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Friday, January 31, 2014

War Veterans 01 31 2014

War Veterans 01 31 2014

So a son goes off to war after entering the military because he had no other options during or after high school.  He gets traumatized and his soul is shocked from him.

What right does that give the United States Government to shock the soul out of a peaceful and law abiding United States Citizen for the benefit of that grunt?  Had he not gone into the military he likely would have ended up a criminal; and that is what he amounts to today because of that action isn't it!!!
So criminals are rehabilitated by making them more of criminals and creating more victims in our society today from them?
In means that they participate in creating the very wars that they were injured in.
People like that have nothing to be proud of!
My father served in WII and the Korean War and he did not risk his life for the benefit of United States criminals!  And I doubt any man would have fought in those wars so that we could have homosexual marriage and legalized marijuana today.  I also don't believe they would have risked their lives for the sake of Down's Syndrome Children.  And the list goes on.  Why don't you add to it?  What is going on today in the United States that you wouldn't fight for?  Would you not fight for the sake of Corporate management creating jobs overseas and becoming rich while unemployment and public assistance are about as high as they have ever been.  Would you have fought in WWII to rescue a man so that he could create a Mortgage Crisis in the United States many years later that almost sent us into a second Great Depression?  Would you have fought for the rights of Insurance Companies over your own health?  Would you have fought for the honor of the Catholic Church so that they could sexually molest boys?  Would you have fought for the rights of the straight A high school student to collect victimization of children porn?  Would you have fought so that Republican men can rape women and make them keep that baby?  Would you have fought so that teachers are powerless to assert their rights?  Would you have fought so that all of your sons future could be taken from him in the name of welfare to Corporate interests?  Would you have fought for the right of Homeland Security to monitor your every action’s in your home?  Would you have fought so that the class dunce or bully could earn multimillion dollar salaries in professionalized sports?  Would you have fought for those who would steal all of your life’s stories and publish them and profit from them as if they were their own creative ideas?  Would you have fought so that a mother and father could drink alcohol and have a birth defective mentally retarded child as a result?  Would you have fought so that those who do not have the mind to earn their own living can build a family from your future while you are prevented?  Would you have fought so that clean energy would be denied to our country in favor of $3.50 gas and fish that cannot be eaten?  If you knew that 20 percent of the population wasn’t going to be able to read and that they would gain power at the expense of those who can read; would you have fought for their right to do that?  Would you have fought in WWII or Korea so that future Presidents of the United States would be so responsible in office that they would let 11 million illegal aliens from Mexico into the Country?  Would you have risked your life so that a President can taunt the county with more gun control measures?  Would you have fought to save members of a religion when they were taken from their homes when indeed members of that same religion would someday in the future taunt your normal children that they will be taken from their homes and force medicated?  Would you have fought so that Prince Harry can come to the United States and have sex with your daughters in a hot tub?  Would you have fought so that a black woman with a mind of a child could be a television talk show host and tell you that it is considered normal for men who are straight to have sex with one another?  Would you have fought so that a United States pharmaceutical company at some point in the future could sell drugs that in an of themselves would kill 30,000 Americans a year; would you have fought for that corporate management and their employees?  Would you have fought so that your future United States military would have 30,000 cases of sexual assault in it a year?  Would you have fought so that women had to work and the only job that future United States woman could find was in the military?  Would you have fought so that the single woman who could not stand being married to any of the above, was forced to keep her baby which breaths dissolved Oxygen, by the Pro Life Movement?  Would you have fought so that you could get a job back in the United States and work until the age of 65 in retirement only to be fired and denied a pension you had coming to  you!  Would you have fought for the rights of repeat rapists, drug dealers and child molesters to have repeat opportunities to commit these crimes?  Would you have fought so that Universities and the Pharmaceutical companies could publish falsified research that might affect your health or even lead to your immediate death?  Would you have fought so that those who lost human immunity from a virus could have parades down your main streets instead of being quarantined?  Would you have fought so that foreigners who learned from Corporate America and Americans could device numerous schemes to defraud your wife and family long after you died?

I don't see how any of these people should be honored in our country today!  But that is indeed what you are fighting for when you join the military!

I won’t fight for any of that!  And what I would fight for doesn’t live in the United States anymore!

So if you answered that you would not have fought for some of those listed above would you fight for them if the United States were attacked on its Homeland; or would you step aside?  What if our Homeland was attacked, and you answered that you would not risk your life to some or all of the above, and it turns out that some or all of the above would never be touched in a war on our homeland but were granted even one bit?  But when the Homeland was attacked it would be you who they came for because you would not have fought for some or all of the above?

What do you believe in anyway?   

Do you know what I think of all the above?  Get them out of here!

But that will never happen and indeed it is people who believe what I do that experience the highest mortality rate in the United States.  Why?  Because we don't believe in those things listed above or the rights of those criminals we end up being victimized by them in one way or another.

I turn on the television set in the United States today and I do not see one single American!  Not one!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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