex with?  Yes!  Is not Prostitution a form of slavery that the United States abolished with the death penalty in the form of War in the Civil War?
Now does this really have any bearing to our current situation in the United States?
What about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski?  Was she an Orthodox Jew?  Lewinski being a Polish or Russian type of Slavic or Communist Origin surname?  So was there a reason she was in the White House?   That recent Israeli Cleric that was in a coma and died might have shed some light on it in October of 2011 when he said, “We control the United States!”  To understand this you have to realize that before Clinton was George Bush and he was going to take some sort of initiative to try and catch mental illness early.  We know from the Bible that Lilith was a woman that was known to be able to steal the souls of babies!  And the ancient Jews feared her.  The Pharisees are said to also have been the Orthodox Jews.  We also read from the Bible that Israel and Egypt were one!  Which I believe means the Pharisees are really those who were of the Pharo?  The Pharisees believed themselves to be a notch above everyone else.  I don’t know where I am going with this paragraph other than to say that Monika Lewinski was there to blackmail our Government with regard to hiding the real cause of mental illness!  Bill Clinton’s real father was of English descent and he was from what was the Confederate South!
-I can tell absolutely no difference between an Arab and an Orthodox Jew.  They both have similar faces and the long beard.  And indeed it has been stated by archaeologists that it is extremely hard to tell the difference between them genetically!
- If Orthodox means that marrying one is like becoming a true prostitute it does not speak well of women and women’s rights does it!  And that is also consistent with the Oil Arab world isn’t it!
Where else do we see the word?  Orthodox Greek and Russian Orthodox!
Is the Bible really alluding to a contrast between the Son of Man and the Son of a Prostitute!
Now we have been told that Jesus never sinned.  But in the Gospel of Mark we hear of him going into the house of a woman who had a per my memory teenage type daughter who was sick?  But in the Gospel of Mark we are told that Jesus didn’t want anyone to see him going in.  Why don’t you want anyone to see you going in unless you are up to a little nooky nook?
Now I had always believed that Orthodox Judaism to be the backbone of the Jewish religion!  But I read something lately that stated that they are the ones who practice the Cabal.  And that is essentially occult witchcraft!  What is associated a lot with England today in a famous novel series?  Witchcraft!
From my personal experience with them back in 1991 I formed the following impression, that they were a noble people that did not drink alcohol and had a strict healthy type diet.  But in retrospect reflection of that I started to place that recent meaning I learned in context like how one views the term oxymoron.  Oxy meaning clutzlike?    And when I see them walking on the street their faces look pale as if they are hidden by a beard.  But what do we know about Adolf Hitler?  He had both African and Jewish genes!  And all the Jews are said to have had the African genes too!  Now don’t get me wrong!  I have seen Orthodox Jews speak up and speak their mind when no one else would and that makes them have what might I consider to be the highest form of integrity there is!  But I am just trying to balance this out and get to the truth myself!  And that is indeed what Orthodox Jews are said to believe in as the reasoning for their Cabalism (Kabbalism) – the search for truth!  The reason being for good leadership!  And I will not get into how they might have lead the Egyptians through the Marsh and slaughtered them in the Cabelas!  Or how that a person who experiences voices in their head also faces the same type of overwhelming in the marsh of Cabelas.
But from what I have read the term, orthodox, was given to them by other Jews as a form of insult!
But the meaning of all my concepts written to extend from my stream of consciousness.  So as I am typing what I hand wrote here is what is next.
The Saudi Royal Family was educated in England.  An England believed in Slavery!  They helped the Confederate South during the Civil War in America!
But in Chicago today Human Trafficking really means slavery!  We get that contorted language concept that strays from vernacular and tries to obfuscate from England!  Prostitutes in Chicago were tattooed as a form of ownership!  I wonder what these tattoos look like?  The money to remove them is to be provided from the pimps confiscated money.  What happens when they make a resurgence and brand them instead I wonder?
