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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bank Loans for home Solar Electricity Projects 01 13 2014

Bank Loans for home Solar Electricity Projects 01 13 2014

You would think that the banks would have been marketing for these projects left and right!!!  But instead what we really had was JP Morgan Chase being found guilty for participating in the Bernie Madoff Ponzie scheme and fined $2.5 billion dollars for it!

Instead what we have are no jobs and food stamps.

I don't know how to say this, other than the banks money and the bankers money needs to be invalidated and all of their assets transferred to banks that can create employment and finance home based solar energy projects!  The banks make their interest income from Utility companies so therefore you will never see it happen unless you get a President who can put forth Ram Down provisions!

Do you know what will have to happen before we get responsible government in the United States?  A plague that wipes out those who contribute to irresponsible Government!  And irresponsible Government does indeed create the conditions precedent for such plagues! So as a futurist I see that happening!

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