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Friday, March 11, 2016

Humor: You vote for Donald Trump and you really get Rosie O'Donnell 03 11 2016

Humor:  You vote for Donald Trump and you really get Rosie O'Donnell 03 11 2016

I have to ask the question or make the statement, "When did tact no longer become an element of class?"

And wealth and class are supposed to be synonymous.  However without tact how can it be said that you have class.  If you don't have class why should you have money?  To have money and not represent class.  Very disturbing isn't it?

So what do people think they are voting for?

Thomas Paul Murphy
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So what creates wealth without class because it doesn't have tact?

1. Inheritance.
2. Corporate Welfare
3.  Winning the lottery.
4.  Nepotism.
5.  A criminally networked work structure.
6. Money in politics.
7. Unaccountable media.  (And that in and of itself is the equivalent of a propaganda machine.  The media can be most condemned for propagandizing that those who are disabled by voices are mentally retarded? )
8.  How about businesses that don't pay their full cost of doing business and are therefore skimming off the Republic!  That is funny money isn't it!
9.  How about how inbreeding has necessitated the inbreeds to nepotism?
10.  How about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome ....what kind of family line are they passing forward?  It is interesting isn't it?  A person who can't make anything with their own two hands because the wiring to their brains is nonexistent makes a mentally retarded baby and those who have ability are meant to worship it or face the wrath of disabling voices?

How many big business people collude to scheme the system?  All of them do.  That structure destroys the middle class doesn't it.  At which point the wealthy retards pick over the women and down the drain goes humanity!


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