Jewish means the Blessed one!  So you worship the blessed one while at the same time making a Prostitute of her?  And what do you do to make her a true prostitute?  Is she poisoned at birth?
We fought a War to end slavery in the United States!  We killed our own citizens who believed in it and we died in the process of doing so!  To me that means the instance of being a pimp is deserving of the death penalty!
I wonder again, do women get tattooed without even knowing they are getting tattooed as a form of ownership?
Now here is where it gets even more interesting! The majority of Jews that Adolf Hitler killed, 50-70% of them were Orthodox Jews!  (Both those that I have stated speak their mind but also engage in occult Cabbala!)  And the majority of Jews in England 70% are Orthodox Jews!
FDR of English and French descent brought back alcohol and aided Great Britain against Germany while declaring the U.S. Neutral!  FDR also believed in Eugenics and consulted with Eugenicist Charles Van Hise of the President of the University of Wisconsin for his New Deal plan!  His brother who was President before him stated that he tried to graft Nazi idealisms on the American public in any way he could!  FDR’s wife was a Lesbian!  One of FDR’s principles was that one must surrender their individuality for the sake of industrial society.  So are we to surrender our individuality to some mans Lesbian wife and seek medication because of her!  That is not America!
To make a true prostitute means childhood indoctrination and sexual abuse as a child!
Now I state that I cannot tell the difference between an Orthodox Jew and a Oil Arab who were buddy buddy with Osama Bin Laden in all those videos claiming responsibility for the terrorist attacks.
Do you know when I write this I actually believe I am correcting or correctly deciphering world history?
In Yemen, an oil country with the long beards, they force girls as young as 8 years old to marry men!  That too is a disrespect for women’s rights!  And what word could we use to describe that which would define marriage as really meaning True Prostitute?  ~ Orthodox!  Marrying an 8 year old girl can be said to consider her nothing more than a Prostitute!
Moses believed if you divorced a woman that you then created a bill of divorce and sent her on her way!  How does she pay the bill?  Same theme!  But Jesus Christ believed something the exact opposite!!!!!!  In the Gospel of Mark we learn that!  We also know that the scribes the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin and the Orthodox Jews are all the same!
David whom the Jews worship was a rapist and ran a protection racket!
Now you can draw your own conclusions from this.  You already know what I think should be done!
Now one more final point- mouth yeast!
FDR’s family money came from the Opiate trade with China.  When someone uses heroin an Opiate they become like a Zombie or a true prostitute!
Drugs are indeed witchcraft!  The Puritans who fled England hung witches and warlocks!  They did not believe in burning books of the vernacular like the English did of the Irish!  Quite to the contrary they wanted everyone to know how to read so that they could obey laws!  And who is it therefore that doesn’t want others to learn how to read?  That evil person that wants to be vindictive to a human being for any reason they come up with at the spur of the moment!
Also get into the Orthodox were the majority in England!  How FDR traveled to Saudi Arabia after the war!  And how the Saudi Royal family members have all been educated in England!  FDR was of English nationality and his family wealth came from the Opiate trade with China!
Get to the part where you complement them on speaking the truth!
Now this next part is from another writing on paper.
Was Adolf Hitler a Prostitute?
Is that really the reason he stayed at that Gay hotel for 3 years?  “My honor is ORTHO?” Ortho means truth.  His motto was “My honor is truth!”  The Orthodox Jews believe in truth as an Ortho?
I told you what Ortho means but I did not tell you what Doxy means.  Doxy means Prostitute!
Orthodoxy therefore means a “A True Prostitute!”
Something about Bill Clinton here.
What other religions have that name? Orthodox Russian and Orthodox Greek.  (note to self been meaning to publish the article titled “Charging up the Whore”  about the occult practice of psycho energizing a beast of a woman with that of disseminated energy from semen!)
VD as a birth defect?  Lichen planus all their lives.
Also reference my articles on white people of misogyny and how I believe it complicates the DNA combining and therefore compromises the formation of a human soul in such people!
