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Monday, January 27, 2014

We are stuck in a rut by a flat worlder mentality 01 27 2014

We are stuck in a rut by a flat worlder mentality  01 27 2014

The Egyptians new the world is round!  They had to have by how they built the pyramids so that the opening in one of them pointed directly to a star far off in the sky!  And indeed most people look up in the sky and see something round their and also believe that what they are standing on is round too?

Round things turn just like the earth turns and then faces that same star again through the channel hole in the pyramid!

But our English Church/Judea/Christians had a different view of things the world was flat.  And indeed you see a diagram of that concept when you open the Bible.  So what is that really evidence of, close minded people that are not even willing to think logically.  In effect they act very stubborn when you try and make them think for themselves!  So they are stubborn to think for themselves.

And it really has never changed.  But that is the exact mentality we face today that is compromising our freedom and "Earth Security" in a bad way.  Now you could go into length to try and explain something to them but they would be stubborn to think and that memory would last about half a day until they erased any knowledge that challenged their sense of self or self esteem...erased that knowledge with a drink.

And as you watch a local morning talk show you realize that they assure one another through baby talk and crass laughter!  How would you like to be in a classroom full of people like that?  Or worse yet how would you like to be the only normal and healthy child in a private school full of people like that or their children?

You can't really teach them anything because that stubborn mind is really an indication of a mental defect!  And they confront the issue with either humor or insult or a combination of both!  And they act as if their is nothing we can do about them having the well paying jobs in the public eye; and you know what- they're right about that!

You can't explain anything to them because they don't understand explanation!

Not only that but as is the case of the flat worlder mentality we see that they would reinvent science so that it conforms with their faulty personal belief system!  Meaning, we already knew the earth was round but given power they had the opportunity to reassert it was flat for hundreds of years!  That is what we are up against!

And where did that flat worlder mentality get them?  We know that under Moses leadership they wandered in the dessert for 40 days or years?  You don't wander in the dessert if you know the earth is round; because it implies you have some ability to navigate by stars.  And indeed there is a passage in the Bible that tells us Egypt and Israel were one; so indeed we are dealing with factions of people who are stubborn to think for themselves?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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