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Sunday, March 13, 2016

What is that queer doing on my block

What is that queer doing on my block?

Commentary on the latent homosexual.

Do they ever act like men? What would him being with his son be like? A QUEER SESSION! They don't enjoy traditional male father son behavior together! Why because the father is a latent homosexual and needs to degrade to talking or thinking about men instead of being one himself? Do you ever watch a father who is like that with his son? The best that father can do is pretend to be acting like a father because he knows right at that one moment per year that you are observing them that you are looking at them. So instead of being a man with his son he has filled the requirement of society by acting like one with a son while a man is watching? He's then done for the day and can drink some retard juice and make verbalizations like someone that sucks their thumb.

So what is a father who automatically pretends to be a good father when he knows he is in the presence of real men? Again that is the definition of estrangement isn't it! “Deferring from the original possessor.”

But how do they act with their sons? It is like a talking about guys queer session!

Can he show his son how to make something simple out of wood with tools? No! Again it is like a queer session. Here is something else about it. That latent homosexual cannot stand imprinting his own sons mind! Why? Because that completely normal human act is like a foreign construct to him. The latent homosexual fears that! It makes him extremely uncomfortable. So indeed being the role model of a father makes the latent homosexual very uncomfortable.

Any time the opportunity comes about for the father to bond and imprint the son the father causes that to automatically degrade to a queer session! Why? Because that is the most easy and also most required work of a father to do; and this latent homosexual can't and wont do it. So that makes it a form of cowardly behavior! What is it that is a afraid to raise their son to be a responsible independent thinking man? A latent homosexual!

Now as a man you can sense that oddness when one of those adult males are in your presence!

So how did they get their latent homosexual way in the United States? They transitioned this country into one whereby if you gossip about men you become very successful as is Corporate American and Professional Sports! They all ought to be rounded up for having dissociated father mental illness! What a wonderful world this would be! We did away with the strange women just like the ANCIENT Jews of the Bible did!

Corporate America is indeed the optimum framework for the queers to control the lives of men! It is about the equivalent of what our Founding Fathers denounced with the Declaration of Independence!

Professional Sports legitimizes queer talk around men! And again women like that!

Do you know what I think when I watch a half time football commentary panel? “Well look who the biggest queers are!”

The male voices that speak to me all have the exact same gestalt character profile: They are queers that don't want to realize that they are queers! And there is only one way that they could have come about? Women bred them to be that way because they couldn't stand be subjected to the thoughts and ideas of men! Why? It is the worst detriment to the queer woman's self esteem in the history of the world! As if she has a cerebral allergy to men! When you are a boy you think all women are sweet and nice like your mother. But when you get older you realize that quite a few are straight out of queer hell. They are like that queer eyed nervous horse at the public horse riding business that no one wants to ride because it looks at you with queer eyes and then does its best to buck you off and kill you! So that is indeed where the latent queer comes from!

But what about professional sports? It gives the latent homosexual a venue to talk about men as if they themselves were not queer!

It gives them the pretense to talk about men as if they themselves were not queer. It allows them to maintain deniability about being queer or a latent homosexual?

My father always told me that men talk about ideas and fools talk about people. So I never really talked about people.

But what is the corporate business network like? You do not succeed unless you do talk about people. They all talk about people! But for all their talking about people they NEVER get it right! If they got it right we would not be in trillions of dollars of debt. Because men don't create waste like the latent homosexual does!

So you are an adult male in your 40's do you find yourself asking yourself; what were those latent homosexuals doing on the physical education faculty at the grade school, high school or college?

But the latent homosexual will always be the same throughout your entire life. No matter where you are they will be covering their mouths because they are leering at you because you are a son of man and they are not and they will be talking about you just as queers do!

So how does the women become that person who only wants to see through the eyes of a legitimate man as if he were her? She was shocked out of her femininity at a very young age! You guessed it already; by the latent homosexual! So it is indeed a vicious circle! Either that or she learned it from her mother who was also a latent homosexual.

Why can't a male labeled schizophrenic get anything done? Because the queers have to be able to see it all in their minds eye as if they were that man too!
Again, what does the word America mean?  It means "Work Power"  It doesn't mean Power through preventing men from working!  So if I ever by miracle became leader of this nation I would do every single thing in my power to make this country consistent with that principle. 
And what is inflation?  It is those who cannot work raising the prices of goods to make it look like they are working?  So that you have to work harder than you need to in order to afford room and board!  Forget about raising a traditional American family!  Forget about it!

Wait a minute News Flash!  What did I just prove their?  That by raising prices corporations can make the same amount of money while doing less work!  When they can work less and make the same amount of money or more then they have Zero incentive for creating jobs!   I just proved that the corporation is anti employment growth didn't I!  WOW!  I ought to get an award for that!

And that extra money and therefore time gives them more time to see through the consciousness of men as if they really were one!
And that is where the little India Indian gets its spelling bee ability from; to the detriment of white America! 

Off topic.

And what is our Government based Economy like today in the United States? Use national proceeds to give every retard a job paying $80,000.oo a year until the yearly national proceeds are used up, or just outright pay them $80,000.oo a year if they don't have a job at all because they create so much value to the American Economy? What???


Thomas Paul Murphy
Copyright 2016
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