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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Strontium in Wisconsin Water 01 23 2014

Strontium in Wisconsin Water 01 23 2014

Okay we learn from the article in the paper that it is common in Green Bay.  But what we also learn is that it happens as it is leached out of rock by ground water.  What that really means is that it is held in stable deposit formations until someone grants the rights to mining companies to drill test holes, which can indeed disturb pockets of those posioness mineral formations and release them into the greater water supply.  That strontium causes the bones to become soft and malformed.  That is okay too because the way things are going only the rich will be able to afford the common form of transportation in the future horseback!  But those horses, too, will not have a leg to stand on!

We also learn that the best way to filter it is through reverse osmosis or per what our paper tells us adding salt to it? And our paper also declined to mention that the ground water supply is also poisoned with radium.

We couldn't have gotten a worse situation in our Country if we had elected clones of bobo the clown to the office of every state Governor.

And Scott Walker is indeed going to benefit heavily from job creation as employers flee the heroin zone of Illinois and Chicago! I will give you a clue what will happen; they are only going to bring the conditions that caused that high crime rate and drug abuse to Wisconsin!

But why should I care?  I am middle aged and don't have children.  And the truth be told I have not found a descent, attractive and intelligent woman that I would be interested in.  And the image of the young woman as the bartenders daughter seems to be the norm when it should not be in a country with our Constitution.  I really believe that we should not even risk one child being born with even a hint of mental retardation due to alcohol.  And I also used to believe that the Jews did not drink so that might be a saving grace; but that might not be true today; some might be part of a craft brewing lobby group?

And this article started off to be about water.  So what good does it do to stock more fish when you can't even eat the ones that are their now?  That is really the gestalt of the taxpayer funding trout ponds to those that hold a fishing license; only the trout are poisoned too!  Men don't think like that, we think the source or root of the problem is the mercury poisoned water and that is what should be first addressed!  That is how men solve problems.  But apparently that capability of thought is lacking in our entire country!  It's unbelievable!  And what psychological indication is that of; when we don't want to address the real cause of problems?  It is either ineptitude or cowardliness isn't it!

And what is really going on here with this Governor?  His is the son of a minister and his belief is that if he creates tax cuts there will be more money in the hobo's hat that gets passed around on Sunday morning?

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