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Friday, March 11, 2016

Why do we celebrate Lent anyway 03 11 2016

“Why do we celebrate Lent anyway,” I asked my household. I had completely forgotten. But I like lent because of the Fish Fries served at Church during lent. So what significant religious meaning have I forgotten or for that matter I don't believe I learned it properly.

“Isn't that the days he was out in the desert?” a family member answered.

“That doesn't make any sense. Because the dessert is very dry. Jesus was a very good fisherman! And they serve fish during lent!”

But Jesus would not be able to catch them for them because he was wandering in the dessert being tempted by Demons; just as is the case with Schizophrenia!

But the term is often “Observation of Lent.” Does it really mean that Jesus Fishing Skill set was LENT to them while he was wandering and hearing voices in the dessert? That is Pagan horrific isn't it!

But perhaps what those who are celebrating Lent must observe is that those SKILLS are only being LENT to them and they don't belong to them! That is the way you should think about it! That represents reality!

But what does that mean? It means that if you are benefitting from LENT perhaps because you are a Pagan Zombie that you better be very prepared to buckle down and study and make something of yourself! Why? Those skills are not yours and do not belong to you! You have to develop your own! You have to be able to form a working memory! Once again “America” literally means “Work Power.” So lets not have any delusion about where you live and what is expected of you!


But let's say that I am a Catholic Priest and I am taking boys on a Pontoon boat fishing trip, perhaps on Okauchee lake. And one of those kids is a real demon, he is threw the nail clippers another boy was using to cut the tags of his knot, straight in the lake. If I were a priest I would not tolerate any of that in either school or play! I would take that boat up to shore and chain that kid to a tree! I would even label him a demoniac! And that is indeed what the Jews did out there in the dessert to people when Jesus was roaming out there and found a Demoniac chained to a cemetery stone? You know, this is the first time I have seen that issue from the other way! In defense of the Jews!

So I will indeed have to look it up.


The term “lent” means spring. Hence to lend means to spring someone to help them grow? Give them some money so that they can spring? (You have to study the disambiguation of original homonyms to get some of the meaning of these things. A homonym being created in order to confuse or rather defer away from the original meaning. Deferring from the original possessor is indeed the meaning of the word Estrangement!)

I had more to go on this but I will just publish this much and state it is consistent with what I researched and analyzed.

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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