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Saturday, March 5, 2016

If they can't trace the original patriarchal lineage through the Y Chromosome could it mean the original Y came from a Hermaphrodite 03 05 2016

If they can't trace the original patriarchal lineage through the Y Chromosome could it mean the original Y came from a Hermaphrodite  03 05 2016

And somehow that Y interferes with the replication of the Y chromosome from every subsequent father whereby it is always that same Y as the original female?

Why else can't you trace patriarchal lineage through the Y chromosome?  The implication is that at some point something....

I know the obvious answer.  It is that at some point in that race the fathers were all killed.  And so they trace the lineage through the female gene?

But could it also be this third reason?  At some point there was inbreeding whereby the Y chromosome was not expressed because of the females X chromosome somehow edging out the sequencing in some way?

There is some genetic research scientists are hiding here!

There are a lot of males that don't sound like males today.

Also the rate of mental retardation is 1 in 5 High School boys have it.  How do I assert that?  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder means you can't listen and you can't sit still.  It means that you are  distraction to the classroom.  But what does the word "Retard"  mean?  What is the dictionary definition of that?  "To delay the development of"  1 in 5 High School males are on Ritalin for ADHD.  If you can't see the validity of that logic premise string you are in punch drunk shape.

But what else?

Are those 1 in 5 hampering the reproduction efforts of a race of people?  Do they indeed compete and interfere with normal young men and women raising families and having children?

That right there was enough to classify the Nazi's as committing a crime against humanity and serving the death penalty to them!

Google took the search box away from my blogspot?

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In a Capitalist economy does a homosexual earning a lot of money by competing with men and beating them also qualify as hampering the reproduction of a race?

A man thinks in these terms, I will not start a family unless I can guarantee I can support it!

As long as I am getting into gender based racism against many of those priests who were accused of sexually molesting children got even 1 day of prison time.  We know defacto guilt because there was a settlement.  And shouldn't going to prison also mean mandatory excommunication in every way from the church?  But it doesn't which makes it a homosexual brotherhood!

What is schizophrenia like?  One homosexual dictator preventing the normal from marrying and having children.  Science can indeed readily prove a strong connection between homosexuality and mental retardation.

So here is one of the most disturbing questions ever.  What happens when science and technology lead to the propagation of people that don't even know the basics of cause and effect and what proves something?    It really means that scientists were guilty of committing a crime against humanity.

How come scientists have nothing to say about 1 in 5 high school boys being on Ritalin?  Because those scientists were born into the same perdition pacifier sucking boat!

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