So what do I mean about those Orthodox men on Lake Drive?  One day I was driving my car on that road and I saw one of those orthodox Jewish men wearing the cowboy hat.  He was holding two teenage women by the wrists and dragging them across the street.  And the only way that I can describe them is how Hitler described his two sisters as being dumb as geese!  Now my mind flashes to a scene from the movie blade runner where the lead woman states that she was the business!
Covered the issue of Clinton and Lewinski and George bush wanting to medicate the source of mental illness.  Those are mainly all women’s voices men hear in their demonized heads!!!
When I see that which I know is a person of misogyny to me it looks like they have a disease festering under the surface of the skin.  Do they know what it is?  Black gene in a white person?  The skin is either inflamed from it.  But eureka!  What I am really seeing is the blood heading back to the heart through the arteries and that is what gives the skin its bluish grey looking color!  For some reason the skin pigment did not form correctly in these people?  (and I am talking about those orthodox Jews and also Arabs that hide their pale faces with long beards!)  What makes them Jewish is that they have the black gene!
Now Goebbels Adolf Hitler’s minister of Propaganda had many young women brought to him by young Nazi men to have sex with! So here again we have a parallel between the word Orthodox true Prostitute and Adolf Hitler’s regime!  I have yet to see what type of Jew Adolf was, whether it was Orthodox from lineage or not.  But the point is we know he had the black gene marker!
It is stated in the Bible that Satan can read the minds of men.  That has to have occurred because he does not have his own due to a defect in the hippo campus.
Who else falls into the archetype of viewing women as True Prostitutes!
1.       The English Groomers
2.       The Irish Tinkers and marrying little girls. (this one gives me the most fear of any of what I write!)
3.       India Indians and the dowry!
4.       Arabs like Yemen and the beard men marrying 8 year old women.
5.       Chinese business men!  And sex!  It is stated that women have to have sex with the sons of businessmen in order to seal a business deal!  (That is not a United States principle or a country that we should be trading with on equal terms either!  We ought to just send them a copy of our Constitution as payment for the debt we owe them some day!  In fact that is a great concept to use to pay all the evil in our Country who would cry foul upon default!  Here is a copy of our Constitution as payment in full!

Now when you see people being hauled off and away in history might it be because they have a disease whereby they need to be quarantined?  Wouldn’t have responsible men in the United States really have done the best job of eliminating the deadly aids virus if that had happened?  What we know about people with aides today is that they can be completely cured with zero signs of the illness and that it will still come back!  That means it is hiding in their bodies somewhere or that it has become part of their DNA!  So where does it hide in a person’s body?  I believe it would be the bones and teeth!  I base this assumption on the fact that calcium displaces something in the teeth that and that calcium makes the teeth whiter.  That something I believe to be the strep bacteria!  If it is causing teeth to become cavities it also means it can take up residence in the bone structure matrix.  And therefore so do other germs and virus’s.  Dogs mouths are filled with strep, you should never have one in your house!  It amazes me a woman will tell everyone to take off their shoes before they enter the house but the dog roams it freely!  We also know that women who have Candida will likely see it reappear!
Some comment about Russia and East Germany.
And what is the real cause of people hearing the voices of others in their heads?  It isn’t because it is fun for them, it is because there is no other way for them to live among us!  Ortho.  They have always been outsiders!
If you really think about the gestalt of it, it makes you want to cry!  Those who are not ones of us keeping up with us all this time?  The tag alongs?  They experience life as best they can!  By tagging along with us!  Can’t get too mad at them!
Can they be treated?
First they have to want to!  That pale bluish skin indicates they might have an inflammation source in the flesh!  Think of how you would be if your flesh were on fire?
Sharon of Israel that just died stated, “We control the United States.”
I knew a Jewish man and this is what he said of his wife whom I believe might have been Orthodox, “She’s just stupid.”  (To be fair, she wasn’t really in my point of view.  But in retrospect and upon hearing voices of women I wonder if there is not more depth and know indeed there is more depth to the meaning of what he said.)
