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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Bad Person can't have Children 04 01 2015

If a bad person can't have children, how mean would they be to a normal person that could?

I think if I were hiring people for a job I might want to ask them that so that I knew if it was going to be an issue of envy and jealousy or not.

In the Movie "Blade Runner" there is a quote where a woman who has implanted memories of happiness realizes this about herself, "I am the business."

In general how would a woman react when she realizes that, "She is the business."

 Women not being able to have children because of sterility based on promiscuity.  It wasn't the Puritans but the people whom they hanged that believed in a Harvest Witch.  A harvest witch being a whore that anyone could have sex with and she willingly provided it. 

Jesus a Jew who refused to be heathenized took issue with it too, and the Bible quote about it I believe reads like this, ~Those who have sex with the same woman are all of the same mind.

Therefore the logically corollary is that they are all the same mind of the hag harvest witch that can't have children.

Now the other day I talked about what the sin of Pride really meant and not how the Priest at church contorts and distorts the concept.  A pride is the name for a pack of lions.  So what is Jesus telling us about what forms a Pride?  Those who are all of the same mind above!  So I would add to that as it being the reason Pride is a Deadly sin!  Not that they are all proud to have had sex with the same whore.  But that they are all of the same mind of the sterile and resentful woman!

Do you actually believe that men of the same mind can raise responsible children?

In a college basketball interview of the University of Wisconsin Madison quite recently a player stated, "All we care about is our suck offs."

To me those are men who should have went to work in a field right after high school rather than be paid to attend an academic college?  But again "she" wouldn't go to an academic college if they didn't have sports teams because it would make her depressed because she wouldn't be able to date the dumb jock?  And with 10% less brain mass on average it makes her feel secure to date someone who isn't as intelligent as her.  He isn't a threat to her sense of self esteem based on intelligence.  That is why women really like those adult men.  As to the man who can think for himself that is something she gets to toy with and tempt with voices because it gives her a sense of personal satisfaction to annoy that which she knows she can never be nor will ever be compatible with.

So what does the University of Wisconsin Madison really stand for?  "All we care about is our suck offs."  Can you hear that that is the mind of a whore that is speaking through that college basketball players mouth?  And what example does that set for other young women; who are normal?

That is complete trash!

If Scott Walker eliminated all funding to the University System it would not bother me! First he cut 13% as if symbolic of getting the devil out of it.  "All we care about is our suck offs."  Indicates a lot more money has to be cut from the University of Wisconsin System in order to get the devil out of it!

We don't send people off to college to become of all one mind.  We send them off to college so that they learn to think for themselves and become responsible adults that can personally benefit our communities and democracy.  But it isn't working out like that is it!

Thomas Paul Murphy
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