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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I am going to have to reconsider the validity of just what Cathy Rodgers said 01 29 2014

I am going to have to reconsider the validity of just what Cathy Rodgers said 01 29 2014

Perhaps she is right!  I am willing to go so far as to say that some who are diagnosed as having Downs Syndrome by sight might not actually have it at all!  They might be completely normal!  In which case it would be a fraud used to depopulate the children of those that they do not like in a form of Genocide!

I was a completely normal child!  Both of my parents were public school teachers and have stated that in comparison to the other children they taught I was a good boy.  And yet I see facial similarities between myself and those with Downs Syndrome.  Not only that as I entered high school and college the girls that I liked in retrospect had facial features similar to those of Downs Syndrome diagnosis!

Something crooked is going on here!  But I can't quite put my finger on it yet!  Maybe this it is.  Children with overbites are said to have heads that grow faster in anticipation of compensating for a larger brain capacity!  And that does indeed mimic the distortions of some of the pictures of those with Downs Syndrome!  So that child does indeed have a larger potential for intelligence at birth?

My father did not drink and both my mother and father were born during the Prohibition era.

And maybe babies who they declare have Downs Syndrome are poisoned.  Like how Rosemary Kennedy was said to be stuck on her way out of the womb when the nurse went to get extra help delivering her or by some form of Vaccine?

So who would do this?  Perhaps a Doctor can hear some babies thoughts and he is Satan in relation to them and therefore declares them something they are not?  Or to put it better that child with the extra chromosome is a God in comparison to them?

Now a mentally retarded child is a mentally retarded child and that is different, so it is not all of one or the other in this!  But what if a mother was told that her baby was mentally retarded when it really was just the opposite!  There would be negative expectations created for that child by its very own mother; because of that fraudulent advice!  Anyhow there is a very fine line here that would need to be articulated and I don't know that I can do that.  But perhaps the best thing to happen would be if a parent who was told her son or daughter had downs syndrome would be if they raised them with love to be good people that respected the rights of other human beings and also believed that they were indeed the smarter ones?  The outcomes could indeed be the exact opposite of what we see today?

I can already tell you without a doubt that Schizophrenia is a medical fraud; the symptoms are real and horrific but it is a medical fraud.  I would be very wary of stating that the mentally retarded were normal because I wasn't mentally retarded at all, I was a bright child!

But even when I was a boy I could see how some children who were considered normal might indeed look as if they had Downs Syndrome; and they did indeed have behavior problems!  But that wasn't me!

What I am getting at is maybe it isn't as clear an issue as it is believed to be.  When I was a boy there was a certain race of people that just hated me and I was normal!  And I could indeed give you examples to support that, but not now.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Ah I take that all back, her child's face is round whereas mine as a boy was long and narrow.

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