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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Humor: What is eating in a City of Milwaukee Restaurant like 03 31 2016

Humor:  What is eating in a City of Milwaukee Restaurant like  03 31 2016

In the highest native India midget voice that you can muster, "Watch as the scaled woman takes the pleasure from the snake stick."

Bonus humor item.

Here is what living in Wisconsin under the Governorship of Scott Walker has been like, "Wisconsin Brand Whiskey the gay pride of a nation."

Now more serious?

Both B/O and B/S have clown mouths!  Why is the only serious ostensibly strong minded person candidate for President a former hippy?  B/S like to get out there and shake his tail feather in support of the black folks didn't he.

The Republicans are Pro-Life.  The Pro-Life movement is the exact equivalent of missing immigration policy with regard to illegal aliens.  Gay marriage (Clinton, Sanders), Corporate Welfare (Trump, Clinton), including tribal recycling of money in nepotism charities without paying the gift tax (Bernie Sanders likely), Drug legalization (Sanders, Clinton, Expansion of the Military (Trump) all amount to increases in our population that are the equivalent of Illegal Immigration Policy.


The Hillary canvasser who had a weak lesbian voice (and that is a woman who ran for office!!!) said that Hillary accepted speech money from Wall Street, while a Senator in New York, because you need money to run for office in the first place.

That is bad logic and rationalization.  And here is the best example of why.

If I need money to run for President and I borrow it from a criminal organization, what does that really make me?  Someone without integrity and principles! In the Judicial system it is evidence of guilt by association?  It means Hilary is fickle!  She cannot have strong morals.  And here is why?  What will she do next that she will use a bad excuse to the rest of us for?  Do you see the clinical evidence for a diagnosis for "lack of human reason?"  All of those candidates have the exact same types of schism's!


And now for the really vile stuff.

 one of the persons of those voices that is talking to you in your head is a person who feels like it is in the wrong body!  I will assert that by definition every homosexual feels that exact same way about themselves whether know it or want to admit it or not.  And those voices like to talk over all of my human thoughts don't they!  (A reference to the article I wrote just previous to this one.)  Put the algebra together on this one!

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