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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Rh Negative Blood Type 01 20 2014

The Rh Negative      Blood Type
The Rh Negative blood type is a great mystery; but not really!
To create the anomalous and growing Rf Negative human was bred with that which already had an antigen to the Rh Positive Human DNA strain.  And the only thing that could be that would have that antigen to the Rhesus Monkey or RH positives would be that which ate it!  And that was a bigger primate such as a Orangutan or Gorilla!  Thereby the antigen in the blood of that larger primate negated the Rh Positive factor in the Human!  But it was indeed the Rhesus monkey that we had to have evolved from in order to get that Rh Positive in our Blood.  It would have an antigen to the Rh Positive DNA because occasionally the larger primates would hunt down and eat the smaller primates, and during the scuffle they would have been scratched by the smaller Rhesus monkey or just the fact of eating their bloody flesh would have given them blood antigens to the Rh Positive precursor to the Human Being Race!!!  Hence upon breeding the larger ape with the civilized human that blood antigen in the ape cancelled out the Rh positive of the human being and you have a devolved human being with an Rh Negative blood type.  Bear in my they could not develop a society or become civilized themselves because that was not large primate psychology.

The great revelation is without that Rh Positive factor in their DNA they do not have a human soul!  When you read about what Rh Negatives are likely to have in common you quite readily understand they have a completely different cognitive framework and psychology than the rest of us!
The fact is the Rh negative was born wanting to kill Rh positive human beings!  It loathes human beings!  If a Gorilla at a zoo broke the glass in its cage and came after you and your family what would you do; would you kill it or die because it is a protected species?  I would kill it!
The fact is the Rh Negative cannot be both the larger ape and also have its own human soul!  But it wants desperately to believe it is true!  It does not have human DNA!  That Rh Positive is human DNA!
What are some of the belief systems of the primate with the Rh Negative blood type?  (And I can’t generalize to all but I believe it is true.)
1.       Polygamy!  Why?  This is how apes shrewdness are structured.  One dominate male that kills the offspring of the other males when it takes over the tribe!
2.       Sexual molestation.  There was a boy that was raised by monkey’s in Africa, he could not be domesticated because it was not safe for him to be around the other children, he sexually molested them at every opportunity!
3.       It believes that children should be raised in groups by dominant females, and not in a family structure.  The reason being is that polygamy creates illegitimate children.
4.       It seeks to create a fatherless bastard world empire.  That is why the Catholic Church is prolife!  It has to do with the Rh Negative desiring to unabatedly spread its genome in a fashion similar to polygamy in item one above!
5.       It cannot think and learn for itself absent the presence of an Rh positive human being!  Hence it rapidly degrades to Gorilla type behavior and so would any world that was dominated by them.  And it is stated that the percent of the worlds Rh Negatives have gone from 5 percent to 10 or 15 percent in a period of a few decades!
6.       It knows who is also Rh Negative or dependent minded and willfully victimizes them to keep them silent and also assure only breading with Rh Negatives!

Its numbers have increased dramatically to 15% and so have its human host schizophrenics that have their minds split and divided for its benefit!  If it were truly human it would never need to do this!  So it isn’t human and can never breed to be one!  What it instead becomes is a mind imprinted ape.  Without an Rh positive imprint it can’t even be close to human.  But here is the key, it’s offspring are not imprinted through parental love!  They are imprinted through the opposite of that displacing a soul of a human being!  That is why it can never be human; human beings are not imprinted in that manner- it is a contradiction to our race and the survival of the human race!

And perhaps it is the only thing that can save humanity from itself!!!!

It has exactly the same relationship to a human being as a dog does to its master; and in the absence of that master being in its near proximity it readily kills itself!  Whether it be a drug overdose or a self inflicted suicide by gun.

The Rh Negative is responsible for every single horror in our world today; including but not limited to, drugs, violence and sex abuse!  That is not a superior race and never will be!

