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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Alcohol is a drug does that bartender have 01 28 2014 update # 2 The PRE EXISTING CONDITION!

Alcohol is a drug does that bartender have 01 28 2014

Alcohol is a drug, therefore does that punch drunk bartender who is dyslexic during the daylight hours have the authority to give you the exact prescription for that drug?

Of course not!  And it makes one wonder if those in the medical community who have never noticed that point really have the authority to write you a prescription for anything!

Jimmy can't even read a book yet we are to presume he can write you a prescription for alcohol at his bar?

Doesn't that make you irate!

Lets see here is another one, I wrote myself a prescription for alcohol and then killed someone in a drunk driving accident?

Or better yet that bartender wrote me the wrong prescription for alcohol and I killed someone in a drunk driving accident.

Or even better the one bartender wrote me a prescription for alcohol that was too expensive for the amount that I wanted to drink so I went to the five and dime corner store and they wrote me a prescription for a case of beer which I drank and then killed someone in a drunk driving accident; so it was that corner stores fault for writing me that inaccurate prescription.

Or here it is getting good.

Scott Walker had so much trouble in his time at being Governor so far that he announced that he is going to have to hire for himself  24 new psychiatrists and also a crisis intervention squad costing $250,000.oo in case the Doctors are found in efficacious for himself.

I suppose the point being is that because it is immediately addictive once you start drinking you can't stop?  You have to keep that feeling going?  And there is only one answer to that none at all.  And should those of us who know better ever have to face temptation by those who don't and never will know better?  No!  So get back on the back of that turnip truck and head for the edge of your flat world!

That is an interesting phrase, "I want to drive you off of your flat world!"

I can hear what Republicans will try and do next!!!!  Give bartenders and bouncers the authority to write medical prescriptions!  These people are one gene away from having a bit and bridle in their mouths and pulling the cart!

Update # 2

Should a bartender or store be able to fill a prescription for alcohol to someone that has dyslexia?  NEVER!   Now that right there might be a great PRE-EXISTING CONDITION issue!  Perhaps the best in the history of the United States!  In fact it would be hilarious!  Dyslexia being a PRE EXISTING CONDITION and therefore writing a prescription for alcohol to such a person would be a contraindication that would preclude you from doing so with the fines so stiff that you and related party entities would lose your liquor license!

You pushed the PRE EXISTING CONDITION issue pretty far and now you are not going to like the application!  How can alcohol be served to people who have a pre existing condition whereby it is contraindicated!  And that condition would include, anyone found guilty of a crime either white collar or blue collar and therefore sum certain stated to have a criminally defective mind, all of the mentally defective, the low IQ, Learning disabilities and anyone with a history of mental illness (it causes mental illness being the reason and mental illness does not have to be long term as they would try and convince you in medical fraud.)  The preclusion would also include ny person diagnosed as having a psychotic or type A personality by their coworkers or employees!  I will even throw in divorced parents with children!  What else, anyone who states that life is hard for them and their father states they can't work.  Who else?  Any parents who adopted children!  And I could add to the list but it is cold and it is time for bed!  Also the homeless would be a pre existing condition!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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