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Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Catholic Priest once said, "We can't save ourselves, we need a savior." 03 31 2016

A Catholic Priest once said, "We can't save ourselves, we need a savior."  03 31 2016

What does that really mean?  It really means you can't be a father to your own children doesn't it!

It also really means that the person who said it is telling us of Satan!  Satan cannot live without a sacrifice of a human mind.  A savior being the same thing as sacrifice in the Catholic/Christian religion.

Can somebody please tell me why someone who can't even be a father to their own children should be allowed to be born?

To that type of person who would tempt would play the work role of demon in tempting the minds of men; did you ever just ask yourself, "What am I doing here?"  Did you ever stop to think about that?  did you ever stop to ask yourself why am I so different that I can't live life without requiring human sacrifice?  Do you understand that your view of the human being is less than that standard?  And that you are projecting your self misery onto the entire human race?  Did you ever stop to think that you should just get out of the way of the human race?  Did you stop to think what a horror you are?  You ought to have been able to compare yourself to man by now.  You ought to have learned enough to know what you are?  You ought to know by now that you are wrong!


We haven't heard from the Pope lately have we.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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