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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Design flaws of the AK-47

Problems with the Qui Tam AR 15 01 12 2014
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Note to readers. The AR-15 was the U.S. Military Weapon were the AK-47 was the Russian made weapon of choice around the world.
It has been stated that the AR-15 was designed to fire a tumbling bullet!  That is a bold faced lie!  Guns are not designed to be ones that fire tumbling bullets.  In the picture below is a target fired from an AR-15.  Not one of those is a tumbled bullet!  How do you know because the target hole is the exact shape of the bullet; a round diameter hole!  If it were a tumbling bullet at least one of those holes if not all would not be perfectly round.
So how do you get an ineffective tumbling bullet?
There are only a few ways that can happen.
1.       You haven’t loaded the cartridge with enough of the appropriate grain!  Therefore it does not come out with the muzzle velocity or force that it should.

2.       In conjunction with number one you make the barrel both lighter and shorter so that it whips.
3.       You change the rifling on the end of the barrel so that it comes out jarred.
4.       You bend the barrel or the inside of the barrel so that the force behind the bullet when it comes out of it is “Crooked”
And what happens when you take apart an AR-15 in Vietnam to inspect what is wrong with it?  The first thing that you will notice is that the part that holds the firing pin makes the perfect heroin or pot pipe!
Those factors are what should be the basis of a Qui Tam suit that would be beyond compare!
And that is what was in high supply in Viet Nam!  But what else?  A man is frustrated and takes apart that rifle to see what is wrong with it and then the drug user is right there next to him to show him how it makes the perfect drug pipe!
Part of FDR’s cabinet was still in place through the Kennedy Administration.  FDR’s family money came from Opiate trade with China! Heroin is an Opiate!  Those traumatized soldiers came home the perfect candidates for a new market in drugs in the United States.
FDR also gave us a hidden Eugenics concept of one must surrender their individuality for the sake of industry!  But that was baloney too!  The only industry he was concerned about was created the weak minded, after repealing Prohibition (the law that had banned alcohol) he immediately secured the distribution rights to foreign hard liquor in the United States.
I was told that a U.S. serviceman could empty his entire AR-15 clip into a Vietnamese solder and that they would keep on coming.
The AK-47 is nothing like that!
Today I read about how the inventor of the AK-47 felt guilty towards the end of his life because it was used to kill 100 million people!
That is complete and utter nonsense!  Guns are indeed what freed the slaves in the United States!  He could have thought of it that way!  We had a same line of the baloney in the United States for awhile!  That one should feel guilty for the stories they write!!!!  One should never feel guilty for their own imagination!  Imagination is based on a sound hippo campus brain function and one’s life experience in learning and memory!
So why did he feel guilty?  Likely it was the soul of someone who didn’t like guns opportunizing themselves in his aging years to demonically possess him to abhor them?  Is that not the same principle that the communist used to try and defeat the Americans in Viet Nam?  Here read this statement about how bad the United States is?  Well the Communist are indeed right but it isn’t because of our Constitution it is because of the Communist minded that live here already, and have been here!
So what should that inventor have been thinking of?  How could I have made that AK-47 better!  That gun is ingenious!  It is head and shoulders above the AR-15!
But here are some flaws of the AK-47!
1. It should be produced so that the rails do not have to be welded on. That would be an engineering puzzle for this generation of college students to work on for many years!
2. It is loud because it is made out of sheet metal.  This could be defeated by easily adding sound dampening plates to the sides of the receiver and the dust cover.
3. The barrel is not long enough to really be considered an accurate rifle.  Could be offered in a model with a longer barrel.  The barrel is indeed cut and keyed into the receiver and there is an issue of head space from the bolt to the barrel.
4. The stock distance to chin makes it impractical for a long range rifle because it is not long enough from shoulder rest to where the trigger is held.  There is a holding it out in front of you away from the bastion of your body effect.
Here are some of the pros of the AK-47.
1.      Ingenious design!  Out of folded sheet metal!
2.      High caliber plenty of punch
3.      The folding stock models are easy to carry.
4.      Dependable.
5.      All parts easily accessible and viewable. When it isn’t working if it isn’t it is very easy to tell why!
6.      Very light.
For all the inventor of the AK-47 knew his gun might have saved more lives than were killed with it!  It was a very simple and yet effective design!  He followed many great design principles!  The less parts to a machine the better!  The more inexpensive parts and simple processes needed to produce a machine make is superior to!  Oddly enough we have not seen much innovation or improvement to it since it.  But here are a few of its flaws and how to fix them.
Salt is a big Industry.  And indeed prior to WWII the world bought some of its salt from a Palestinian Corporation.  It was “minded” at the Dead Sea! And I will have to check my facts but after the war it ended up belonging to a British Company!
It is also very interesting that too much salt can cause a stroke.  Doesn’t have to do with the following but that Sharon of Israel that recently died was in a comma for over how many years, was it five?  And what did he go about bragging about back in October of 2001?  That Israel controlled the United States!  I have to wonder if he was not given something to shut him up, give him a stroke or put him in a comma to shut him up!
One more thing about frustrations in this war?  The Viet Kong were said to be coming down a path where they could be seen, but they could not be shot at because it was communist China land and would start WW3?  So we had to wait until they had gained cover?  Not only that the U.S. Soldiers were given a rifle that was not good for long range.  Short barreled rifles are not accurate.  But when we get back to the tumbling bullet idea?  That was not a tumbling bullet!  Everyone on earth knows the principle of physics that once something starts to tumble it loses momentum!  That is the exact reason rifles have rifling in the barrel in the first place to send that bullet out with more muzzle velocity and straighter!  We have been lied to!
Did you lose a family member in the Viet Nam War?  Did you have a family member that was screwed up and traumatized from the war?  You have something coming from a Qui Tam suit!  I don’t have the means to file one but it should be done!
Barrack Obama just awarded a medal of honor to a platoon leader in Afghanistan who got his entire platoon killed as well as a helicopter full of 16 Americans that came into rescue them!
So what is really going on here?  This is monotheism created by the genocide of the majority of the responsible American thinking man!  You can think of it like a shrewdness of primates only wanting to listen to the thoughts of one mind and then not that mind at all!  And that is the basis of what lead to communism?  They had to group all those people together in order to make them live responsibly?  They ate the brother of Hitler’s minister of Propaganda when he was a boy!  The kind of irresponsible thinking that leads them to do things like that poses a great threat to the future of humanity.  And one more thing while I am at it.  I have heard how bad we were to the Indians.  Killing over 100 million of them?  Is it okay to say that we might have done the world a favor by eliminating cannibals and scalpers? You can argue with me and win to the point you have one living right next door to you?
What does monotheism amount to, "Our earthly Lord has died!  What are we going to do?  We are hungry!  What is there to eat?"

Question to research in ignorance:
Do all animals have a hippo campus?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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