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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Diatribe 03 30 2016

If she loves something that looks so ugly like that (birth defective child) what really was her standard of marriage?

Her standard of marriage could not have been based on love at all. So if it wasn't based on love what was it based on? Money? So if it was based on money it really means that a man in a marriage like that fulfills a different role? One of a custodial aid?

The point being is that if all she needed was money in life to make her happy because it gave her security meaning food on the table and a home. Perhaps we as a society would see a great benefit if women like that were just given food and shelter?

What I am getting at is that do we want that standard to be bred in the United States? Does it encroach on the freedoms of our Constitution?

For whatever reason a woman like that has no concerns for creating a healthy baby. Prolife people. How can you rationalize that the creation of unhealthy babies is good for humanity? Do you believe that a person waging a lifelong battle to overcome a birth defect is the hallmark of human strength?

I don't get you at all. And the fact that there are so many of you out there is what makes that even more disturbing.

What is life like for you? There is a hidden abnormality isn't there! For when you have a hidden abnormality it means you aren't to concern with physical abnormalities? In fact if that were the case the physical abnormality might seem to be a proof of existence to you? Hence you like birth defects? To like birth defects really means that you don't like the human race!

As someone who has heard voices for well over 25 years I already knew that was true!


Not only do you want every single baby to be born and live no matter what the birth defect, but you want more items that cause birth defects to be legal to use. That isn't patriarchal leadership! So why don't you believe in fathers? That one isn't too hard to figure out either is it! Look at the pathetic milk toast mean spirit man that you married that you could easily dominate. And again the reason you want to dominate males is because you have no respect for them. So why weren't you taught to respect your father? Because he was a pathetic sloth? He might have seemed strong. But it was more of an emotional snapping at people strength? A temperamental strength. But does that even qualify as strength or really an expression of fear and lifelong apathetic depression in one?


I would like to know the statistics of black education levels, crime levels, poverty, and work competence before and after the KKK in the south. Just curious. I think some blacks might like a drug dealer, pimp free, rapist free neighborhood?


And to be fair to that side. How many white people who are labeled professional really have just mastered the skill of hollow showmanship? There is no depth to anything they say. They can not answer questions about what they are projecting themselves to be a professional about. It is as if a gypsy circus has taken over the world. Again, all hollow showmanship? When I was growing up that isn't something I believed in. But in order to be successful in the United States that seems to be all that you need. Hollow showmanship. And when they attempt to prove that they have more than hollow showmanship it is even more of a disaster as they explain the premises to their belief system and no one is there to ask them follow up questions because they have less than hollow showmanship. They have what could be considered or labeled to be sloth apathy!


With regard to the concept of Hollow Showmanship. I had a few more points that I wanted to make about a teacher who contrives a lesson so that he/she can entrap a student in a certain way. As if that is the focal point of that day's class. And again it is a satanic teaching concept whereby they attempt to make an example of the smartest kid in the class that the others are dependent minded to. So that they don't have mortal depression for going to school every day.

Do they want to get rid of school because of this alltogether? Private schools are part of that initiative. Home schooling the emotionally disturbed child is part of that initiative. And also Bernie Sanders Native American imperial destruction of democracy nuance of an idea is part of that. It is like Jesus Christ stated “They know not what they do.” It is all emotional reactionary thinking. That is like drawing straws at best?

And Donald Trump wants to make our military even bigger? So when something is ineffective and unconstitutional we just keep going with it? If you are in the military is that what you want? Anyone who has ever been in War knows it is h3ll. Accept for Winston Churchill? We don't need any military at all. The only reason we might need one is if we deport people like Donald Trump and they get super pissed about it and what to come back? His grandfather or great grandfather was deported from Germany? To run what we are led to believe was hotel brothel in California during the Gold Rush? Military means more war. And that really amounts to more destruction of our environment!

Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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