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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Is there a higher prevalence of Homosexuality among the mentally retarded population 03 22 2016

Is there a higher prevalence of Homosexuality among the mentally retarded population  03 22 2016

I also want to know if Donald Trump observed or partook in any activity defined as Pederasty while at the boarding school his father sent him away to.

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And if you yourself are gay I don't necessarily view that as a disorder.  As males we all have females that are with us in the spirit, however some might not be able to recognize it.  It has been said that the Irish can detect the presence of the descending holy spirit on the crown of their heads.  I believe some cases of homosexuality are due to there not being a father figure to imprint that child's mind when a boy.  No one there to give him a good sense of what a man thinks and is like; hence the dominance of the female spirit is with him.  But sadly when that female spirit influences you to be a homosexual and engage in that activity you can indeed be defined as different from it.  How do I know I have  ton of female spirits with me?  Because just like the Irish can detect the descending Holy Spirit on the crown of their head I can hear those female spirits just dying to get in my conscious mind with me!  I can hear it.  Now lets say that the homosexual was an orphan, what spirits does he have in his mind with him?  Only the initial two of his mothers egg and his fathers semen?  And therefore the mothers egg dominates his spirit realm?  Why one might ask?  Because it is at the heart of his cell mitochondria!  So absent a father or a good father what else is he to become?  Now add the genetic detriments of alcohol on conception and natal growth and that person developing into someone who thinks like a man becomes a lot less likely!

And what happens when that person is in their physical development stage and the female spirit is of the greatest influence?  It could indeed cause gene expression which is more consistent with homosexuality.

Now add in a drug like marijuana which causes mental retardation in teens worse than alcohol.  Conclusion with regard to that being homosexuality can indeed be assured with the use of marijuana as an adolescent.

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