Also the Rh Negative will attempt to make as many people as it can who are Rh Positive:
1.       Uneducated
2.       Dependent Minded
3.       Think like an ape in mass psychology
I believe Adolf Hitler’s blood type was Rh Negative!  I know it was type A.  Nazi Germany did indeed state at the War Crimes trial that they did everything possible to create a nation of 80 million dependent minded through the use of Radio type technology.
In this way he becomes the dominant breeding male.
I have read that the Rh Negative is psychic.  That isn’t true; it is extremely psychic!  In fact that is its nature because it does not have a human soul its only humanity comes from what it voyeurs or gleams from victimized human souls in the opposite form of brain imprinting!
The Rh Negative wants you to believe it’s your God when just the opposite is true.  And Jesus Christ a Jew who is believed to be Rh Negative from the Shroud of Turin DNA was a good Shepherd and stated, “Know yeah not that yeah are Gods!”  When Jesus was healing was he actually reversing the drain that others had caused on Rh Positives that made them sick.  And that is actually the nature of a Revivant or Revanant!!
Know it had to have been a species like the Rhesus Monkey and not the Gorilla from which we evolved from?  Why?  They have more social type skills!  And perhaps way back in history the Rhesus monkey was a much larger sized monkey!!!!!!!
Off topic stream of conscious, the movie Apocalypse Now illustrates what an Rh Negative does when it dominates a people who have learned skills from their own parents; it disables them by chopping of their hands.  Think of this as the frustration of the boy raised by apes that they tried to domesticate.
One contradictory element is that it is rare in China however they are thought to be very psychic.  To understand that you have to realize they are a quiet and respectful people appreciative of the loving human imprint bond?  Contrast this to the Rh Negative!  It cannot stand the quiet or the love bond between a father and son or parents and children.   Rh Negatives control the world over so they are likely the “leadership” in China.
Rh Negatives are not leaders; they are born followers that like to control out of personal frustration.  The do not have leadership skills!  They have Control Skills; hence they screw up left and right and do a good job getting you to believe they didn’t!  This is augmented by the fact that at some level we pity them because they exemplify the traits of pure ape; when indeed they are pure ape per DNA!  Whereas there is a much higher standard for an Rh Positive!  Which brings up another point; the Rh Negative is only a team player in warlike activity!
Its prevalence is growing as it has a large pool of Rh Positives, human beings to victimize for their human souls!  But what it does not realize is that it has created the conditions precedent to destroy all life on earth! 
One truth about it is that it has an overactive immune system!  And that might some day wipe it out!  Just like the aliens are defeated in War of the World via the cold virus.  It has the overactive immune system because it does not have the antigen of the human being race!  Does the aides virus ring a bell to you?
Look at the internal conflict even a small issue like the Asian Carp in the Chicago Sanitary Canal or river causes it?  It is useless to find and implement real solutions!
The Rh Negative is the White N1993R!  We saw it try and defeat us during the Civil War too!
The Rh Negative is a rare blood type in people.  But the ones who have it dominate those that don’t!  It can think nothing less of itself and its personal condition for if it could not be in a position of leadership even though it is a true follower- its delusion of self would be broken to pieces!
I read someone stated that every President of the United States since Eisenhower was Rh Negative!  To understand this one needs to understand that the Rh Negative cannot Govern!  Instead it seeks to Control!  And read the list of problems that we have in the United States and tell me they are caused by those that Control rather than Govern!
It seeks to control:
1.       The money supply.  We have a banking system that was just proven to be implicated in a  Ponzi Scheme that could have sent us into another great depression.  Think about that economics term The Money Supply?  That is like an apes concept of control isn’t it!
2.       Employment (we are stuck with psychotic Type A’s running Corporations that send the jobs of Americans overseas.  Might make an analogy to Apocalypse Now hand of the American Worker being cut off when jobs are outsourced overseas.)  Also we had ineffective unions get their hands in the employment control; they did not effectively counteract Corporations abuse of rights instead they were like a second pillar that defied the American Worker and his paycheck.
3.       Intellectual property (The true American cannot afford a patent.  Should be a separate office for the Individual.  In fact all Corporate based patents should be disqualified.
4.       Food supply (junk food and unhealthy food. A completely ineffective and fraudulent Food and Drug Administration!  They should face crime of genocide charges like Nazi Germans did!)
5.       Human knowledge.  This is akin to the lack of education.  Like the English whose Druid society actually worship the monkey, burning all Irish books!  We also see this in the definite Rh Negative concept of a teacher creating negative expectations for children.  Now I haven’t give you this stat yet.  But more of the Rh Negatives are GAY than the Rh Positives!!!!  Think of this when you think about private schools and children being sexually molested AKA Ronn Johnson of Milwaukee!  Control of our Education system rather than governance of!

All of those items are a direct threat to human rights and our democracy!
6.        Control of Fashion and clothing!
7.       Control of all forms of Entertainment!
8.       Control of happiness!  They seek to subvert and destroy happiness from personal achievement with the replacement of happiness in the form of drugs!  They want to be thought of as the provider of happiness! In effect they can not stand those who can work with their own two hands and create!
9.       Control of women through Prostitution (DOXY!) and Rape!  And even making a woman keep that Rh Negative child after she was raped!!!!  That is how bad they are.
10.   Control of people!  We are to value the children who were bastardized by the Rh Negative in the Pro life movement!  Again the Rh Negative cannot be a true father itself!
On the chart from the prior draft article they are predominantly in France, and a belt extending North to South between Russia and Germany.  Also they are English Leadership as well as the Saudi Royal Family!

The Nazi Germans were all likely Rh Negatives!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Originally published on 01 20 2014 at:
Copyright 2014 Thomas Paul Murphy

 If it cannot control these items to claim them as its own achievement then again, its delusion of self is broken.

They have special traits. (note to self list those other traits too and copy that section out of the H. Pylori article I wrote!)
For example they can lend energy and also heal.  If you don’t believe me stand next to one and feel how you can be revitalized.  But the only reason that they can do this is because they drained that very energy from human beings in the first place!!  The source of Jesus Healing as described in the Gospel of Mark and Matthew!!!
Countermeasure:  Imagine your hand outstretched and giving one an apple.  They hate that!  The wealthy thief hates to think you are actually its source!

Got a little more to add to this one.


