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Monday, July 6, 2015

High School Rifle Team 07 06 2015

According to this article; there is no safe level of lead exposure.

Perhaps there is a correlation between leaded bullet use and someone having a shooting fit; given that it causes mental retardation?

Could all bullets be made of steel with a softer metal as a coating so that it doesn't harm your rifles rifling?  I believe so!  And I believe it should happen.

But what is true about steel over lead?  It penetrates a lot further!  Steel has armor piercing qualities to it.

But our Second Amendment does indeed state that we have the right to keep and bear arms.  It is there for a very good reason!

Steel also costs a lot less that lead on the metals market.

I can't understand why it hasn't been done yet!

Also I believe that lead should be banned from all fishing lures and tackle!  But not only that plastic should be banned from use in fishing lures too!

Could some of those mass shooters who got into guns had mental problems because of their exposure to lead?  I believe that is true.  However I also know that once your threshold of mental health is lowered or compromised by anything like that it makes one more open to demonic possession!

I just saw a statistic on the television that there were 16 heroin deaths in Milwaukee last week!  I believe that we are going to have to close restaurants down until the owners and employees are recertified as non-satanic (mentally retarded) minded.  This process will include genetic testing for a defective gene that regulates serotonin as well as brain scans that detect satanic cognition.

Now what happens when you mix alcohol with lead in the developing teenage brain?  Bad news isn't it!

If it is a lead based sinker on the store shelves I will not buy it!  I also believe that the DNR rules should be changed to ban lead and plastic in favor of leather, wood and buck tails.  And I also believe that the chemical used to dye leather and bucktails is HIGHLY TOXIC and degenerative.  So you have to let those items air out.  And possibly rinse them in water to facilitate that process.

Children should never have been tempted to make plastic models using plastic cement either!  That should have all been snap together or tiny bolt and nut fastened together!  ~ Just like the real thing?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Those mass shooters bodies should be tested for exposure to lead!  If you look at their pictures you can see a dramatic change or diversion in their personal development as they went through puberty with exposure to mal-influence?

By the way I want to a rifle range the other day and using Iron sights I can still take out the bulls eye at 100 yards!  I was an Expert Marksman on the High School Rifle Team!  And that is an Iron Cross and I very proud to have earned it!


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