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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

She would have sex with a Lizard 01 14 2014

She would have sex with a Lizard 01 14 2014

She would have sex with a Lizard.

The child would be born looking exactly like a lizard.
Its tongue would be extending from its mouth and tasting the air around it.
And she would lobby for its rights and likely win in the United States today!  Not only that she would receive $80 thousand a year to take care of it from the State of Wisconsin.  And no one would be allowed to object because it would be a crime to!

By the way anyone know a bully at school that stuck out its tongue like a lizard and tasted the air?  We had one of those at Catholic School.

And one more point, when Human beings are forced to take medication that gives them lizard tongue who do you think in the world might be the likely suspect that might mandate them to take it?

My Grandmother did not have Lizard Tongue before the put her on medicine!  In fact she was about the sweetest woman you would ever meet!  Per her behavior one might conclude that she had a double female chromosome?  They used to say women like that were most sweet?  I think we might have an infected human genome because I believe all women should be like that!  And all men should think like true men?  I am very interested to know more about what the archeologists find out about when Gods and humans lived separately.  On the hieroglyphics of the pyramids the pictures of human workers or slaves resembled that of monkey's walking on two legs. (And those were called Jews?  No the word Jew comes from meaning Blessed One.  Who cannot say that someone like my grandmother was not a blessed one?)

That think liking the air in front of it is not a blessed one!  Ones whose minds are split for the benefit of "that" are indeed the true blessed ones or Jews of our world today!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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