  1. You are seriously DELUSIONAL and know NOTHING about RH negatives! Scholars write we are the bloodline of Christ! You are the one related to the Rhesus Monkey... this article PROOVES IT! Do some fucking research idiot!!

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    3. I read it is not that humans who are positive are related to monkeys but that the RH is for the type of animal used for the test. God said He is the God of all fleash but the serpent seed seems to have come from this line. Who have this RH- blood line. God told Cain if he did well that he would surely be excepted... He may have been the off spring of satan according to how it is worded. God said I will put emnity between thy seed and her seed.And God was speaking to satan. So it is what we choose if we choose Christ or satan. Choose ye this day who ye will serve. The people running things the Rich man and the throne of this world have chosen. Remember the rich man that wanted a drop of water... Jesus is the only way.

    4. And every article I have read said shroud of Turin is AB+.

    5. The way I understand it is that the Rh+ means that you have an antigen in your blood that is part of your immune system "database" and it reacts to that Rhesus monkey blood or bite or whatever that is. I want to assume that everyone had the Postive blood at one time and that some even caused the loss of that antigen. I believe that event to be either cannibalism whereby the two articles of one blood in one person cancel out the antigen because the two antigens are slightly off so the antigen is lost. I believe that the Royal Families and all world leaders are stated to have the Rh- factor. But they are called blue bloods? I also believe it has something to do with brain development or differentiation. There were indeed waves of cannibalism throughout Europe according to Scientific American or Smithsonian. The Shroud of Turin could indeed be AB+. But that would also explain why Jesus a man of pinnacle human philosophy was at odds with the "others." As for Cain I believe that his mark was there all along and it had to do with Rh- blood. The mark would be something you can't see until you dissect that person in an autopsy. As in what they heck was wrong with that guy who killed his loving brother. The mark being the indentation in the front exterior of the brain that those labeled with schizophrenia are stated not to have.

    6. You are right out of a comic book. I'm RH- and i'm nothing close to the negative things you listed. everything is completely opposite of what you said. In fact Satan work's like that he turns everything around to make it look as if he is superior. If you want to know the truth about Hilter and RH- people go to You Tube type in Gangstalking. I'm followed all around this planet, Slandered, tortured with electromagnetic frequencies, loss of job after 28 years. I've done nothing to harm another human being. Ever person you see that's getting gangstalked I can bet they are RH-. What's happening to us is the same that happened to jews in Germany except worse.

    7. I am really glad that you wrote that! Why? Because I am trying to flush out who is doing the gangstalking. And you sticking up for yourself helps us all narrow it down and eliminate what one might be tempted to think it is. I wrote it because I am A+ and experience much the same things you do. I like that you wrote it because I find commonality in the experience.

    8. 28 years and lost your job? They are with you until they have imprinted the mentally retarded in their family with the skills directly from your mind, then they attempt to turn that mind off. They also love to shock it from you, hence the motive for gang stalking. By the way when you jerk off they see your whole life future and learn from it like scribes reading a scroll. Jesus knew this when he said the scribes had written exactly how he would die. A mauer is someone who doesn't give up his good "cards" it is a metaphor for the Holy Spirit in this song.

  2. You're seriously bonkers. I am AB RH Negative and I can say..100%, that you belong in an insane asylum.

  3. You are right about a lot but some of this I'd pure shit. Be jealous of us faggot! I guess its a bad thing we are pro life. Lol

  4. I have to say, you sir, have lost your mind. As an rh- I definitely was amused by your ignorance and illiteracy. Keep up the great work hahaha That was not a compliment by the way!

  5. I have to say, you sir, have lost your mind. As an rh- I definitely was amused by your ignorance and illiteracy. Keep up the great work hahaha That was not a compliment by the way!

  6. This is the biggest crock of poop that I have ever heard

  7. So who exactly with RH- pissed in your cheerios?

    1. "Them" and "Beetle Baily" of the military industrial complex took the whole great mind of our nation.

  8. Of anything that I have ever written this is the only thing that has ever garnered much of an emotional response in reaction to it. Emotional response a human trait. I love it that you stuck up for yourselves here. Because of your emotional response you might indeed be the very good people. You're asserting that you are not that really gives me faith in you. For all I know you are the good people that were never exposed to monkies to get bit by them and therefore develop the antibody. It could be just that simple. Because you stuck up for yourself it might mean that some who have the antibody might have a bad genetic encoding because of it? A brain inflammation genetic formation defect, thinking like rabies? I hope that you know what I mean. I am not able to articulate as well as I used to be because of interrupting attrition of voices. Perhaps there was widespread nuances of Propaganda in our country from seeded here from Nazi Germany as to the Rh-? Who knows. But I like it that you say it isn't true about. Don't hate me for being that way...

  9. If there are more who say it isn't true about them please post it here. I like consensus building. I am open minded.

  10. The medical community lies through their moose teeth about everything. Just today a Doctor told my mother that Tramadol isn't an opiate.

  11. I start out with a good idea and the voices dun me as I write it. As I read some of my stuff later...

    But I have to keep on writing. Why? Because I am asserting it is my mind and ability. A man walks down the street and everywhere he goes someone attempts to trip him. Should he never walk down the street or go anywhere again because of that?