England pro slavery, supporting the south in the Civil War.  Prostitution being one form of slavery.  Grooming young women really enslaving them.  That is the greatest record concerning women’s rights is it!  They got that covered with a glorified English Queen don’t they!
Can I really blame two women for being lesbians when the men in our world are this way?  Good God No!  And what of a female raised to be a prostitute or sexually abused by men in her home?  She is going to rebel against the concept of heterosexuality!  In fact she would fight the concept tooth and nail to the point where she would have us all believing we are really an asexual species, and hence women should be allowed to marry each other!
The Cabala or Kabbalah is the Occult!
Adolf Hitler was the Occult!
Are the children of Prostitutes likely to have birth defects?  Yes!
Wait a minute there it is! King David had a desire for Bathsheeba of Northern Africa!  The Jews don’t get their black gene from some dang island on Patmos like the Minister Farrakhan states!  They get it from Bathsheba!
And what is the likely circumstance of that?  The belief in women as Prostitutes?  King David raped many women.  There was something else there a flash of thought that was just lost!  So was there a connection to the land of Bathsheba before King David whereby it was already in his blood?  There it was again a trace of thought lost!
Moors and Canaanites Jews having a similar belief system?  The Moors concurring Europe!  Napoleon vowing to kill as many of them as possible!  And indeed he was Hitler’s greatest role model and Hitler had the black DNA and was said to be a voyeur.
Many more pages to write but I am going to wrap it up for now.
The Orthodox Jews state that they have a “mission which they cannot cast off!”  I believe that through misogyny they had a problem with hippo campus formation.  I also believe that they are reinvigorated through the disseminated semen of men who have their souls split for their benefit.  What they cannot cast off is that their soul is really of that person.  Now I will state that as long as the woman is chanting to the soul of the man with a split soul they are bound to that man!  And she does it because without that connection they would not have any direction in life and would be like those freed from Egypt who just wanted to drink and were lost in the dessert for forty years? Now here is the principle of that belief system that is key revelation to me.
And I wanted to make some implications in our society with regard to WWII and the illness of split soul schizophrenia but that will have to wait!
13 Principles of Orthodox Faith
Of these principles 12 and 13 symbolically allude to that remnant reinvigoration concept!  When you read them you have to understand that God in Biblical times did not mean what it does in today’s understanding.
Principle 12
“I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the Messiah; and even though he may tarry, nonetheless, I wait every day for his coming.”

Principle 13
“I believe with perfect faith that there will be a revival of the dead at the time when it shall please the Creator, Blessed be His name, and His mention shall be exalted for ever and ever.”
Okay and after all this I am still not anti-Semitic because I know that some Jews suffer from the condition that I know without a doubt in my mind is medical fraud, schizophrenia!
Genetically we are all said to be the same, so maybe they are bound to others only via tribal custom?  Or maybe not?  Either way it violates the human rights of those that they are bound to!  And don’t believe I am just singling them out as the cause for this affliction because I am not; it runs through our society and transcends religion and races.  I just use what historical research and what I learn as a template to understanding and the Bible is where I started.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 14 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

And one more off topic point.  What happens when a defense lawyer is threatened by his own defendant?  The result is they end up becoming one in the same isn't it?  The lawyer in effect becomes a paid criminal?

And I don't enjoy writing this stuff!  But it is all the voice allows me to write without distracting me from writing!  Now isn't that really another ugly head of communism in the United States and the world?  I would rather be writing stories that involve the beauty of nature and novels that delve into the dark psychology of man.  Those voices don't like that!  Our Fourth Estate principle of writing today does not fulfill that role in our society!  My mind, imagination and stories are mine and not of the scribe to profit from!  And this is how I keep claim to my mind and my writing ability!  There is no world right to scribe the souls of human beings the world over that you chose!  That crosses the line!  Maybe it was meant to aid you and your tribe keep record?  Maybe you got into a habit of it with your King David?  Enough is enough!

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