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Monday, March 14, 2016

Did England Incite WW2 03 14 2016

Did England Incite WW2  03 14 2016

When Winston Churchill is angry that the United States used the atomic bomb and if we had not the War would have gone on another 10 years?  What does that tell us about him?  That is a monster!  Why?

Did he not care about the more casualties on each side that would occur?  Who wants Wars to go on?

Most people who go into War come back stating it is h3ll!  How come not Winston Churchill?

If you want a War to go on might that indeed mean that you started it in some way in the first place?

What kind of misinformation and propaganda might have been used to start it?  Do you get it yet?

And some Nazi War criminals with English surnames ended up being under house arrest in England after the War.  Doesn't that mean they were spy's all along?

What financial interests did wealthy English families have in the Corporations that sprang up during and after WW2?  Quite substantial, monolithically substantial I would assert.

I think a real serious question and investigation needs to be made on English propaganda and misinformation before WW2.  I am going to assert that the English (most) are likely to be genetically different with a flawed gene that regulates serotonin.  I know it is true!

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