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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Jersey Governor 01 14 2014

New Jersey Governor 01 14 2014

It is getting to be that there is only one way to get bad people out of power?

Why are they allowed to keep popping back up?  Where is the concept of shame?  Why are they not made to hide their heads and fear leaving their homes for shame and guilt?

All the people who would shame them have had their minds stolen (labeled schizophrenic) to the benefit of those who should be shamed!

Some of you lambs, some of you dependent minded ought to have learned wrong from right to the point that by now you could shame those who should be shamed?  In effect how you indeed shake your stereotype of dependent mindedness and assert your freedom is by asserting what you have learned while being dependent minded; that is how you might become free from bondage of your own doing! To assert wrong from right, based on what you have learned while being dependent minded,  means you are no longer dependent minded but free?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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