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Friday, March 4, 2016

Three Day Schizophrenia Therapy per the Quran 03 04 2016

Three Day Schizophrenia Therapy per the Quran  03 04 2016

Per the Quran a man who was getting on in years and never had a wife or is children asked God for help.  God told him that for three days to not communicate in any way accept for the use of your hands!

That is about the same experience someone that is demonized by voices has; highly unlikely that they will have a wife or children!  So there it is!  The equivocation per the Quran; written for Prophets by Prophets!

Can it be used to treat schizophrenia?  It looks as per above that it already successfully was.

So if someone asks you a question while you are in public just:

1.  Point to your mouth like you can't talk.
2.  Look at the ground and just start crying.
3.  Clasp your hands together as if making a steeple and look up to the heavens (If you are stopped by a Police Officer?)

Don't answer the phone.

Don't write anything!

You have the right to religious freedom in this country and that means clasp your hands together as if making a steeple and look to heaven.

It isn't catatonia either.  But lets examine that.  Why do they want to diagnose you as ill for catatenonia? 

1.  Because you are not dead after their attrition and harassment.
2.  Because you no longer have the will to speak and it makes the demonic possessor suicidally depressed!  Some of these things are very dangerous to the Devil!  And the Bible does indeed tell us that the Devil greatly FEARS GOD!
3.  Because the natural state of the person who is demonically possessing you is one of a deaf mute!  Therefore that biofeedback causes that retard to lose its will to live!  It puts the problem right straight back in the home it belongs in!
4.  Because some woman out their covets you as her husband in delusion.  If she believes you are not a conduit for her voyeur life expression and that you are really a deaf mute her spirit of demonic possession terminates with you; its over!

You have the right to make this your religion in the United States and practice it!

And let me know if after three days you find a wife!

And if you have someone that you are taking care of as they are taking care of you then you can't do it.


But every morning when you wake up from hearing voices remember to say this prayer to the retard Gods of the voices.

"This is my life.  Yours is one of depravity."
"This is my life.  Yours is one of depravity."

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  1. Cognitive Countermeasure: Don't pre-visualize how you do things. Instead visualize how much happiness a person born with a mental defect would have if they were doing what you like to do. Pretend that you are a chipmunk cheeked Down's Syndrome person that wants to go fishing instead of yourself. The happiness on your face! How happy flying a kit would make you? The odd dull tone that would come from your mouth as you laugh in happiness. Put a little mayo on the corner of your mouth and pretend that you are a phlegming mouth freak that can't wait to go hunting.